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Assault on America, Day 90: Trump campaign preview reveals no let-up to Make America Great

Trump Michigan Speech
Kind of like watching Super Bowls just for the commercials, it used to be worthwhile to arrive fifteen minutes before a movie to take in previews of upcoming films yet-to-be-released. These one to two minute snapshots were typically enough to whet your appetite for the blockbusters to come (or steer you in the other direction).

A snippet of a superbly crafted production is all that’s needed to garner interest in the larger picture. Chances are if you hate the title and the blurb you won’t like the story either, right? Or if the movie cast includes an actor or actress you despise -- that’s saying something too.

President Trump provided his own preview of the closer-than-you-think 2020 campaign last week in a real barn-burner of a speech (in Michigan) that touched on all the major themes of his administration plus provided clues as to how he’ll approach his would-be Democrat opponent.

Brett Samuels reported at The Hill, “The president used the [Mueller] investigation's end to cast himself as the victim of efforts by establishment politicians and law enforcement officers to take him and his supporters down, characterizing their efforts as ‘fraud,’ ‘hoax’ and ‘scam.’ His freewheeling condemnation of the special counsel's probe, paired with attacks on Democrats and reliable applause lines for his base, provided a glimpse of what’s to come leading up to Election Day in 2020.

“’This has been an incredible couple of weeks for America,’ Trump told the crowd early in a more than 90 minute speech in Grand Rapids, Mich. ‘The economy is roaring. The [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] caliphate is defeated 100 percent, and after three years of lies and smears and slander, the Russia hoax is finally dead.’

“’The collusion delusion is over,’ he declared.”

Yes, it is -- or it seems to be. It’s over for anyone with a smidgen of attachment to reality and is open to objective facts. From the beginning a blind man could see the “Russian collusion” scandal was merely a figment of Hillary Clinton’s (and her establishment swamp handlers’) vivid Chardonnay-soaked imaginations. What started out as a hastily thrown-together conspiracy to explain and distract attention away from the enormously embarrassing and damaging Wikileaks email dump (which implicated Clinton cohorts and DNC heads alike) morphed into the desperate last-ditch justification for blowing a presidential election.

Russia did it? Huh? What did that CNN reporter just say? Turn up the volume!

After Wikileaks spoke, people instantly stopped talking about Hillary’s email foibles and started speculating on whether the “fix” was in for the entirety of the 2016 Democrat primaries. Democrat poohbahs must’ve thought the only way they could lose to a brash-talking notorious playboy lout like Donald Trump was to nominate crazy Bernie Sanders against him for the general election. So they surreptitiously tipped the race in Clinton’s favor and shored it up with their impossibly elitist “super delegate” nominating system.

No wonder the progressively socialist-craving Democrat base felt jilted. There was a near riot outside -- and inside -- the 2016 Philadelphia Democrat convention when Sanders’ backers pleaded with him to contest Hillary’s ascension. Their howls didn’t change the outcome, and if anything, the party’s moved much more towards the Vermont socialist’s side ever since.

Democrats appear to be the only ones left who won’t concede the Russian collusion farce was an elaborate magic act complete with props, sophisticated illusions and fascinating supporting characters. Maybe the next Democrat magician could even saw Joe Biden in half!

As might be expected, Trump used strong language to drive home points during his speech, even throwing out the “b” word (bovine excrement) to describe ongoing Democrat investigations into his administration and private business dealings. The ultra-determined Dems won’t find anything of interest, but Trump has certainly been the target of intense official scrutiny his entire life. If the feds haven’t come up with something damning to date, what makes them believe they’ll turn over the magic rock the next time around?

No matter. Judging by the statements from Democrat congressional leaders and committee heads, they’re prepared to sustain the fantasy as long as they hold the power to do so. Perhaps the worst perpetrator is California Congressman Adam “Little Shifty” Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee and one of the most obnoxious liars in all of Congress. Schiff’s been out front vowing to prove the Trump/Russia connection and still maintains it’ll happen.

Trump called Schiff a “pencil neck.” That’s putting it mildly. Brace yourself for a whole new round of Trumpian creative nicknames to describe his Democrat nemeses next year. With the crazy clown car full of Democrat candidates lining up to take him on it shouldn’t be too problematical dreaming up catchy monikers for them.

But for the most part Trump stuck to discussing issues he intends to emphasize in what should be a very substantive campaign -- at least on his end. The president especially emphasized healthcare, trade and infrastructure in Michigan, three areas that conceivably could see progress with a Democrat House, Republican Senate and Trump down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Realistically speaking, nothing will get done because Democrats won’t pass anything that would be seen as another policy victory for Trump. Take infrastructure for example. If Congress passed a pay-as-you-go $1 trillion public/private partnership to improve the country’s roads, transit systems and airports, Americans would give Trump much of the credit -- even if the bill was chock full of the usual pork and political giveaways to unions, etc.  

Democrats would rather stall and stonewall than provide Trump additional fodder to use in future campaign speeches. They’re already terrified at how easily Trump takes over entire issues. Trade protectionism used to be a Democrat strongpoint…but now it’s completely in Trump’s corner.

Whoever ends up the Democrat nominee will spend loads of time bashing on the Electoral College. One movement to ditch the constitution’s brilliant presidential election system is running into big obstacles, however. David M. Drucker reported at The Washington Examiner, “The hurdles to amend the Constitution and move to the national popular vote are steep. So the bipartisan National Popular Vote interstate compact seeks to subvert this constitutional shield by convincing states to throw their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of which candidate wins their state. Compact supporters believe this doesn't require amending the Constitution, but that notion would be challenged in the courts.

“But the effort has run into another problem — stiff political resistance from Republicans, who lately see the Electoral College as possibly their only viable path to the White House.”

Supporters claim it’s “bipartisan” to make it sound like everyone’s onboard with trashing the Founding Fathers’ brilliant structure specifically designed to counteract what Democrats are trying to do -- namely take power from the individual states and place it in the hands of vote churning machines in big population centers. Similar to shooting fish in a barrel, Democrats can’t help but stumble across buckets full of votes in tightly packed places where people know nothing about civics or politics much less care about anything other than government giveaways.

If they could get away with it, Democrats would send their minions to Ariana Grande concerts to sign-up every teeny bopper in attendance. Oh wait, they’ve already done that!

Such mass mind-controlling democratic ruses are exactly why the Electoral College was devised in the first place, mandating that candidates pay attention to large and small states and rural as well as urban populations. Any plan to change the method will encounter resistance in the courts and perhaps even the streets.

President Trump’s “preview” speech last week provided a number of solid hints about the certain-to-be contentious campaign to come. Trump looks as prepared as ever to do battle with his opponents. If anything, Trump is fresher and more combative than four years ago. Get there early!

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