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Mark Meadows For White House Chief Of Staff

We don’t want to lose Rep. Mark Meadows, the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, but the country, and President Donald Trump need him as White House Chief of Staff.

It is clear that General John Kelly has run his course as White House Chief of Staff – this is nothing against John KellyKelly and his many years of honorable service to the country – but White House Chief of Staff is a job with a limited shelf life, especially in the environment imposed upon President Trump by the establishment media and the rest of DC’s anti-Trump political culture.

And let’s be honest Trump’s biggest problem is not imposing order on his schedule or making sure staffers go through the chain of command to get to the President.

The biggest problem Donald Trump has had since winning the 2016 election is not the Democrats, the Deep State “Resistance” or the passive – aggressive Republican leadership on Capitol Hill; it is that his own White House team has not been committed to fulfilling his campaign promises and the agenda that won him the election.

Does anyone believe that Reince Priebus or General Kelly are true believers in the conservative – populism that is the core of Trumpism?

And the White House legislative team has been a disaster from the beginning, more likely to try to convince the President that his agenda is dead on arrival on the Hill, rather than use all the considerable tools available to sell it to Congress or dragoon reluctant legislators into supporting it.

 Again, this is not surprising – Ronald Reagan had the same problem with his White House team.

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie recounted in his book TAKEOVER, Congressman David Stockman, whom President Reagan appointed to head the Office of Management and Budget, exemplified one of the problems we conservatives faced. Stockman was criticizing Reagan’s proposed spending cuts and tax plan, and leaking uncomplimentary comments to the media, before the ink was even dry on his White House commission.

Here was the guy who was supposed to be in charge of developing the economic justification for Ronald Reagan’s fiscal plan and selling it on Capitol Hill telling the press (and anyone else who would listen) that Reagan was wrong.

Stockman was one of the first on the Reagan team to clamor for a tax increase, long before the Reagan tax cuts had a chance to work. Reagan later wrote, “Many times when I suggested that we push Congress to cut spending on a certain program, his [Stockman’s] response was that it was hopeless—or in his words, ‘DOA’—on Capitol Hill.” This pattern repeated itself throughout Reagan’s presidency. Some of the early entries in Reagan’s diary for 1982 illustrate the problem:

Jan. 11 Republican House leaders came down to the W.H. Except for Jack Kemp they are h—l bent on new taxes and cutting the defense budget. Looks like a heavy year ahead.

Feb. 23 Met this a.m. with our [Republican] Congressional leaders. They are really antsy about the deficit and seem determined that we must retreat on our program—taxes and defense spending. Yet they seem reluctant to go for the budget cutting we’ve asked for.

With Rep. Mark Meadows as White House Chief of Staff President Trump is not going to be faced with the continuation of his own version of Reagan’s Stockman problem.

Meadows was a believer in Trumpism – border security, a strong national defense, cultural conservatism, the right-to-life and religious liberty, repealing Obamacare and replacing it with conservative options – long before Trump articulated the concepts into a coherent and winning conservative – populist agenda in the 2016 campaign.

More importantly, Meadows knows who the squirrels and weak links are among the Capitol Hill Republicans, and he’s been a tiger in fighting both the Democrats and the Republicans In Name Only.

The most important job President Trump’s next Chief of Staff has is not making the trains run on time – it is making the trains deliver on President Trump’s agenda to ensure his reelection. Priebus and Kelly both failed in that important part of the job, Mark Meadows is the only name that has surfaced who can deliver on it in the face of a hostile Nancy Pelosi-led Congress.

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Mark Meadows

As one of Mark's grateful constituents....I can definitely assure you he works tirelessly for us in western North Carolina, and always has ours and the country's best interests at heart. He is sensible, smart, savvy, intuitive, and is the finest Congressman I've ever known!!! I think, for the nation's sake....he should remain where he is.....elected to continue to make sure Congress follows his example to lead this nation, and also follow through with the President's vision. He gets along great with President Trump, and would do the best job of anyone I can think of to as WH Chief of Staff...but my opinion is he can do most right where he is now!!! In addition....many of us ....ardent supporters, think he would be an outstanding Presidential candidate in 2024!!!! I believe President Trump would agree wholeheartedly, and he could not find a better person to follow him as the nominee for our party after President Trump finishes his second four years, which I truly hope he achieves. Mark is also humble and modest, and never touts himself in any that's why we, his constituents, love to brag about him and his talents to bring people together and to help make American even more great than it is now!!!

Rep Meadows as WH Chief of Staff

Why is it that people insist on moving reliable votes from the federal legislature to the executive branch? No one not currently in Congress is available to serve as an effective Chief of Staff? You've got to be kidding.

Meadows as COS

Meadows as Chief of Staff would be as much a shock as a blessing. Remember Trump going to war with the Freedom Causcus because the refuesed to sign onto Ryan's "Obamacare reworded" proposal for "repealing and replacing" Obamacare. If Meadows can get along with Trump, which seems to be a very difficult thing to do, he could be great assett going into 2020.

Chief of staff

Please keep Congressman in the House. We really can't afford to lose another seat in the House. If he becomes Chief of Staff he may only be there a short time and we are left with one more lost seat. I believe Congressman Meadows is more valuable where he is. There must be others who are very qualified to be Chief of Staff. I am never in favor of pulling someone out of the House or Senate unless they are retiring or failed to be reelected.