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Critics Of David Bossie Have It Wrong And Are Hurting President Trump’s Reelection Prospects

David Bossie
An anonymous White House leaker recently reported President Trump was “livid” when he found out that our friend David Bossie, his former Deputy Campaign Manager was allegedly lining his own pockets with funds collected from people who thought they were donating to pro-Trump causes, according to the leak.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations, told the New York Daily News that Trump grew “really irritated” after Axios reported Sunday that Bossie had been raking in cash via his “Presidential Coalition” with a promise that the donations would boost Trump-loyal conservative candidates for office.

“When the president found out about what was going on with Bossie and what the Presidential Coalition was doing, he was livid,” the anonymous leaker told the New York Daily News. “The president feels it’s pretty unconscionable, especially since it’s coming from senior citizens who are thinking they’re directly supporting the campaign.”

Anonymous leaks from inside the White House to settle scores are nothing new, and the Trump White House has been plagued with them from the start, but this one is especially egregious, not only because it hurts David Bossie, one of the President’s most effective advocates, but it seriously damages Trump’s re-election chances by undercutting the organizations large and small that are the backbone of Trump’s conservative – populist coalition and receive much of their support through direct mail.

And more to the point, these critics appear to intentionally misrepresent how direct mail works – especially for conservatives.

The first way conservatives had to get our message out, to share ideas, and to bypass the establishment media filter, was direct mail—the first and most long-lived form of new and alternative media. Far from being a scam as the leaker implied, for decades direct mail has been the number two form of advertising, exceeded only by television and only recently being passed by the internet to come in a close third.

Starting in 1965 when I founded The Richard A. Viguerie Company, Inc., and began to develop the science of political direct mail, I’ve tried to educate conservatives that direct mail is the first form of new and alternative media – not just a way to raise money for next month’s rent and salaries. It is a form of advertising and advocacy that if done correctly will activate people to work in campaigns, write letters and make phone calls to Congress, circulate petitions, write letters to the editor, call talk radio, wave signs and yes, give money.

And let’s be clear – there would be no conservative movement as we know it without direct mail.

As I explained in my book TAKEOVER, by the time 1976 rolled around all of the major movement organizations raised money, recruited members and subscribers, and educated voters through the alternative medium of direct mail; these included the Conservative Digest, Heritage Foundation, Human Events, National Review, American Conservative Union, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, and Jesse Helms’s Congressional Club, among others.

One afternoon in 1979, one of Washington’s then most influential journalists, the late David Broder, came to my office and said he was very perplexed about the lack of progress on the Democratic agenda, given that Democrats had strong majorities in the House and Senate. He had been to Vice President Walter Mondale’s office and he had been to the White House and other places, and no one could explain why with the Democrats’ overwhelming majorities on Capitol Hill, Carter’s agenda was not moving.

Election law changes, consumer protection agency, and other items—it was all in paralysis; nothing was happening. I told him, “I don’t know if I can be of help but let me tell you what we’re doing at The Viguerie Company.” We were mailing one hundred million letters a year, urging grassroots conservatives to speak out, write, and call their members of Congress to oppose President Jimmy Carter and the Democrats on all of the important items on Carter’s agenda. What we were doing was also being done by other conservatives.

This was an early example of the successful use of the new and alternative media of direct mail to engage people politically, few of those mailings or campaigns would have met the test the anonymous leaker applied to David Bossie and his organization, but they did contribute mightily to defeating Jimmy Carter and electing Ronald Reagan and the first Republican majority in the Senate in almost 30-years.

Back then and right through the 1980s conservatives owned direct mail, and as direct mail went, so went the conservative movement, growing by leaps and bounds and going from victory to victory.

In those days, the Left relied on major gifts from big government (taxpayers), unions, and foundations.  However, now it’s the Republicans and conservatives who rely far too much on a relatively small number of large donors, and that is a major reason we did so poorly in the 2017-2018 elections.

Conservatives not only pioneered grassroots marketing through direct mail, but our skills were far superior to the Left.  We were more aggressive; we had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. However, except for David Bossie, and a few others, not so much now.

Two years ago, after all the votes were counted and the contributions tallied in the 2017 Virginia House of Delegates Election, we learned that all of the Democrat candidates running in 2017 received 153,000 donations of $100 or less, compared to 7,000 donations for all Republican candidates.  Once again, we see that the GOP candidates and consultants made a huge mistake by focusing on the high-dollar donors and not using direct mail to build a grassroots army of thousands of $5, $10, $15, $25, and $50 donors.

In 2018 conservatives had a few hundred organizations (liberals over 10,000).  We had about 2,000,000 unique donors (the Left had over 8,000,000).  Conservatives raised about 2 billion dollars (the Left raised 8-10 billion dollars).

I received a lot of establishment media criticism back in the 1970s by those who saw political direct mail as having only one purpose—to raise money. I was regularly attacked in the national media if a mailing didn’t make a profit for the client. What these critics didn’t understand was that direct mail is advertising, and that it is a form of alternative media that educates voters, organizes activists to pass or defeat legislation, and identifies favorable voters and supporters—and raises money too.

And what’s more – it is a form of alternative media and communication from which liberals like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey can’t deplatform you.

In the early 1990s direct mail also played a key role in the fight against Hillarycare. Dozens of conservative organizations—such as the American Conservative Union (ACU), under the leadership of David Keene and Don Devine, and the United Seniors Association, led by Sandra Butler and Kathleen Patten—mailed between twenty and twenty-five million letters.

As just one example of the breadth and depth of the campaign against Hillarycare, the Viguerie Company had the American Conservative Union as a client—in a period of one hundred days we mailed thirteen million letters, others were mailing as well, but we led the direct-mail charge in rallying grassroots conservatives to oppose Hillarycare and turn it into a nightmare for the Clinton administration.

Direct donations to candidates, the lack of which formed the basis for much of the criticism of David Bossie and his organization, were not part of that effort.

Bossie’s White House critics, if they have managed to poison President Trump against him and the techniques of direct mail marketing and fundraising he is using to educate and motivate people to support the Trump agenda, have done a great disservice, not only to Trump and Bossie, but to the President’s reelection prospects, which will depend greatly on bypassing the establishment media filters on TV, newspapers and the internet and communicating Trump’s message to voters through direct mail.

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Bossie is hard working & effective

The Leftist groups and individuals attacking David Bossie are just opposed to the results he accomplishes.

The Citizens United Supreme Court case alone is worth all of Bossie's efforts. In addition, CU and David Bossie produced more than 20 films, aided many key campaigns, and helped elect Donald Trump.

The attacks on Bossie come from people and institutions who hate Donald Trump and the Conservative Movement; enough said!