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Conservatives Divided On Iran Retaliation

Tom Cotton Iran
As President Trump prepares to announce his reelection campaign with a massive rally in Orlando, Florida some of his closest allies in the Republican Party are divided over how to respond to Iranian aggression in the vital sea arteries of the Gulf of Oman and Strait of Hormuz where as much one fifth of the world’s oil must pass under the guns of the Islamic Republic.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) said on Sunday that he supports a military strike against Iran in the wake of attacks against commercial oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week.

Newsweek's Benjamin Fearnow reports Cotton, a Senate Armed Services Committee member and a U.S. Army veteran of the Iraq war, said "unprovoked attacks" like the recent incidents against vessels near the Strait of Oman are enough to warrant military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran. U.S. and U.K. naval forces assisted in helping the oil tanker crewmen after the attack – intelligence agencies from both countries have blamed on Iran.

"These unprovoked attacks on commercial shipping warrant a retaliatory military strike," Cotton told CBS News' Margaret Brennan on Face The Nation Sunday.

Mr. Fearnow reports the Arkansas senator acknowledged having "long been defined as a hawk on Iran" but compared his justification for military force to action taken by former President Ronald Reagan to defend oil tankers in the Gulf during the 1980s. The Arkansas senator acknowledged having "long been defined as a hawk on Iran" but compared his justification for military force to action taken by former President Ronald Reagan to defend oil tankers in the Gulf during the 1980s.

"We can make a military response in a time and a manner of our choosing," Cotton said during his Face The Nation segment. "Unprovoked attacks on commercial shipping warrant a retaliatory military strike against the Islamic Republic of Iran," he reiterated according to Mr. Fearnow’s reporting.

"The fastest way to get the fire and the fury of the U.S. military unleashed on you is to interfere with the freedom of navigation on the open seas and in the air," Cotton continued. "That's exactly what Iran is doing."

However, as strongly as Senator Cotton made the case for strikes against Iran, MAGA All Star Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-1) has come out in the opposite side – strongly against retaliation at this time.

In a tweet posted Sunday, Rep. Gaetz wrote, “Japanese and Norwegian vessels were attacked. If these nations aren’t calling for war, neither should the U.S. We can’t afford another #ForeverWar”

Rep. Gaetz wrote that President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy means that the country must protect its borders from illegal immigration and cartel violence before it attacks foreign nations.

As Breitbart’s Sean Moran noted, President Donald Trump garnered much support for his America First foreign policy, contending that America should focus less on intervention and nation-building abroad and more on rebuilding the nation at home.

Gaetz charged, “‘America First’ means protecting our border from the ‘Gulf Cartel’ before avenging foreign vessels in the Gulf of Oman.”

Congressman Gaetz’s opposition to picking a fight with Iran is of a piece with the principles he set forth in an impassioned speech he delivered in May outlining his non-interventionist America First policy, in which he charged that because neoconservatives and the “War Lobby” never received their intervention in Syria, they have turned their gaze towards Iran.

As Mr. Moran reported:

Luckily, the War Lobby never got its desired intervention in Syria, largely thanks to Donald Trump— the ONLY major presidential candidate who spoke against the idea. The so-called “experts” behind our failed foreign policy have not learned from their mistakes because they have never been held accountable for them. And so today the saber-rattling persists, and is directed toward Venezuela, Yemen, and, most disturbingly, Iran.

Rep. Gaetz also blasted the neoconservative experts who believe that America has a “moral obligation” to intervene abroad.

“Real morality and real toughness is standing up to the pro-war special interests and globalist power brokers. Real morality is affirming forever that the blood of American troops is not for sale,” Gaetz said according to Mr. Moran’s reporting.

“As policymakers, it is our task to fight harder in Washington to understand the deep consequences of US military force both at home and around the world. President Trump is staying true to the instincts he expressed while campaigning as an America First, anti-interventionist Republican,” the Florida conservative added.

With principled conservatives, such as Senator Tom Cotton and Rep. Matt Gaetz, divided over what the proper response to Iranian aggression in the Gulf of Oman and Strait of Hormuz should be – or even if any response is required – we’d like to hear what CHQ readers and friends have to say. Please use the comments section below to tell us what you think.

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Iran Response

We should have dealt with Iran decades ago. Reagan couldn't because of the dangers of war with the Soviets, but once the Cold War ended Iran should have been dealt with. I wish we would have invaded Iran rather than Iraq; Iran was no small part of the problem we had in stopping the insurgency there as they promulgated the uprising.

Time is not on our side with Iran. They are going to have atomic weapons eventually. Better to act now than wait until we have no choice.

What should we do? Air strikes at minimum. But the political climate here makes it next to impossible for Trump to take any meaningful action.

The Antenoran Democrat Party has sold out our national security in a fit of pique over Trump beating their dragon lady.

Iran article comment

Yesterday there was one comment, and I posted another. Neither are in existance today - so where are they?

Iran comments

Thanks for commenting, the comments to which you refer were posted to a similar article on Iran, no comments have been deleted from this article.

Iran retaliation

This note is to comment on the Tanker issue.

The event in my opinion, was to take attention from Yemen, and create
a false dilemma. The Japanese should stop negotiations, or treaty being proposed.

The rupturing of a worthless arrangement with the US, under "o" falsely insulted
Iran, and now they are stuck, in a sense "they have the monkey".

The most important action I would take is to arrest John Kerry for interfering in
current United States negotiations. As you know this is deja vue with the Vietnam
issue where he testified in uniform against the United States.

Japan & Norway, should stand up, Trump take the initiative to stop
outside interference, by outing Kerry, ( if reports are correct ). The United Nations
is complicit in every action by military, in that a Soviet directorate is over the operations
by structure of the United Nations Charter through CFR interference & Alger Hiss.

The United States, must not hit singles ( baseball talk ), while when it does come to bat,
nothing less than a 4 run homer. We have been the lackeys for the CFR for over 110

Trump is generating a bloodless coup of his own, in the worlds greatest human
experiment in history. Intervention by the then Uber - wealthy, after the European wars,
has created an environment that must change. The CFR & members are complicit in the
use of the United States as a Golden Goose in both blood & treasure.

The far left enclave has essentially run amok for years. Balance must return, and Trump is
a threat to many desiring to keep feeding at the trough.

Keep well.