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Wheres Lindsey
The other night Fox News host Tucker Carlson let the cork out the bottle when he pointed out that we have one Republican senator, Rand Paul, who is gravely dissatisfied, angry really, with Lindsey Graham's leadership of the Judiciary Committee. He pointed out that Senator Graham is doing nothing to get to the bottom of "Russia-gate."

Tucker set up the segment by pointing out that, “From the beginning, Graham promised to use his powers as [Senate Judiciary Committee] chairman — which are substantial — to get to the bottom of the Russia investigation: how did it start, as well as the bottom of other efforts by the American bureaucracy to control American politics,” Carlson said. “That’s a general promise, but Graham got more specific. He said he would find the truth with a series of actions. He would probe whether or not top DOD officials plotted a bureaucratic coup. He said he would subpoena Andrew McCabe as well as Rod Rosenstein if necessary. So far, Graham’s tenure has been defined by total inaction.”

Senator Paul then joined the conversation, saying, “I can’t call committee hearings and drag these people in. Senator Graham has the power.” Senator Paul continued, “He is the chairman of a powerful committee, the Judiciary Committee. Yes, I’ve encouraged them publicly and privately to do this . . . everything the Democrats have accused President Trump of doing, you know, investigating a political rival with a foreign country, all those same questions should be asked of the Democrats: did they do that to Trump?”

Senator Paul then offered one possible reason for Chairman Graham’s inaction, he’s on the other side in the Deep State vs We the People: “The deep state has an enormous amount of power to look at individuals, and so when Senator Graham and I have fought these fights in the past, I have always fought for having warrants where a real judge in public has to present probable cause,” Paul said. “Lindsay has always fought for allowing these to be done secretly . . . there might be a philosophical difference, that he wants them to maintain their power, he wants to maintain the intelligence community’s enormous grip on things”

Paul told Carlson that he would love to see former CIA Director John Brennan testify. “I would ask him very pointedly, ‘did you talk to the British intelligence agencies and did you set up spying by foreign intelligence agencies on the president or the president’s campaign?’ I think he did and I think that’s against the law.”

“So, everything the Democrats have accused President Trump of doing, you know, investigating a political rival with a foreign country, all those same questions should be asked of the Democrats,” said Paul. “Did they do that to Trump?”

And, we might add, setting aside his inaction on what happened during the 2016 campaign, Senator Graham has done nothing to counter the House Democrats’ anti-constitutional attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election through impeachment.

As Tucker noted, Graham’s inaction has extended “to the Ukraine saga as well,” with Graham having promised but still refusing to “summon [Kurt] Volker to the Senate to testify.”

To those Republicans and conservatives who think Graham is doing a great job with the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and give us the “what about the judges” response we say, why can’t Republicans walk and chew gum at the same time? Surely with the smartest people in the universe in the Senate and on the Senate staff that august body should be able to tackle more than one subject matter at a time, shouldn’t it?

Or maybe they are not so smart after all.

Or maybe they would be perfectly happy to see President Trump impeached.

One of Senator Graham’s more recent promises was that the Senate Judiciary Committee would have a hearing with Rudy Giuliani. We hope that hearing comes off, because so many other hearings Sen. Graham promised to have failed to materialize. But what we hope for even more fervently than a hearing with Rudy Giuliani is a hearing with Hunter Biden that will give him the opportunity to explain what, beside his father’s name, he put into his many foreign business ventures.

The Twitter hashtag #WheresLindsey has had over 100,000 associated tweets, we urge our friends and followers on Twitter tweet this article using that hashtag. In the alternative, the toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we invite CHQ readers and friends to call Senator Lindsey Graham and urge him to get the show on the road and subpoena John Brennan, James Clapper, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Hunter Biden and the rest of miscreants he has promised to bring before his Committee, but whom he has so far failed to put under oath in front of the American people.

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The good Senator made a appearance on the FOX Hannity hour last night and made promises to put forth legislation and make inquiry in order to resolve this lack of progress, obstruction, manipulation and just plain bald faced lying by the left...Lindsey made a mark on the Kavanaugh judiciary nomination, since then he has been expected to perform in defense of American values, the rule of law he claims to love and represent the Constitutional values we as Americans expect....I think he has some conflict here but the spotlight makes him work to keep him relevant...