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The MSM And Four Anti-American Congresswomen

Kellyanne ConwayThe recent hyperventilation over President Trump’s criticism of Far Left Muslim Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar (MN-5) and the media spectacle produced by her posse of Far Left Democrat “women of color,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), Ayanna Pressley (MA-7) and Rashida Tlaib (MI-13), has revealed much more about the establishment media and the Far Left Democrats than it has about Donald Trump.

To put this whole contretemps in perspective recall that the point of the presidential tweet that lit the fuse was that Rep. Omar – in addition to being an open Anti-Semite – offers only criticism of her adopted homeland, America, and that perhaps she should return to her native Somalia, fix it and then return to the United States to show Americans how it’s done.

In this President Trump is indisputably correct: We spent a lot of time looking, and we could not find one quote where Rep. Omar expressed gratitude to Americans for saving her from one of the worst places on Earth, or even support for the fundamental precepts that make the American system the greatest engine for human progress that has ever existed or offered any constructive ideas on how to improve upon our existing system.

One would think that in the midst of the gigantic media spectacle of the past few days someone, beside a few conservative social media commentators, would have asked if maybe Trump had a point.

Or, if nothing else, perhaps one of the dwindling number of sane Democrats might have wondered aloud if unrelenting criticism of the country you aspire to govern is the most persuasive selling point for a political party.

Or, is the establishment media so intimidated by the inevitable cries of “racism!” that accompany any criticism of Rep. Omar or her fellow “women of color” that they are unwilling to even ask the strictly colorblind question: “Is unrelenting criticism of our country good politics?”

That no one in the establishment media and punditocracy seems to have considered that Trump might have a point about Rep. Omar’s anti-American rhetoric and ingratitude tells us that they agree with her and the rest of her posse – America is bad and irredeemable without fundamental change.

Illustrative of the establishment media’s agreement with the relentless “America has failed” rhetoric was an exchange between White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway and Breakfast Media reporter Andrew Feinberg.

We’re not really sure what “Breakfast Media” is, but the fact that Mr. Feinberg was on CNN with Don Lemon says a lot about his political perspective.

Allegedly Feinberg asked Conway which countries Trump suggested the congresswomen should ‘go back’ to,' and the Counselor to the President responded by asking him, “What’s your ethnicity?”

While explaining the situation to Lemon, Patrick Devine of Yahoo News reports Feinberg said, “I have been a journalist in Washington for about 10 years and I have never had any government official speak to me that way, and, or ask such an inappropriate question.”

Later in the CNN interview, Mr. Devine reports Feinberg told Lemon that he was still confused by Conway's question, saying, “I have no earthly clue what her question or the answer I could have given to that question, had to do with what the president said or to what country she was referring.“

Mrs. Conway later explained that her ancestors were Irish and Italian and tweeted that she meant no disrespect, and she was just letting Feinberg know that we are all originally from somewhere else.

Mr. Devine reports Feinberg didn’t seem to buy Conway’s explanation of Trump’s tweets, offering Lemon a different perspective, “I think at the core of what he has said from the past couple days is an idea that these congresswomen are somehow not entirely American.”

Ya think?

Being an “American” requires more than simply being born here or otherwise qualifying for United States citizenship – it requires allegiance to a certain and quite definite set of principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Despite the fact that Representatives Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Tlaib all took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, we see no evidence that they actually hold any allegiance to its principles – and the same could be said of those in the establishment media who join them in their relentless “America is a failure” rhetoric.

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Anti-American Congresswomen

Donald Trump has stated in the past that he never apologizes. He's right; in politics even the most mild of apologies - done for civility if nothing else - will be used against you with extreme prejudice. That is why I am so puzzled by his disavowing of the chant "send her home!" at his rally. Trump really screwed up there. He said he "wasn't happy" about the chant. Why not? It is, after all, what normal people think when an immigrant, or children of immigrants, badmouth the country that gave them respite, and where they prospered enough to become members of Congress, a huge honor.

This reminds me of George H.W. Bush's "read my lips" comment. After swearing he wouldn't raise taxes he caved in to Democratic pressure and the Left screamed "ah ha!" and went on to destroy the feckless Bush. Trump, after making these very comments, then threw his own supporters under the bus. I cannot imagine why. He has now handed the Democrats and the media sound bytes to use against him in the next election.

I don't know who convinced him to cave, but that person needs to be fired. I doubt Trump is the architect of this flip flop.

When dealing with the media and the donkeys one must never give an inch. If they ask for a cup of water you should pour them a cup of sand. If they say it is a nice day you should sneer at their assertion. They never do ANYTHING without a political attack in mind. Our side - even our best - forget that fact all too often.

1Corinthians 14:8 says it best:

"For also, if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for war?"

Sadly, our side is forever sounding an uncertain trumpet.

Mr. Trump's trumpet has largely been certain. But now he's waffling.

I fear this mistake is going to cost us down the road. Trump should have doubled down on this rather than pulled up short.

If Trump stops defending his supporters he's finished. The Left knows that. It's fight or die. A walk down the middle of the road will lead to a squashed President.