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Suspicious Fire Destroys Cathedral Of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire
Yesterday, in stunning and heartbreaking loss for all of Christendom, the Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris (Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris) was destroyed by a suspicious fire.

The site of the Cathedral was chosen by King Louis VII, and the first stone of what was to become a massive edifice measuring 130m long and 48m wide, was laid in 1163 in the presence of Pope Alexander III. A medieval basilica occupying the site at the eastern end of the Île de la Cité was razed to make way for the new Cathedral.

As well as the wooden rib-vaulted ceiling which, according to reports in the UK’s Guardian, has been largely destroyed by the fire, there are fears about the fate of the extraordinary three “rose” stained-glass windows and the many historical artefacts inside the cathedral, including the 17th-century organ. Several precious religious relics, revered by Catholics, were inside the building.

Among the relics are the Crown of Thorns, which Jesus purportedly wore before being crucified (acquired by St Louis IX) and a piece of the True Cross, which is said to be a piece of the cross Jesus was crucified upon.

The stunning South Rose Window of the Cathedral symbolizes Christ triumphant, reigning over Heaven, surrounded by all his witnesses on earth. The South Rose Window was a gift from king Saint Louis. It was constructed in 1260 as a counterpoint to the North Rose Window, which was built in 1250 and dedicated to the New Testament.

The two towers on the west facade, measuring 69m high, were built in the early 13th century. The north tower is (or rather was) accessible to visitors via a 387-step staircase, while the south tower is home to the cathedral’s 10 bells. The most famous of the bells, the bourdon – named Emmanuel – has tolled at most major events in the history of France, including the coronation of kings, papal visits and to mark the end of two world wars.

As well as being a repository of many important relics, Notre Dame is also the site of one of Christendom’s most influential liturgical developments.

The first bishop known to have ordered the showing of the Host during Mass was Bishop Eudes de Sully of Paris (1196–1208). At Notre Dame Bishop de Sully emphasized the elevation of the Host during Mass, so that the Faithful could also adore Jesus Christ, a practice that soon spread across the Western Church and is now part of every Mass celebrated.

Nothing has been officially stated thus far as to the origin of the fire, but there has been a wave of church vandalism episodes in France in the last few months.

This line of inquiry, however, has been quickly dismissed by the news media.

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto hung up on Catholic League president Bill Donohue yesterday when he refused to stop speculating that the catastrophic Notre Dame fire could be related to the other recent attacks on Catholic churches in Paris.

According to the transcript of the interview posted by The Daily Caller’s Mike Best, Mr. Donohue began by saying, “Well, Neil, if it is an accident, it’s a monumental tragedy. But forgive me for being suspicious. Just last month, a 17th-century church was set on fire in Paris. We’ve seen tabernacles knocked down, crosses have been torn down, statues…”.

However, before Mr. Donohue could continue, Neil Cavuto cut him off saying, “I love you, Bill, but we cannot make conjectures about this. So, thank you. Bill, I’m sorry. Thanks very much. I do want to let people know, and again we’re not trying to be rude to our guests here. There’s so much here we don’t know about what happened here.”

That’s true, there is much we don’t know about how the fire started; who the workmen working there at the time were, what their backgrounds are, and what safety precautions were in place given the historic nature of the Cathedral.

That said, it is also true, as Mr. Donohue mentioned, that a number of churches in France have been vandalized during the early part of 2019. Vandals have smashed statues, knocked down tabernacles, burned an altar cloth, destroyed the Eucharist and smeared a cross with excrement.

In fact, according to the Middle East Forum, in France, two churches are desecrated every day on average. PI-News, a German news site, reports 1,063 attacks on Christian churches or symbols (crucifixes, icons, statues) were registered in France in 2018. This represents a 17% increase compared to the previous year (2017), when 878 attacks were registered— meaning that such attacks are only going from bad to worse.

We urge the authorities in France to begin the investigation with no preconceptions, to keep an open mind with no political correctness or prejudice and to conduct a thorough, complete and honest investigation into the cause of the Notre Dame fire.

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