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Your Right To A Secure Secret Ballot Is In Jeopardy

J. Christian Adams
Recently, we told you about the victory conservatives won in New Mexico where True the Vote and others sued to stop New Mexico’s Democrat Governor from unilaterally, without any statutory or constitutional authority, mandating the state conduct all-mail-in elections.

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In New York, Democrats tried to cancel the presidential primary election altogether. Gov. Andrew Cuomo postponed the April 28 primary due to the coronavirus outbreak and the Board of Elections subsequently voted to cancel it, but a federal judge issued an order reinstating the election after Democrat presidential primary candidate Andrew Yang sued.

Clyde Hughes, reporting for, wrote that Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling said in part, "[Plaintiffs] can clearly establish irreparable injury because, without court intervention, the presidential primary will not take place… Along with other New York Democratic voters -- [plaintiffs] will be deprived of the right to cast a vote for an otherwise qualified candidate and the political views expressed by that candidate."

"Canceling one election opens the door for other states -- and the federal government -- to cancel future elections, something we can all agree is wholly un-American," Yang attorney Jeff Kurzon said after the decision. "We are grateful to the court for delivering justice."

A partial court settlement approved Tuesday exempts voters in Virginia's June primary from a requirement that anyone submitting an absentee ballot must have the ballot signed by a witness, reported NBC’s Washington News 4 TV.

Currently, any voter in Virginia submitting an absentee ballot by mail must open the envelope containing the ballot in front of another person, fill it out and then have the other person sign the outside of the ballot envelope before it is mailed back.

Under the partial settlement approved by a federal court Tuesday, voters who do not think they can safely find a witness amid the coronavirus pandemic will not be forced to comply with the requirement for the June 23 primary, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a news release.

The effect of the Virginia absentee ballot settlement is to remove the last vestige of election integrity and ballot security from Virginia’s corruption-plagued elections.

In Nevada, after dragooning Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske with threats of litigation over mail-in ballots, Democrats also requested that officials stop rejecting ballots with mismatched signatures and suspend prosecution of those accused of “ballot harvesting” — or illegally handing in a ballot on someone else’s behalf.

Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Richard Walters told the Reno Gazette Journal in a statement that Nevada Democrats’ push to suspend ballot harvesting prosecutions puts election integrity, and people’s health, at risk.

“Democrats’ entire strategy is to legalize ballot harvesting nationwide,” said Mr. Walters.

Across the country Democrats and their progressive allies are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into lobbying and lawsuits and using the coronavirus panic as cover for cancelling or manipulating elections to give them an advantage in the 2020 election cycle.

The goal of Democrats is to push elections into what we call “the margin of chaos” where disputed ballots, erroneous or false counts and outright fraud cloud the Election Day results and creates the opportunity to determine the winner through litigation, not the tallying of legally cast votes.

As our friends at the Heritage Foundation observed in a recent report on mail-in elections, absentee ballots are vulnerable to intimidation, fraud, and chaos as all-mail elections move behind closed doors beyond the oversight of election officials, along with prolonged counting and potentially lengthy delays in certifying questionable results.

What’s more, according to U.S. Election Assistance Commission surveys, millions of mailed ballots have been misdirected or gone missing in prior elections.

Absentee ballots are “the tool of choice” of vote thieves and those willing to compromise the election process. We think automatically mailing a ballot to all registered voters is an open invitation to fraud and abuse – which is why Democrats, and their progressive allies are pushing so hard to use the coronavirus panic to make 2020 an all-mail-in election.

To support the conservative lawyers fighting for election integrity go to the Public Interest Legal Foundation website.

To learn more about the dangers of mail-in elections and what the standards for absentee ballot voting should be go to and see this report from the Heritage Foundation.

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