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#NeverMitt Utah GOP Senate Primary Is Tomorrow Vote Dr. Mike Kennedy

An email from Dr. Mike Kennedy, the principled limited government constitutional conservative who beat Mitt Romney for the Senate nomination at the Utah Republican State Convention, reminded us that the Utah Republican Primary Run-Off is Tuesday.

And the stakes couldn’t be any higher than they are right now, because even though Dr. Kennedy beat Romney Dr. Mike Kennedy51 – 49, due to Utah’s arcane nomination process, the statewide run-off decides the nominee.

Mitt Romney is a serial flip-flopper who spent the last two years smearing, attacking and dragging President Trump through the mud.

He’s spending millions of dollars to buy his way into the U.S. Senate, so he can be the establishment’s Senate “COUNTERWEIGHT” to President Trump’s America First agenda.

Unlike Mitt Romney, Dr. Kennedy running for Senate to join Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz on the front lines of the fight to pass an America First agenda and take our country back from the Swamp:

Building the wall and securing the border.

Defending the Second Amendment.

Ending Judicial tyranny.

Balancing the budget.

And if you don’t believe everything is on the line Tuesday, we invite you to review Mitt Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts.

By means unknown, John McCain’s 2008 opposition research file on Mitt Romney – all 200 pages of it – ended-up on the internet. 

God bless whoever posted it, because it makes truly compelling reading and it shows conclusively that Mitt Romney’s greatest talent as a candidate is his ability to keep every hair in place while not telling the truth.

For those who prefer not to wade through all 200 pages of the file there is a good “50 greatest hits list” here:

While the file is chock full of interesting data on Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts, including a lot of information on his record of raising fees and taxes, and his almost humorously pathetic attempts to make himself look like a regular guy, its most shocking information is its recitation of Romney’s flip-flops and outright lies about his positions on traditional values, abortion and the right to life.

Especially for those who heard Romney say throughout two failed presidential campaigns claim that, “I’m a pro-life candidate” the McCain opposition research file will be a real eye opener.

Pro-life voters who read the file or the greatest hits list will correctly conclude that, from his support for the RU-486 abortion pill, to backing stem cell research, to his long-time involvement with Planned Parenthood, Romney’s record is one of not so subtle opposition to and undermining of the pro-life agenda.

Mitt Romney is to Republican politics what the little mechanical moles are to the arcade game Whack-A-Mole; an annoyance that bursts forth according to some malevolent algorithm and the faster you beat it down the quicker it pops back up.

After running a content-free campaign for President in which he barely mentioned the worst economy since the Great Depression, Obama’s effort to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and ignored the bedrock cultural issues that motivate key elements of the Republican presidential coalition, Romney ducked down only to resurface regularly to criticize conservatives and Republicans who were actually doing something to implement the Republican platform and the conservative agenda.

We hope Utah’s forgotten men and women will remember the real Mitt Romney – the vulture capitalist who likes firing people, who opposes economic nationalism and thinks the job killing Trans Pacific Partnership would have been good for America, when they vote in tomorrow’s Republican Primary and that they vote for the real conservative in the race to be Utah’s next Republican senate candidate: Dr. Mike Kennedy.

Even if you don’t live in Utah, there’s a lot you can do to help Dr. Mike Kennedy get the Republican nomination to replace retiring Republican Orin Hatch. First, you can forward this article you all of your family, friends and contacts in Utah. Second, you can post this article to Facebook and other social media, and finally you can email your family, friends and contacts in Utah reminding them the election is tomorrow and urging them to vote Dr. Mike Kennedy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator.

Click this link to learn more about state Rep. Mike Kennedy and his campaign for Utah’s Republican Senate nomination.

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I live in UTAH and have already submitted my ballot--and voted for Mike Kennedy--NEVER MITT Rino Romney!