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Mitt Romney Will Never Ever In A Million Years Be President

Romney Snake
Mitt Romney’s decision to vote with Democrats to remove resident Trump from office for “abuse of power” was not the act of an honorable man or an act of extraordinary political courage. Rather, it was an act of virtue signaling and petty vindictiveness that confirmed once and all in the minds of millions of America’s conservative voters that Romney is no conservative, and certainly can never be trusted with the highest office in our constitutional republic.

Were Romney’s action a singular deviation from conservative orthodoxy one might give fair consideration to its legitimacy, but it is not. Romney’s choice – and it was a choice – to ignore the clear evidence and precedents offered in the President’s defense were of a piece with his past choices to align himself against his fellow Republicans and the conservative movement.

Back in July of 2018 we predicted something like this would happen:

As soon as President Trump endorsed Mitt Romney’s candidacy to succeed Utah’s retiring Senator Orin Hatch and voters in the Beehive State handed the nomination to Romney (even though he actually lost the GOP State Convention vote) Mitt showed his true colors by back-stabbing Trump.

Romney told MSNBC's Kasie Hunt, in an interview that aired Sunday evening, that it is "too early" to say he will support President Trump in 2020, and just to make things perfectly clear, he said his prior prediction that Trump will get re-elected was not an endorsement.

And further:

Being nice to Kim Jong Un has a better chance of getting him to abandon his nuclear weapons than being nice to Mitt Romney has of getting him to support Trump.

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney have been antagonists practically since day one of Trump’s 2016 campaign. Romney has made it clear that it not so much Trump’s policies, although there are many disagreements there too, but Trump himself that is the object of his disapproval and he is running to be the leader of the #NeverTrump resistance, not to be Utah’s junior Senator.

We figure it is only a matter of time until the President recognizes the folly of trying to play ball with someone as perfidious as Mitt Romney has proven himself to be and goes back to what he said the first time Romney attacked him: Mitt Romney had his chance to beat a failed president but he choked like a dog.

We are not the only conservatives to express this view of Mitt Romney.

When it came out that Romney was planning to vote to remove President Trump from office Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued the following statement blasting him for choosing to vote to convict President Trump:

Mitt Romney has proven that his venal nature and envy over President Trump’s election has overcome any rational judgment when it comes to impeachment. Romney’s vote to convict reveals much more about his lack of character than it does about President Trump. While this is not surprising, it is disappointing in that prior to the 17th Amendment, the legislature of the state of Utah would have been able to immediately remove him from representing their state.

We held our noses and supported Romney in 2012 only after he won the Republican primary and his nomination was confirmed at the Republican National Convention. However, Romney’s tactics in winning the primary and running roughshod over the other candidates at the convention and his subsequent failure as the Republican Party’s 2012 candidate for President convinced us that Romney lacked the personal character to be president – and we have been proven right by his subsequent actions, including this latest act of perfidy.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs has been a constant critic of Romney’s RINO ways calling him a "creep," "reprehensible," a "treacherous fool," a "snake" and questioned his intelligence.

"Who would trust this guy for a heartbeat?" Dobbs once remarked.

As Tucker Carlson reminded us in a recent monologue, think back to 2016 and the campaign then. Donald Trump used to recite a poem about a woman who took a dying snake into her house and nursed it back to health. The snake did become healthy and then immediately whipped around and bit the woman.

As she breathed her last breath, the woman asked the snake, "Why did you do this?" "Well, because I'm a snake," was the reply. "That's what we do."

Lou Dobbs is right, Mitt Romney is a snake, and we commit ourselves -- and we invite every other member of the conservative movement to join us -- to make sure that never ever in a million years will Mitt Romney be President.

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Hard to see Romney's endgame

Hard to see Romney's endgame here. I don't think he wants to be certainly won't happen as a Republican. Perhaps he wants a "unity" ticket with the Dem nominee this year...his play could be for vice president. It's a longshot as I don't think any Dem could get away with having a Republican, even a RINO, as a running mate. That will be where people like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris get back into the game. No room for Mitt. Trump opponents are having fun with the Romney defection, but the bottom line is that there needed to be 19 more Romneys to get what they wanted done. Trump has been acquitted and it wasn't even close. With that said, something has to be done about Romney. This reminds me of Justin Amash, who was the lone House Republican calling for Trump's impeachment. He resigned before he could take part in the process. Romney needs to resign or at least stop calling himself a Republican. Republicans must push on this issue.

[email protected]

I agree. Romney stopped being a conservative quite a while ago. He won't be able to be called a Democrat, so he's screwed. He will not be elected to any national office. He queered that deal.