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Assault on America, Day 76: Beto, Biden and leftwing Dem nutjobs make best case for Trump

Democrats in Iowa 2020
Democrats for Trump.

You won’t see the slogan on party campaign paraphernalia and you certainly won’t find it in the hallowed halls outside Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Hill office, but there’s a definite movement afoot among Democrats to reelect President Donald Trump next year.

Absurd, you say? Maybe not. Liberals just don’t realize the damage they’re inflicting on their own chances in 2020. Though Democrat presidential candidates, congresspeople and senators are doing their darndest to bash the current Oval Office occupant at every opportunity and pass legislation through the party-controlled House to further their transformative ambitions, they’re essentially just shooting themselves in the foot.

It’s getting ugly -- unless you’re a conservative and a Trump supporter. Stephen Kruiser wrote at PJ Media last week, “My expectations for the House Democrats to overplay their hand with partisan nonsense have been exceeded by something I hadn't expected at all: internal strife...

“Pelosi and the other Democrat adults are continually being asked to clean up the messes their new kids are making on aisle Tweets Too Much, and it's already visibly starting to wear on them. By last Friday, Pelosi was just exhausted and flailing for creative ways to say that Omar didn't know what the hell she was talking about...

“[T]the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee will want to spend the campaign for the general election defending his or her own policy positions, not the attention-seeking bursts of narcissism from AOC or Omar that happen to be grabbing headlines that week. For that not to play out, Pelosi will have to regain control and/or the MSM will need to end their fascination with the two.”

Alas, Democrats are finally receiving a dose of their own media-induced medicine, swallowing hard at the second-by-second news cycle generated by the impossible to contain social media habits of their radical clique. Whereas during the 2016 campaign--and in his first year or so in office--establishment Republicans lamented each Donald Trump Twitter semi-outburst, now it’s the House leadership’s turn to answer for the dribbles emanating from their neophytes’ itchy device fingers from the majority’s backbench.

Much has been written about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s refusal to simply sit back and shut up, and together with Jew-hating anti-Israel Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, these youngish claptraps (Tlaib’s the senior in the group at age 42) clearly didn’t arrive in Washington content to play nice with the aging head honchos in Democrat-land. The new girls in town ran with their fresh national profile, making complete donkeys of themselves to the extent where even the Democrat-acclaiming media can’t ignore them.

The brewing confrontation between the party’s pro-Israel old guard and Democrats’ Islamist fundamentalist tolerant new breed was destined to happen at any time. These people can’t have it both ways, welcoming waves of unfettered Muslim immigration from war torn countries like Somalia and still maintain the appearance of strongly supporting America’s strongest ally in the Middle East. The two sides mix like oil and water. Something had to give…and it did.  

Whenever something goes wrong -- which is seemingly every day -- reporters face the dilemma of how to further the Democrats’ mission while still technically doing their jobs, hoping to retain an aura of neutrality. Who would’ve thought a 29-year-old congresswoman from Trump’s hometown could almost completely yank the controversy from his frequent tweets and musings? Establishment media talkers these days would much rather plaster their newscasts with AOC’s mug than Trump’s. In their world, Trump is so yesterday.

Just consider, when was the last time you encountered a news story dedicated solely to something Trump tweeted? Is the president finally getting the “cool it” message or have liberal media members just pursued other shiny objects occupying their short attention spans?

And it’s not just the newbies stirring trouble for Pelosi. San Fran Nan conceded last week that Trump “wasn’t worth” impeaching, yet a huge part of her caucus disagrees. All last year Democrats made what they could out of the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation while accusing Republicans of sitting on evidence and Trump of plotting to fire the special counsel. Now they’re in charge, Mueller is supposedly wrapping up his probe (without a damning conclusion) and Democrats seem more preoccupied with raising speculation over wrongdoing in Trump’s tax returns (which Mueller’s Democrat-filled team undoubtedly saw) than screaming Russia!

Where’s the promised Democrat governing agenda? Granted, Americans have short memories, but didn’t Democrats campaign on healthcare, healthcare, healthcare? Where’s the grand Democrat effort to plug the enormous Republican-blasted holes in the flailing Obamacare? Doesn’t anyone out there need the government to save them?

Democrats, their media friends and the eternally disgruntled but dwindling #NeverTrump contingent savaged Trump in January for fostering and then prolonging the five-week government shutdown, but didn’t the ever public relations-conscious president at least partially succeed by keeping the news focus off of the new Democrat House’s agenda and witch hunt-style investigations?

Trump received round-the-clock coverage of the immigration issue while Democrats stewed and pontificated about how unnecessary it was to secure the border. Democrats may have won the temporary polling tug-of-war but they’ll lose the long-term battle. Here it is less than two months later and no one’s talking about the shutdown any longer. And if anything, the GOP establishment’s feckless rejection of Trump’s emergency border declaration bolstered his position as the leader of the us-against-them campaign to drain the swamp.

So in essence, Democrats are shoring up Trump’s support while alienating the few persuadable voters left across the country.

They’re almost telling people they don’t want their votes. Rick Moran wrote at PJ Media, “[E]very candidate entered in the race so far has potential appeal to each constituency in the old Obama coalition that elected him twice. But the reality is that 60 percent of voters who will cast a ballot for the eventual nominee are over 45 and two-thirds of those voters are white…

“Biden will get his share of white working-class voters in northern states. He should get a decent share of the minority vote, the educated, females, and voters in the ‘regular’ Democratic Party. But Biden will rise or fall based on the average Democratic voter -- white, older, less radicalized, and more interested in electing someone who will get things done rather than stick it to the political opposition.”

In other words, Moran’s postulating Biden will assume Hillary Clinton’s place as the Democrat establishment’s favorite. But wait until Biden feels pressure from the party’s leftwing (as represented by Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, et al.), all of whom will make a play for a parcel of Crooked Hillary’s vote real estate. It also should not be discounted that the Democrat ruling class still deeply distrusts Sanders and the young Turks.

They’ll put all of their initial weight behind Biden (or as Moran suggests, possibly unemployed 46-year-old Texas idiot “Beto” O’Rourke, who’s about half Biden’s age and looks it too), but if “Uncle Joe” doesn’t catch fire in Iowa and New Hampshire, watch out. “Beto” has cross-appeal to many of the Democrats’ core voting constituencies, perhaps only lacking the establishment supporting African-American core group’s affection.

Older Democrats could very easily find themselves without a horse in the race if forced to choose between a dunce like “Beto” and a nutcase like crazy Bernie. Hillary may not have been the ideal candidate for any single Democrat interest group but she carried with her a credibility the current field lacks.

Democrat presidential primary debates should prove fascinating spectacles with each candidate vying for their own slice of party pie. When the dust settles it’s possible no one will command the respect of Democrat voters, placing President Trump in very good position heading into next year.

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