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Today’s Two Most Important State Races For Conservatives

With the radical progressive Left poised to continue Obama’s program of fundamentally changing America every election for every office on the ballot is important, but here are two that stand out as important firebreaks against the advance of socialism:

Ron DeSantis, Republican for Governor of Florida

Laxalt for GovernorIn the hopes of remaking Florida and putting the Sunshine State permanently out of reach for Republicans, radical Leftist billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer have poured millions of dollars into the campaign of Far-Left Florida Democrat Mayor Andrew Gillum.

As Mayor, Gillum has made Florida’s capitol city, Tallahassee, into a microcosm of the disasters Democrats have visited upon urban America.

The once sleepy Southern state capitol is now the murder capitol of Florida with a murder rate outpacing that of Miami. Corruption is rampant, with Gillum himself under investigation for accepting gifts from lobbyists and undercover FBI agents and flying around the state doing politics on his official office budget.

But as bad as Gillum’s incompetence and corruption are, what is even worse are the lies he is telling about his plans for Florida.

Gillum’s campaign aide and former college roommate Omar Smith told Project Veritas, that Gillum is playing the part of a reasonable moderate, but in actuality he is a far-left candidate who champions Medicare For All and “borderline socialism.” “Gillum is a progressive. He is a part of the crazy, crazy, crazies,” said Mr. Smith.

What’s more, when asked directly how Gillum plans to pay for many of his campaign promises, Smith said he couldn’t. “That’s not for them to know … That’s not for [the voters] to know. Remember our saying, modern-day fairy tales start with ‘once I am elected.’”

Smith added that Gillum's agenda "will never happen" while repeatedly referred to white people as "crackers," saying further, Florida “is a f***ed up ass state.”

Adam Paul Laxalt, Republican for Governor of Nevada

Endorsing Adam Laxalt for Governor during the Nevada primary was an easy choice. An Iraq war veteran who has been an outstanding conservative Attorney General for the state of Nevada, Laxalt is also the grandson of our late friend Senator Paul Laxalt.

As Attorney General Adam Laxalt has been a steadfast conservative. When the well-liked establishment Republican Governor Brian Sandoval wondered off the conservative path on taxes, Adam did not hesitate to oppose Obamacare and the commerce tax that Sandoval supported.

As a candidate for Governor Laxalt has said he wants to repeal the tax and he has been campaigning as an unabashed conservative on other important elements of the conservative agenda. Perhaps even more important than his policy prescriptions is Adam Laxalt’s style of politics – he is a talented, hardworking grassroots campaigner.

Adam Laxalt’s campaign has been all about keeping his promises and his record as Attorney General, he’s up against the interests of Far Left billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, backed by former President Barack Obama and his former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Laxalt’s opponent, Steve Sisolak, chairs the Clark County Commission overseeing the Las Vegas Strip. He also played a key role in the plan to build a new NFL stadium in Las Vegas for the Oakland Raiders that's funded by a hotel room tax.

Sisolak has pledged to join the “Resistance” and oppose President Trump and the National Rifle Association while defending Planned Parenthood and the state's Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. Sisolak's campaign also has the backing of former Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and the Democratic political machine that Reid built.

Laxalt's campaign coined a Trump-esque nickname for Sisolak, "Shady Steve," and launched their own website detailing votes he cast that benefited donors and allies, and that is certainly an important set of issues in the campaign.

But the central theme of Adam Laxalt's campaign has been a promise to keep the state from resembling its liberal neighbor California by opposing higher taxes and more regulations.

"What would Nevada look like if my opponent becomes governor of this state?" Laxalt asked attendees at a recent Carson City rally with Vice President Mike Pence.

The crowd responded: "California!"

Like Ron DeSantis in Florida, Adam Paul Laxalt is the only thing standing between the America we had, and the America that George Soros, Tom Steyer, Barack Obama and Eric Holder want to create.

We urge our friends and all patriots in Florida vote for Ron DeSantis for Governor and our friends and all patriots in Nevada to vote for Adam Paul Laxalt for Governor.

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