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Ohio State Representative Candice Keller Was Right

Candice Keller
In the wake of the Dayton, Ohio mass murder Ohio state Representative Candice Keller put up a Facebook post that has provoked fury from establishment Republicans and liberal Democrats alike, primarily because what she said was so undeniably true.

Here’s Representative Keller’s post:

After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game. Why not place the blame where it belongs?

The breakdown of the traditional American family (thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage, and drag queen advocates); fatherlessness, a subject no one discusses or believes is relevant; the ignoring of violent video games; the relaxing of laws against criminals (open borders); the acceptance of recreational marijuana; failed school policies (hello, parents who defend misbehaving students); disrespect to law enforcement (thank you, Obama); hatred of our veterans (thank you, professional athletes who hate our flag and National Anthem); the Dem Congress, many members whom are openly anti-Semitic; the culture, which totally ignores the importance of God and the church (until they elect a President); state officeholders, who have no interest whatsoever in learning about our Constitution and the Second Amendment; and snowflakes, who can't accept a duly-elected President.

Did I forget anybody? The list is long. And the fury will continue.

Of course, the Left immediately began to misrepresent what Rep. Keller posted, claiming she blamed the Dayton killings on drag queens, when what she said was undeniably true – the breakdown of the traditional family has contributed to the growth of criminality and violence in America.

But what was even worse from our perspective was the response of Republican Party of Ohio Chairwoman Jane Timken, who unloaded this drivel on Rep. Keller:

While our nation was in utter shock over the acts of violence in El Paso and Dayton, Republican State Representative Candice Keller took to social media to state why she thought these acts were happening… Candice Keller’s Facebook post was shocking and utterly unjustifiable. Our nation is reeling from these senseless acts of violence and public servants should be working to bring our communities together, not promoting divisiveness.

Chairwoman Timken’s vacuous virtue signaling contributes nothing to understanding and possibly preventing mass murders, and one would think a person in her position would at least obtain some facts before hitting “SEND” on an attack on a fellow Republican.

But why have the facts when you have feelings, and a convenient cudgel with which to hit a conservative stating an uncomfortable truth?

There exists a considerable research base that suggests that children raised in households lacking a father experience psychosocial problems with greater frequency than children with a father in the home (Allen & Daly, 2007). These problems have been found to extend into adolescence and adulthood and include an increased risk of substance use, depression, suicide, poor school performance, and contact with the criminal justice system (Allen & Daly, 2007).

These feelings may burgeon from a lack of trust and result in a heightened sense of anger. As a child grows into adolescence and young adulthood, these problems may contribute to contact with the criminal justice system, use of illicit substances, as well as a variety of mental health problems.

The more opportunities a child has to interact with his or her biological father, the less likely he or she is to commit a crime or have contact with the juvenile justice system (Coley and Medeiros, 2007).

Youths who never had a father living with them have the highest incarceration rates (Hill, O’Neill, 1993), while youths in father-only households display no difference in the rate of incarceration from that of children coming from two-parent households (Harper and McLanahan, 2004).

Stephen Baskerville, a professor at Patrick Henry College, says “by far the main predictor of shooting rampages — along with all other criminality and virtually every social pathology among young males — is a home without a father.”

Barbara Hollingsworth, writing for CNS News, observed, “Growing up without a father has a far greater statistical correlation to gun violence than most sociological factors, including poverty and gun ownership, a statistical analysis of gun homicides in the U.S. shows.”

The Federalist's Peter Hasson observed, "It's no coincidence that, much like the number of fatherless children, the number of mass shootings has exploded since the 1960s. Throughout the entire 1960s, six mass shootings took place. That number doubled in 1970." And the figures are getting worse, Hasson writes, with "2012 alone" seeing "more mass shootings than the sixties did."

In his book The Boy Crisis, Dr. Warren Farrell observed that "the rate of mass shootings has tripled since 2011," with "guns, violence in the media, violence in video games and poor family values" blamed.

"Each is a plausible player," he writes, "But our daughters live in the same homes, with the same access to the same guns, video games, and media and are raised with the same family values. Our daughters are not killing. Our sons are."

For more on the topic of how fatherlessness, the breakdown of the family and the other factors cited by Rep. Keller track the growth of mass murders, see this excellent article by Stephen Wynne posted on The Church Militant website.

For members of the political establishment, such as Republican Party of Ohio Chairwoman Jane Timken, it is much easier to advocate banning a hunk of metal or passing a new “Red Flag” law, and to criticize Ohio state Rep. Candice Keller, than it is to accept responsibility for the policies that have led to the disastrous breakdown of the American family, and the concomitant growth in alienated, angry and violent young men who strike out against society.

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Ms. Keller is Right

Clearly Ms. Keller is not afraid of PC, she tell the truth no matter the very negative reaction she will receive.

I hope she win her race for Ohio Senate.

Thanks for standing up for what is RIGHT