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Dem Debate: America’s Urban Poor Out – Illegal Aliens In

CNN Debate Stage Night 2
Last night America’s urban poor got left in the dust as all the Democrats jockeyed to be the candidate who would import more desperate clients for the socialist government they hope to impose upon our country.

For all the references to President Trump’s recent attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings and the failed leadership of Baltimore what was missing in all of the subtle and not so subtle jabs at Trump was any plan for fixing what ails Baltimore, Detroit (right outside the door of the debate venue), San Francisco and the rest of America’s Democrat-run failed cities.

Starting with the opening statements the Democratic Debate was another toxic mix of racial politics and #OrangeManBad, as exemplified by the truly bizarre show of Joe Biden hosting Flint, Michigan Mayor Karen Weaver and NAACP President Wendell Anthony, while failing to offer a plan to help America’s troubled urban areas.

In his opening statement, rather than address a plan to revitalize Flint, Michigan, whose Mayor was his guest, Biden said he is running to restore the soul of this country and claimed Trump is ripping the social fabric of the country. He also hyped the diverse group of people on stage (he apparently missed Tuesday night’s all white line up) and he says America is strong because of diversity, not in spite of it.

But "diversity" won't clean up the trash, exterminate the rats or improve Baltimore's soul-killing schools and drug-fueled street violence.

Sen. Cory Booker, whose opening statement was interrupted by “Fire Pantaleo” chants, was the Mayor of one of America’s worst failing cities – Newark, New Jersey. Booker once even bragged about living in a neighborhood where you could hear gunshots. Booker ripped Trump over his Baltimore comments and says, “we know who Trump is,” but was likewise totally silent on fixing America’s failing cities.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio did tout his Pre-K initiative, but instead of outlining a bold plan to fix the failing schools in America’s cities, such as Baltimore where 2017 state testing data found one-third of High Schools in Baltimore had zero students proficient in math, de Blasio spent his time telling Americans that if he’s president “we will even up the score” and “tax the hell out of the wealthy.”

When Don Lemon asked Sen. Bennet why he is the best candidate to heal the racial divide, Bennet said Trump’s racist rhetoric should be enough to get him booted out.

Not to be outdone in racial pandering, Gov. Inslee says because, as a white man, he has not experienced discrimination that people of color have, he has a “double responsibility” to address the racial divide. He then bizarrely called for the elimination of the filibuster as if that will improve the quality of life in America’s inner cities.

There was a time when Democrats owned the issue of rebuilding America’s urban areas and pumped billions, if not trillions of dollars into programs to help the urban poor – but no more.

After destroying America’s inner cities through “urban renewal” that took away the private property of African Americans and replaced it with government housing, after turning city schools over to generations of corrupt teachers unions and city governments to generations of equally corrupt and even more inept Democrat mayors and city councils Democrats have moved on to take advantage of another group of desperate people – illegal aliens.

Last night by our rough count about one-third of the time was spent discussing open borders and granting amnesty or benefits to illegal aliens.

Julian Castro went so far as to claim open borders is a “right-wing talking point” and said he is disappointed that some Democrats have “taken the bait.” He then doubled down on decriminalizing illegal immigration because it is the only way, he claimed, that will end family separation.

Booker took a similar route saying Democrats are playing into Trump’s hands on immigration. He wants to decriminalize illegal entry and have civil courts handle immigration issues.

At what may have been the lowest point in the debate, amnesty hecklers chanted “3 million deportations.” They were apparently upset with Obama (“Deporter-in-Chief”) for being too tough on illegal aliens and taking it out on Biden.

De Blasio, smelling blood in the water called out Biden about the 3 million deportations. He wanted to know if Biden worked to stop the deportations from happening while Obama was president. Biden’s totally lame answer was Obama tried to fundamentally change the immigration system for the better.

Last night’s Democratic Debate offered little hope to America’s most desperate citizens and showed that having booked the African American vote through generations of plantation politics, for today’s Democrats inner city African Americans are now just dust in the rearview mirror, they’ve now moved on to servicing illegal aliens in the hopes of obtaining a new cohort of desperate clients eager for socialism’s phantom rewards.

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Servicing...sounds about right

"...for today’s Democrats inner city African Americans are now just dust in the rearview mirror, they’ve now moved on to servicing illegal aliens in the hopes of obtaining a new cohort of desperate clients eager for socialism’s phantom rewards."

No truer words as long as the meaning of "servicing" refers to arranging a f-ing like in stud service. In that case, Democrats have been "servicing" America's decaying urban areas, their own constituents, and America in general for a few decades.