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Judge Should Dismiss All Charges Against Roger Stone Now

Roger Stone Arrested
Roger Stone’s lawyers on Friday filed a flurry of motions, a few days ahead of the expected release of a redacted copy of Mueller’s report. Among the requests was a demand for an unredacted copy of the final report.

“Only by reviewing the full, unredacted Mueller Report can Roger Stone be assured of his rights to due process, to compulsory process, to know the exculpatory evidence, to determine whether or not he is being selectively prosecuted,” Stone’s lawyers said according to reporting by the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross.

“The Special Counsel Report may be of political interest to many. It may be of commercial interest to others. It may be of public interest to some. But for Roger Stone, the Special Counsel’s Report is a matter of protecting his liberty.”

Mueller was unable to establish any conspiracy or collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. The Justice Department is expected to release a redacted copy of his report early next week.

Mr. Stone’s lawyers are calling on the federal judge to dismiss all charges against him stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Mr. Stone’s “crimes” according to the brief indictment were all process crimes – one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements and one count of witness tampering – they have nothing to do with the thoroughly debunked fabrication that President Trump “colluded” with the Russian government to steal the 2016 presidential election.

Moreover, the allegations in the indictment do not claim that Stone ever possessed any of the emails and other documents stolen from the Clinton campaign and the DNC and published by Wikileaks.

What the indictment says is that Stone was in contact with an “intermediary” who was in contact with Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks who was holed-up in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.

But the indictment does not allege that the intermediary, who was in contact with Assange, ever possessed any of the emails and other documents stolen from the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

According to reporting by Mr. Ross, Stone’s lawyers argue that charges should be dismissed on the grounds that they involve a congressional proceeding and would require a formal congressional referral for the special counsel to prosecute. The attorneys assert that the intelligence committee did not formally refer Stone for prosecution.

Mr. Ross reports Stone has claimed that Randy Credico, a left-wing activist, was a source for him regarding WikiLeaks’ plans to release documents prior to the 2016 election. Credico has denied being a back channel to Stone, but Stone has released text messages that show that Credico provided insight into when WikiLeaks would release Clinton-related documents. Credico also told Stone that the documents would devastate the Clinton campaign.

In one filing on Friday, Stone’s attorneys cite Credico’s Sept. 7, 2018 testimony to the Mueller grand jury to make the case that Stone was selectively prosecuted.

Stone’s lawyers, who have been provided a transcript of Randy Credico’s testimony, allege that Credico lied by denying having conversations with Stone about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before Sept. 10, 2016. The lawyers claim that text messages show Stone and Credico discussing Assange on Aug. 19, 2016.

Mr. Stone hopes to call Assange to testify at his trial, which is tentatively scheduled to start on Nov. 5. Stone believes that Assange will help his case by repeating his past claims that the pair have never met or communicated.

The way we see it, Roger Stone’s only crime is being friends with Donald Trump, the best-selling book The Clintons' War On Women, and using his considerable skills at manipulating the media to keep the story of Hillary Clinton’s many real crimes alive – and pissing-off Robert Mueller and his band of Democrat witch hunters in the process.

We have contributed to the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund and we hope you and other CHQ readers and friends will do likewise.

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Read the Hillary/Podesta emails!

Everything about the phony Russia collusion hoax was a diversion away from the hillary/podesta emails which were sent to Julian Assange and he subsequently released in Wiki Leaks. The phony Russia collusion diversion, the harassment of Julian Assange and the mueller seek and destroy mission to destroy President Trump's supporters was all a clever way of creating a massive distraction from The Content of the hillary/podesta emails. So everyone needs to read and find out what hillary and podesta don't want anyone to read in their emails. Hopefully all of mueller's victims will sue him for billions in a class action suit.

Out of Control Politicians

I think it is time to strongly consider charges of TREASON against the Democrat-Communists who are creating all of this distraction. It seems they are intent on keeping a duly elected president from performing his duties.