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The Bizarre World Of Christine Blasey Ford

The past ten days of ritual defamation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh revealed the depth and sophistication of the Far-Left Democrats’ smear machine, but yesterday’s hearing revealed the truly bizarre world of Christine Blasey Ford, the high priestess of the ritual.

In this bizarre world, Christine Blasey Ford cannot fly, due to the posttraumatic stress syndrome caused by the Christine Blasey Fordmanhandling she allegedly received at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. Unless of course, the flight is to Tahiti, Hawaii, or the East Coast of the United States just a few weeks before her attorneys cited that alleged PTSD as the reason to delay her testimony for another week.

In this bizarre world, Christine Blasey Ford, a university professor, educated at an elite high school and some of America’s top universities – who holds two masters degrees and a doctorate – cannot compose a letter that would garner better than a C at any public high school in America, and doesn’t know how to contact her Representative in Congress.

In this bizarre world, the university professor speaks in a little girl’s voice, cannot remember or does not know elementary things about how she came to sit before a Senate committee to air her claims of an attempted rape and destroy the good name of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

As Ryan Saavedra noted for the Daily Wire, Ford said that she met with Rep. Anna Eshoo's (D-CA) staff on July 18 and later met with Eshoo on July 20, which contradicts her written testimony in which she claims she met with Eshoo's staff on July 11 and met with Eshoo on July 13.

Ford changed her story about the number of people at the party that she claims happened — which everyone who she claims was there denies having any memory of.

Indeed, as our friends at National Review observed, almost immediately after the results of her polygraph were released, inconsistencies in Ford’s testimony were pointed out. The written statement used as the basis for the polygraph test said there were “four people” present at the party where the alleged assault occurred but, at some point, “four people” was crossed out and replaced with “four boys and a couple of girls.”

Both versions of events are inconsistent with the letter Ford sent in July to Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, in which she described the party attendees as consisting of “me and four others.” They also clashed with what Ford’s statement to the Washington Post that there were “four boys” present at the party, a claim she has since retracted, saying instead that her friend Leland Keyser also attended the party but did not know of the assault.

And bizarrely, she doesn’t know who paid for her polygraph.

Ford has identified Keyser, Kavanaugh, and his Georgetown Prep classmates Mark Judge and Patrick Smyth as being present at the party where she says Kavanaugh’s attempted assault occurred, bizarrely, all of those she has named as witnesses deny the party or the assault took place, with her lifelong friend Leland Keyser denying she even knew Brett Kavanaugh or ever attended a party with him.

Christine Blasey Ford claims she was not intoxicated and described having just “one beer” at the “party,” yet, as Paul Sperry pointed out in the New York Post, Ford bizarrely still can’t recall basic details of what she says was the most traumatic event in her life. Not where the “assault” took place — she’s not sure whose house it was, or even what street it was on. Nor when — she’s not even sure of the year, let alone the day and month.

Ford’s not certain how old she was or what grade she was in when she alleges an older student violently molested her, and even more bizarrely, she doesn’t know how she got to or from the “party.”

As Sperry observed, Christine Blasey Ford’s own immediate family doesn’t appear to be backing her up, either. Bizarrely, those who were able to know and observe the trauma she claimed she suffered, her mother, father and two siblings, are all conspicuously absent from a letter of support released by a dozen relatives, and, did not attend the hearing to offer their support.

As Nicole Russell, writing for The Washington Examiner observed, Ford, a highly trained psychologist, referred several times to the hippocampus, the center of the brain that holds emotion and memory, and that it aids in searing trauma into that part of the brain.

Bizarrely, the only things that seem seared into her brain are things that mar Kavanaugh — not anything that could prove her allegations such as the exact year, day, time of day, how she arrived at the party, how she got home from several miles away, or the name of the fourth person she remembers attending the gathering.

Finally, and perhaps most bizarrely, although Christine Blasey Ford claimed she had no political motive in coming forward and that she had initially wished to remain anonymous, Laura Ingraham, host of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News and a co-founder of LifeZette, noted via Twitter, “She did not want to talk to the press but contacted The Washington Post three times in four days?”

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Chrissy Ford

Tim is right. Grassley botched this from Day One. As soon as he heard about this he should have:
1) Demanded the letter from Feinstein
2) Asked Trump to send FBI to find Mrs.Ford & get her statement on video from California right away.
3) Get the therapist report
4) Get report on all of Mrs Ford's political connections--pussy-hat, pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, etc. This proves her motivation.
5) Show the video to the committee. Announce that there is an accuser, but that her testimony is deemed unreliable due to so many factors.
6) Hold the vote.

Next comment will show what Grassley actually did:

Political Payback

CFB with CRS is now Cannon Ball Fodder because of the trust she put in the DIMMs...I have seen a photo of CFB standing next to a smiling Soros, video of her running amuck in the streets at a Left wing demo with a pink pussyhat on her head and knowing she is just another left wing who has taken many vacations to far off islands by flying, which she claims to have a fear of....So far CFB testimony is weighted heavily toward unreliable and unsubstantiated, she is nothing more than a sh!t stirring tool by the left and a poor one at that....Do You Believe In Being Pronounced Innocent Until Proven Guilty ???......THE LEFT DOES NOT.....

Bizarre Mrs. Ford

The sad thing is that the GOP did not avail themselves of the opportunity to cross examine Blasey Ford. That worse than useless prosecutor they brought in to question her treated her like a friendly witness, proving her case in many instances. Ford's testimony could easily have been impeached with just a little polite questioning. The GOP - terrified of being called mean - let her get away with a ridiculously inconsistent testimony and never pursued the truth.

This was and is far too important to worry about hurt feelings. Oh, and nobody worries about Kavanaugh or his family's feelings.

Those hearings were the only chance our side will get to convince the general public, and the GOP botched them. They didn't have to be brutal with Ford, but they could have asked her some pertinent questions, like those in this article. Why didn't they ask about her politics? About her social media scrubbing? They did touch briefly on who was paying for it, but no mention was made of her Gofundme page which is now worth half a million dollars.

So the public walks away with the impression that something truly did happen to her, and since she is so adamant it was Kavanaugh...

The screwed this up beyond repair. There should never have been a public testimony if the Republicans weren't willing to ask real questions of her.

Tim Birdnow

Chrissy Ford

Here's what Grassley did:
1) Failed to demand the letter from Feinstein.
2) Failed to send investigators to get Mrs.Ford's statement down right away.
3) Failed to get the Therapist report (which contradicts her sworn testimony)
4) Failed to get a report on Mrs.Ford's political affiliations.
5) Failed to find all her social media information which was scrubbed.
6) Made a fool of himself begging her to come to Wash.,DC & slime the President's nominee for the US Supreme Court.
7) Giving her 5 deadlines & then not enforcing them.
8) Allowing her to give a story on TV that had been rehearsed for months, and which did not have any details to check.
9) Failed to have her cross-examined. She was given a softball interview, which Ms. Mitchell conducted like she was talking to a 15-year old abuse victim.