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Democrats Using Wuhan Virus Panic To Subvert Second Amendment

Coronavirus and gun sales
“Never let a crisis go to waste,” has been the motivation of all Democratic Party actions during the Wuhan virus panic, so as gun sales soar due to legitimate concerns about potential for civil unrest during this crisis, Democrat elected officials around the country are responding to the crisis by trying to subvert the Second Amendment.

In Florida, which has witnessed a spike in gun sales that saw many gun shops sell out of guns and ammunition, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Nicole Fried, the only statewide elected Democrat in the Sunshine State, and who is responsible for issuing concealed firearms permits in accordance with Florida’s “must issue” firearms permit law, announced that her agency is not going to process any more concealed carry permits.

Democrat Fried’s actions are completely extraconstitutional. As our friends at Florida Carry pointed out in a recent email to members, in 2017 the Florida Supreme Court ruled that:

Chapter 790 permits individuals to carry firearms in public, so long as the firearm is carried in a concealed manner. Pursuant to section 790.06, Florida employs a "shall issue" scheme for issuing licenses to carry concealed firearms in public. See id. Under this licensing scheme, which leaves no discretion to the licensing authority, the licensing authority must issue an applicant a concealed carry license, provided the applicant meets objective, statutory criteria. Id. Accordingly, as the Fourth District observed in explaining the breadth of Florida's "shall issue" licensing scheme, the right of Floridians to bear arms for self-defense outside of the home is not illusory... Norman v. State, 215 So. 3d 18, 21-22 (Fla. 2017)

But the US Constitution, the Florida state Constitution and the Florida Supreme Court apparently mean nothing to Democrat Commissioner Nicole Fried.

But the Democratic Party’s drive to subvert the Second Amendment gets even worse in other states.

In San Jose, California, police have ordered a gun shop to close. Local officials insisted it is a “nonessential” business and therefore may not operate during the “shelter in place” directive currently affecting the area. Philadelphia officials are now making similar claims, even as buyers flock to local gun sellers.

What’s worse is that Democrat elected officials across the country are announcing steps to reduce enforcement or even free convicted criminals, supposedly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Philadelphia, where they want to close gun shops, has gone further than most, reported our friends at the NRA-ILA, announcing an end to arrests for offenses as serious as burglary and auto theft.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw released a statement saying in part that police will be delaying arrests for nonviolent crimes, including drug offenses, theft, and prostitution.

Soros-backed Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said his office would respond to the pandemic by seeking to release most of those charged with nonviolent offenses or misdemeanors without requiring them to post bail.

In other jurisdictions Mayors are issuing emergency declarations and giving themselves broad powers to ban gun sales, even when there are no Wuhan virus cases in their jurisdictions.

Progressive Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen of Champaign, Illinois announced an emergency declaration, including the power to ban firearms sales and a number of media outlets have run articles about the mayor’s declaration and a city ordinance putting an emergency into effect, even though no coronavirus cases had been diagnosed in the city as of Friday!

The Chicago Tribune reports the Mayor’s powers already were in the city’s municipal code and are triggered by an emergency declaration, according to the ordinance passed Friday and statements from city officials.

The part of the city code that went into effect with the emergency declaration contains the extraordinary powers, including giving the mayor the ability to set a curfew, close liquor stores, ban the sale of gasoline in containers and stop gun sales.

At the meeting where an ordinance following up on the mayor’s emergency declaration was passed, the Champaign city attorney said there’s no reason to believe those emergency powers will be used.

“Again, there’s nothing that compels the exercise of any of these powers, and they’re extensive, there’s no doubt about it — you look at these and you say, ‘Holy cow! The mayor can confiscate property!' Hopefully, that’s never going to be required,” said Fred Stavins, the Champaign city attorney, according to a video of the meeting.

Going even further, the Bellingham (Washington) City Council is scheduled to vote on an emergency declaration that would ban the sale, distribution, or possession of guns throughout the entire city. If you violate their directive, you’d be committing a gross misdemeanor.

According to KTTH radio, the resolution addresses the coronavirus gun ban in three parts:

5. An order requiring the discontinuance of the sale, distribution, or giving away of firearms and/or ammunition for firearms in any or all parts of the city;

7. An order requiring the closure of any or all business establishments where firearms and/or ammunition for firearms are sold or otherwise dispensed; provided, that with respect to those business establishments which are not primarily devoted to the sale of firearms and/or ammunition and in which such firearms and/or ammunition may be removed or made secure from possible seizure by the public, the portions thereof utilized for sale of items other than firearms and ammunition may, in the discretion of the mayor, be allowed to remain open;

9. An order prohibiting the carrying or possession of firearms or any instrument which is capable of producing bodily harm and which is carried or possessed with the intent to use the same to cause such harm; provided, that any such order shall not apply to peace officers or military personnel engaged in the performance of their official duties;

As west coast radio talk star Jason Rantz asked in his column on the issue, “Right now, under the [state of Washington] governor’s declaration, pot shops remain open. But when it comes to guns shops we’d close them down?“

The alleged powers of local governments to ignore the Constitution that “will never be used” are exactly the powers everyone should fear because this is too good a crisis for Democrats to let it go to waste.

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