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We Were Going To Ignore Ricky Gervais And The Golden Globes, But…

Ricky Gervais
We didn’t watch the Golden Globes, in fact we can’t remember the last time we watched a media awards show, it was probably the last time Johnny Cash got an award at the CMAs – the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Tony Awards – forgot about them years ago.

So, when it was announced that British comedian Ricky Gervais was MCing the Golden Globes it got a big yawn here.

Then all the post-show commentary came out about Gervais’ opening monologue, so we figured we should get into the 21st century and at least watch the monologue.

We have to admit – it was in a crass way really funny. And here’s a link to a quick review of some of the jokes and Hollywood audience reaction.

But what was even funnier was the social media reaction to it and Gervais’ comebacks.

“I always knew that there were morons in the world that took jokes seriously, but I’m surprised that some journalists do. Surely, understanding stuff is pretty fundamental to their job, isn’t it? Just makes it funnier though, I guess,” Gervais tweeted.

A good bit of the fun took place on Twitter with Gervais and a few allies letting the air out of numerous media and Hollywood gasbags.

Here are just a few examples of the self-awareness fails that Gervais elicited:

@LorraineAli tweeted:

The #GoldenGlobes mood was already sober thanks to an impeachment, threat of war with Iran and Australian bush fires. The last thing anyone needed was Ricky Gervais there, telling them they sucked.

@MarkHarrisNYC tweeted:

Here's my Ricky Gervais problem: The idea that celebrities are not only pampered babies but hypocrites who cause the problems they make speeches deploring and should therefore shut up and act/sing/be grateful is a right-wing talking point, and an especially stupid one. >

@seeby1234 tweeted:

Can't believe Ricky Gervais has managed to convince the general public that he isn't part of the elite that he's criticizing. A guy who makes racist, homophobic jokes and mocks the disabled and the poor is suddenly a working class hero?

@DrAshleyNova tweeted:

Ricky Gervais telling people not to make political statements at the #GoldenGlobes is in itself a political statement. Passive acceptance of the status quo is political, silence in the face of oppression is a political statement.

Perhaps most hilariously the UK Independent @Independent tweeted:

Opinion: Ricky Gervais cheapened the Golden Globes and overshadowed vital political statements

Gervais had a blanket response to such criticism tweeting:

'1. Simply pointing out whether someone is left or right wing isn't winning the argument.

2. If a joke is good enough, it can be enjoyed by anyone.

'3. It's not all about you.

4. Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.'

@JimNorton chimed in to defend fellow comedian Gervais with this poke at the woke critics:

The @latimes is garbage. “The last thing anyone needed was for the smirking master of ceremonies to reprimand them for having hope..”@rickygervais didn’t “reprimand them for having hope” you stupid, biased ass. He mocked them for being self-important, phony woke and hypocritical.

But the best rebuttal may have come from @iheartmindy who tweeted:

No. Ricky Gervais merely said all the things the average American was thinking and he said it straight to the faces of those condescending d-bags in Hollywood that have been talking down to us and telling us how to live our lives while hypocritically behaving ungodly worse.

Gervais is right; if a joke is good enough it can be enjoyed by anyone and just because you are offended doesn’t mean you are right. But in today’s woke Hollywood culture humor is not allowed, unless it involves threatening President Trump or his supporters, and Gervais passed on that narrow market and by focusing on the foibles and hypocrisy of Hollywood and its corporate masters reached a much broader and more appreciative audience.

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