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Yesli Vega: This Conservative Hispanic Candidate is Poised to Make a Difference

Yeslie Vega
If one ventures out past the farms remaining in Prince William County, Virginia, there are sure to be plenty of cows—Jersey, Holstein, and a lot of Angus.  But after a while they all begin to look the same, so the interest wanes.

But what if you saw a purple cow? Wouldn’t that stand out to you?

Folks, our Republican Party is filled with plenty of regular-looking cows that say the same things and read from the same script.  There’s nothing that differentiates them from any others, and thus, nothing to really get excited about.

Fortunately, we have a very attractive “purple cow” running for district supervisor in Prince William County, and she needs your help.  Yesli Vega is the conservative Republican nominee running for Supervisor in the Coles District, and she is a staunch movement conservative that we can all be proud of and get behind.

I’ve been using the “purple cow” analogy for years in my talks about marketing, so before the literal-minded, perpetually outraged crowd starts tweeting “Viguerie called a Hispanic woman a purple cow,” let me explain what makes Yesli Vega as unique as a purple cow and why she merits your support and your vote.

The daughter of Salvadoran immigrants, Yesli is a mother, military wife, and former police officer and Prince William County sheriff’s deputy running to lower property taxes and fighting to maintain law and order and the rule of law by opposing the Democrats’ dastardly plans to turn Prince William into a Sanctuary County for criminal aliens here in the country illegally.

I’ve been involved with the conservative movement for more than sixty years now, and “purple cows” like Yesli Vega don’t come around very often.  Her background in law enforcement, and as a Latina daughter of Central American immigrants, is a rare combination that enables her to bring our tried-and-true conservative values to a larger slice of the electorate which long ago tuned out the standard black and white cows we typically put forth as a party.

But you know me, and you know that ancestry and profession alone wouldn’t be enough to prompt me to make an endorsement.  If Yesli wasn’t a staunch, America First, Ronald Reagan conservative she wouldn’t have even come across my radar screen in the first place.

She’s exactly what the Republican Party needs both in Virginia and nationally to meet the challenge of a diversifying electorate with our positive, unapologetic conservative message.

Open border, “Abolish ICE” activists like CASA in Action and other far-left groups do not want to see her succeed and are doing everything they can to make sure she is defeated November 5.

In September alone, over one million dollars was raised by the Democrat candidates to help defeat her.  That’s why I’m asking for your help today to help Yesli combat their smears and negative attacks.

I strongly believe that Yesli is not just the face of the future of the Republican Party in Northern Virginia, but for the entire Commonwealth.

But we have to get her past this hurdle first. Her opponent, who has numerous troubling ties to radical anti-Semitic politicians and other figures, is well funded and supports raising your taxes and dismantling the county’s 287g agreement with the federal government, effectively turning Prince William into a sanctuary county.

We can’t allow this to happen, which again, is why I’m asking you to dig deep and do what you can to help elect this is exciting, young, conservative voice of the future right here in our very own backyard.

You don’t see a purple cow like Yesli Vega every day.  This is why I wholeheartedly endorse Yesli Vega for Coles District Supervisor in Prince William County, Virginia.  Please join me in supporting her before it’s too late!

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