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A Lesson For Democrats From Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean Sausage
Today’s radical Leftist Democrats could learn a thing or two from Jimmy Dean, the singer, food entrepreneur and conservative icon.

When Jimmy Dean sells sausage, he doesn’t show his customers how the sausage is made and what goes into it – there are no pictures on TV of pigs being herded into the packing plant, killed and ground-up.

Instead there are pictures of the sun coming up on happy families at breakfast, scrumptious looking dishes prepared with Jimmy Dean sausage and satisfied diners enjoying Mr. Dean’s product.

Through his advertising Jimmy Dean is not selling sausage – he’s selling a result; the happiness and satisfaction of a good meal.

Old time restauranteurs used to put it this way: Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

During their recent debates, fortunately for us, the Democrats ignored the lessons of Mr. Dean’s advertising strategy and gave us a grand tour of the sausage factory. Not in any particular order of craziness and scariness here’s a quick list of the ingredients of the Democrats’ sausage:

Kamala Harris wants to abolish private health insurance.

Elizabeth Warren wants to forgive student debt, at a cost of at least $1.2 trillion over ten years.

Most Democrats, including top polling candidates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris,  want to add another $1 trillion to the tax burden of working families to provide everyone with a free college education – or as  Kyle Smith of the New York Post put it; the Dems want to charge you, Todd and Tanya Taxpayer, to send rich kids from Brooklyn off to Oberlin to major in revolutionary socialism.

All Democrats in the Thursday debate want American taxpayers to provide health insurance to anyone who manages to sneak across the border.

All Democrats want to force taxpayers to pay for abortion up to the moment of birth, and for infanticide if the baby is born alive, but is unwanted for any reason.

Julian Castro wants taxpayers to provide abortions for trans women, who, without an as yet medically impossible uterus transplant, cannot get pregnant.

All of the Democrats endorsed raising taxes, most favoring rates up to and including 70 percent on high earners.

Every one of the 20 candidates spoke in favor of some form of gun confiscation, none expressed respect or support for the Second Amendment.

Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, predicted a Democratic sweep of The White House and Congress, ushering in unprecedented gun control. According to Dan Zimmerman of The Truth About Guns, Castro previously said there would be no handguns in an ideal world.

Let’s not forget former Vice President Joe Biden’s statement that gun manufacturers are enemies of the people and gun sales should be limited to the currently non-existent “smart gun” technology requiring a DNA and biometric match to enable the gun to fire.

It is important for conservatives, the Trump campaign and the national Republicans to recognize what a sea change in American politics the new Far Left Democratic Party – and its candidates – represent.

In 1992, Bill Clinton was a death-penalty advocate who promised to “end welfare as we know it” and make abortion “safe, legal, and rare.”

When Bill Clinton said in his January 23, 1996, State of the Union Address that “the era of Big Government is over,” and “We know Big Government does not have all the answers. We know there’s not a program for every problem. We have worked to give the American people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in Washington. And we have to give the American people one that lives within its means,” it sounded as though conservatives had won; we could fold our tents and go home.

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie documented in his book TAKEOVER, although Democrats went after liberal social issues hard in 2012 and 2013, the Democrats who won from 1968 to 2010, including even Barack Obama in 2008, did not play up social liberalism in their campaigns. That’s because back then Democrats were selling their program on the Jimmy Dean strategy – today things are different.

Democrats are showing their customers not only how the sausage is made, but who in America is going to be killed, ground up and stuffed into the casing if a Democrat is elected president.

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