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Bombshell: Christine Blasey Ford’s Hidden High School Social Life

One of the enduring mysteries of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s decision to level last minute allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh is why her social media and online presence were so thoroughly scrubbed prior to her charges against Kavanaugh becoming public.

Although internet sleuths have tracked down a few photos and articles from Dr. Blasey Ford’s professional output, she effectively ghosted herself prior to going public – a very unusual move for someone who requested Christine Blasey Fordand anticipated anonymity from the Democrats through whom she leveled the charges against Judge Kavanaugh.

The ghosting of Christine Blasey Ford was so thorough that her high school alma mater, the prestigious all-girl Holton Arms School, even pulled the yearbooks for the years during which she was a student, when a teenage Brett Kavanaugh allegedly attacked her.

However, one prescient, and as yet anonymous, blogger downloaded copies of the yearbooks and posted key pages that describe the social life of “Chrissy” Blasey and her social set.

The yearbook title is SCRIBE. The relevant issues are SCRIBE 82, SCRIBE 83 and SCRIBE 84, corresponding to Blasey’s sophomore, junior and senior years, when she and her classmates (and Kavanaugh) were 15-17 year old juveniles.

Although the many of the names and pages are heavily redacted, what emerges from them is a description of a social scene of faculty and parent approved racism and promiscuity with multiple photos and references to binge drinking and the accompanying joy of not being able to remember any of it.

This is relevant because, as the anonymous author of “CULT OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT” blog noted, Christine “Chrissy” Blasey alleges she cannot recall the exact date, place or names of people who were at the party in question.

The author says the posted yearbook research is intended to refresh her recollection and the recollections of others who may recall key facts. Unfortunately, as noted above, last names have been redacted and faces obscured, other than the picture of Chrissy Blasey seen here.

That Blasey Ford cannot remember key details of the alleged assault will surprise no one who reads this celebratory paragraph in the 1984 Holton Arms yearbook:

“Lastly one cannot fail to mention the climax of the junior social scene, the party. Striving to extend our educational experience beyond the confines of the classroom, we played such intellectually stimulating games as Quarters, Mexican Dice and everyone’s favorite, Pass-Out, which usually resulted from the aforementioned two.”

The Halloween party pictured here would have taken place within sixteen weeks of the alleged assault, which Blasey claims happened in the Summer of ’82, after her sophomore year.

10th grade seems to have been a ritual initiation into the “Holton party scene.” Another sophomore girl threw multiple all-night benders, the highlight of which featured a male erotic dancer in gold g-string:

The anonymous author of “CULT OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT” notes that while preparing this report, he or she came across a biased viral article from that portrays Christine Blasey and Holton-Arms as the very essence of high school purity. As for the school itself, when Blasey attended it, nothing could be further from the truth, as you will see below.

1982 was a particularly wild year for the girls of Holton Arms, noted “CULT OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT” and Scribe 82 published multiple pictures of minors drinking heavily, beer cans stacked up, liquor repeatedly glorified, "boys, beer and ‘the ‘Zoo’ atmosphere.”

You can see one example through this link without having to scroll through the entire article.

Numerous passages in the yearbooks discuss the drunken keg parties held while parents were away from home, here’s one example.

Another disturbing aspect of these yearbooks, says “CULT OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT,” is evidence of overt racism therein. The author of the blog debated long and hard as to whether to include the following pages. But it’s important that we closely examine the privileged Holton-Arms culture while Christine Blasey was a student there. Here’s one example of the racism cited.

The author of “CULT OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT” says seeing such insensitive racism in action at this prestigious girls academy, attended by mostly white rich girls, provides context of the very privileged attitude exhibited by the Holton-Arms all female student body.

That the Holton girls got these yearbooks approved by faculty and paid for by their parents shows just how powerful they were in their own right at such a young age, and certainly defies the image of Christine Blasey Ford as a helpless victim, without the mental fortitude to call her alleged attackers to account before her parents or other authority figures.

Finally, there is the faculty and parent approved sexual promiscuity.

As “CULT OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT” details, the girls mention their male conquests with great pride:

“Beach week culminated the year for those of us lucky enough to go. With school and our minds in temporary recess, we were able to release all those troubling inhibitions of the past year. While dancing in the middle of coastal Highway, Ann [redacted last name] and friends picked up some men who passed out in their apartment…”

And of course trolling the Georgetown and suburban Washington nightspots discovering that “good things come in pairs.”

In conclusion, says “CULT OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT,” please look again at this page. In the final passage, the joy of passing out and forgetting everything you did the night before is praised:

“And there were always parties to celebrate any occasion. Although these parties are no doubt unforgettable, they are only a memory lapse for most, since loss of consciousness is often an integral part of the party scene.”

Does any of this excuse a sexual assault, as alleged by Dr. Blasey Ford? Of course not, but what it does do is to put into context the allegations of a privileged, and perhaps troubled young woman, whose relationship with alcohol casts a great deal of doubt on her memory and her claims of powerlessness.

Here is a link to the original “Cult Of The 1st AMENDMENT” post if the original post goes the way of the Holton Arms yearbooks and disappears from the internet we will link to our own PDF copy. UPDATE: the Cult of the First Amendment post of the Holton Arms yearbooks has disappeared.  Here's a link to our PDF copy.

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Cult of the 1st Amendment

This article has been scrubbed and is no longer available. I hope you will add the link to your copy because I am sure a lot of us would like to read it. Jackdaw

You Can Now Read The Yearbook Column Through CHQ

The link is live in the article above or you can go to the PDF by cutting and pasting this URL into your browser:

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

I really don't understand why it isn't being reported on more that Kavanaugh's mother who was also a Judge, ruled against Ford's parents in court decades ago and they lost their home after the ruling. That's an extremely Big Red Flag to me!


I expect that Christine may have been groped by someone while she was 15 years old and inebriated but, the memory could be faulty. Such case of her political hatred for conservatives could be a case of transference (mis-identification) to her opposition to this appointment of Kavenaugh. In any case, this is only a hypothesis by me. I really think that far too much is being made out of an inebriated memory from three and an half decades ago that likely has gained embellishment over those years. What 15 year old has not fantasized about sexual opportunity and later in life come to the gravity of such fantasies. Sexual fantasies are part of males AND females in the teen years. Rape did not occur as Christine admitted in this statement and I seriously doubt that she was traumatized by someone touching her breast.