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Democrat Debate: The Largest Gathering Of Liberals Since Woodstock

OK, I admit it – I stole the headline for this article from some guy on Twitter, but it was too good to pass up primarily because it is so true.

As an example, all the Democrat presidential candidates have taken the Far Left position that abortion should be allowed up until the moment of birth. That’s right, in the party of “diversity” there is no diversity of opinion on infanticide.

Same goes for abiding by the letter and spirit of the Second Amendment – there is no diversity of opinion among the candidates. All the Democrat presidential candidates do is ape the talking points from Far Left gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign and Gabrielle Giffords. And that includes the formerly pro-gun or at least neutral on guns candidates like New York’s Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who has not only abandoned all her previous moderate gun positions but apologized for them as well.

And the Far Left social media mob is not helping the Democrats connect with the center, here are just a few of the pre-debate tweets under the #DemocraticDebate hashtag:

@DocChristopherB: I will vote for whichever Democrat says their first at as president will be to arrest every ICE agent who worked at one of these concentration camps.

@beaversandbrush: Who, other than @MSNBC, is broadcasting the #DemocraticDebate? I will not watch that channel after @ChuckTodd attempted to normalize #ConcentrationCamps that are killing children. Can #Bernie2020 folks share a list of other viewing options?

@BlueBoricua: Should Election Day be a federal holiday? Elizabeth Warren the latest Dem to support change #DemocraticDebate

@derrickcrowe: Yesterday was the second-hottest day in Miami's history, and today there's a 17,000-acre wildfire burning in the Everglades... the #DemocraticDebate moderators *must* focus on #climatechange

@gaycivilrights: Would @BernieSanders get your vote if he could relieve all student loan debt in America? Weigh in!  #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #DemocraticDebate #DemocraticParty

The pre-debate panderfest has also been a doozy with candidates rolling out taxpayer funded giveaway after giveaway, with Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders’ student loan forgiveness scheme being by far the most expensive, but not the kookiest.

The distinction for the kookiest tax dollar giveaway must be Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s “gay reparations” scheme.  Warren reintroduced the Refund Equality Act, a bill that would allow same-sex couples to amend past tax returns and receive refunds from the IRS outside the existing three-year window for filing an amended return, thus allowing same-sex couples to claim refunds for years before the federal government recognized same-sex “marriage.”

While the Democrat candidates still have time to add to the multi-trillion-dollar total of their vote buying schemes, who will float the kookiest or most expensive proposal isn’t one of the wagers you can place on the debates through gambling site

Judy Kurtz of The Hill reports debate watchers who are feeling lucky can bet on a whole host of aspects of the Democratic White House hopefuls' first face-off tonight, including if former Vice President Biden will hug someone onstage, and how many times President Trump might tweet.

Ms. Kurtz reports the site puts it at 16/5 odds that one of the candidates will "say a curse word or be bleeped" during the debates in Miami.

Bettors can also wager on the first topic that moderators will ask about on Wednesday, with 2/1 odds for abortion, followed by 3/1 odds for both health care and gun control.

The website is placing a 1.5 over/under on the number of times Trump will tweet during Wednesday's debate, while on Thursday the over/under increases to 2.5.

Gamblers can also bet on whether Trump will tweet some of his favorite jabs towards the candidates, reports Ms. Kurtz, with 3/2 odds that he'll mention Mad magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman — the commander in chief's insult of choice for South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg — or 1/2 odds that he'll make a "Pocahontas" slur when referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

My personal favorite is the wager on former Vice President “Lunch Bucket Joe” Biden’s likelihood of hugging one of the female candidates.

Judy Kurtz reported bookmakers are betting there's at least some chance that Biden — who's faced criticism after multiple women say he inappropriately touched them while he was vice president — will physically embrace some of the women running for president.

Not that we are encouraging gambling, but the odds of Biden hugging Sens. Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand or author Marianne Williamson during Thursday's debate are 2/3 he will, and 6/5 he won't. The site notes that Biden "must clearly wrap at least one arm around one of them" for gamblers to cash in. No odds so far on whether Biden will challenge Sen. Warren for biggest pander for the homosexual vote by hugging Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

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