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For Virginia Conservatives It’s All On The Line Tomorrow

51 to 49
The preservation of constitutional liberty hangs by the slenderest thread in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The entire Virginia state legislature is up for election on Tuesday, November 5th, and the loss of just one conservative vote in the Virginia House of Delegates and one conservative vote in the Virginia Senate would hand control of the Commonwealth’s government to some of the country’s most radical Democrat politicians.

Every radical Democrat idea and policy that has turned the formerly Golden State of California into a Third World disaster will have a Democrat sponsor on Day One of the next Session of the Virginia legislature if Democrats take control.

And the Right to Life and the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment are at the top of their plans to Californicate the Old Dominion.

Our friend Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life calls this “The Infanticide Election” in Virginia. You may recall earlier this year, a national firestorm erupted when Delegate Kathy Tran introduced a bill that she admitted would allow abortion even when the mother was dilating, about to give birth. Moreover, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam said the same bill would even allow the killing of the baby after birth.

Now, Delegate Tran, all those who supported her bill, and in fact the entire General Assembly — the lawmaking body of Virginia — are up for re-election.

Fr. Pavone says the question is rather simple. Do Virginians want unrestricted abortion and infanticide? Because that’s what they’ll get if the slim Republican majority is lost in Tuesday’s election. The Governor will sign that and all kinds of other extreme measures, and Virginia will look like New York and California in its public policies.

State Democrats have made gun control a central focus of this election. As the Washington Free Beacon reminded us, in June, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam called for a special session of the Republican-controlled legislature to pass a gun control package. Although lawmakers had previously rejected the legislation—which included a ban on so-called assault weapons and expanding background checks to private sales—Northam said mass shootings had inspired a "new level of urgency to act."

Republicans adjourned the General Assembly without voting on Northam’s bills, but one sign of how close Virginians are to losing their right to keep and bear arms is the disparity in campaign spending this election: Gun control groups are bullish about their prospects in Virginia because, according to NPR, they're outspending the NRA on Virginia state legislative races by about 10:1.

NPR reported that according to Federal Election Commission data, the NRA has invested about $300,000 in Virginia races this year.

By contrast, the group Everytown for Gun Safety, founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has funneled more than $2.3 million into Virginia races to date and has pledged to spend at least another $200,000. More than $200,000 from Everytown has gone directly to just one Democrat campaign.

And last week, Giffords PAC, the gun control group founded by former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, launched a $300,000 ad buy supporting Democratic candidates in Virginia.

Our friend Morton Blackwell, Virginia’s long-serving Republican National Committeeman, may have said it best in a recent phone call with conservative activists, "Everything is on the line for those of us who are conservative in Virginia. If the left gets control of the General Assembly and the state Senate, every issue for the Reagan coalition is horribly in danger. They're gonna make fundamental changes that are intended to make Virginia into a California or Illinois.  Right to work, right to life, increased taxes… you name the issue and it's on the line because there are no conservative Democrats left in the General Assembly. This is the year that historically has the lightest turnout in Virginia (with no congressional or statewide offices on the ballot).  A vote turned out is even more important in this particular election!"

We urge every CHQ reader who is eligible to vote in Virginia to go to their polling place and vote tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5th. As Morton Blackwell said, everything is on the line for those of us who are conservative in Virginia.

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