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It’s Conservatives Against Soros And Hollywood In Today’s Virginia Election

Ralph Northam
Our friend Morton Blackwell, Virginia’s long-serving Republican National Committeeman, may have said it best in a recent phone call with conservative activists, "Everything is on the line for those of us who are conservative in Virginia. If the left gets control of the General Assembly and the state Senate, every issue for the Reagan coalition is horribly in danger. They're gonna make fundamental changes that are intended to make Virginia into a California or Illinois.  Right to work, right to life, increased taxes… you name the issue and it's on the line because there are no conservative Democrats left in the General Assembly. This is the year that historically has the lightest turnout in Virginia (with no congressional or statewide offices on the ballot).  A vote turned out is even more important in this particular election!"

And Morton was right: Turnout is everything in today’s Virginia legislative elections.

According to Blue Virginia, here are a few of the “progressive” policies modeled after New York that will likely be advanced in Virginia if the majority changes hands:

Ratification of the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (“ERA”), which would enshrine abortion into the U.S. Constitution;

Repeal the religious exemption for childhood vaccinations that violates parents’ religious beliefs

Prohibiting biologically affirming counseling, or so-called “conversion therapy,” for those struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender dysphoria

Decriminalization of marijuana for recreational use; and

Codifying Roe v. Wade into state law, guaranteeing women’s “right” to an abortion up until birth, regardless of whether the Supreme Court overturns Roe.

Far Left groups recognize this and are investing millions of dollars in support of Democrats to turn Virginia blue this November. Make no mistake, pro-abortion and LGBTQ groups are acutely aware that if Democrats can pick up just a few more seats, there will be almost nothing that can stop them from ramming through every radical policy to further diminish the sanctity of life, marriage, the family, and religious freedom.

Flipping just four seats– two seats in the House of Delegates and two seats in the Senate–will give total control of the General Assembly to radical pro-abortion extremists who have made no secret they are determined to strip away all of Virginia’s hard-won pro-life laws.

Far Left billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg the group have pumped millions into Virginia this election cycle. Everytown for Gun Safety, founded by Bloomberg, has funneled more than $2.3 million into Virginia races to date and has pledged to spend at least another $200,000. More than $200,000 from Everytown has gone directly to just one Democrat campaign.

And last week, Giffords PAC, the gun control group founded by former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, launched a $300,000 ad buy supporting Democratic candidates in Virginia.

And Soros and Bloomberg are not alone – one after another pro-abortion Hollywood celebrity has chimed in or actually made an appearance in neighborhoods in Virginia where many conservative candidates for the General Assembly are in very tight races.

All of those notables know what every pro-lifer knows as well. Virginia is only 4 seats away from becoming the next New York.

Actor Alec Baldwin, a member of the Board of Directors for the liberal, pro-abortion group, People for the American Way, showed up for photo ops with the pro-abortion candidates in the Fredericksburg and Metro Richmond area earlier this week.

Baldwin is well known for his pro-abortion views. He made it very clear why he had come to Virginia now. Baldwin said he chose to visit Virginia because of what it could mean if pro-abortion Democrats seize control of the statehouse in Richmond.

“We think this is a real opportunity here to flip the state,” Baldwin said. “If they take two seats in both the House and the Senate, then they’re in control.” He added, “This opportunity to flip the 38th state for the equal rights amendment is so important.”

We urge every CHQ reader who is eligible to vote in Virginia to go to their polling place and vote today, Tuesday, November 5th. As Morton Blackwell said, everything is on the line for those of us who are conservative in Virginia.

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