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Assault on America, Day 513: Dopey Joe Biden and the political skill game he just can’t master

Biden You Aint Black
Shyster Joe Biden’s political skills -- or lack thereof -- would normally be exposed by an impartial media

Joe Biden is many things, but he isn’t a good politician.

If a successful political career is defined by education, experience, thorough grounding in culture and history, ambition, curb appeal, the ability to distinguish oneself through personal accomplishments, a noteworthy life story and a unique and recognizable message, Democrat nominee-to-be Joe Biden is a total failure. Despite his all-but having secured the presidential nomination of one of America’s two major political parties, it’s an undisputable fact.

While it’s true Biden’s worked and subsisted off the taxpayers within the confines of beautiful marble buildings in the world’s most powerful city for most of his living, breathing years, his political instincts are suspect at best and it's almost as though he’s stumbled into his triumphs like a fictional Forrest Gump, always being in the right place at the right time. Grampa Joe prides himself on his “No Malarkey” attitude, but his actual reputation is based on being a content-free shill of a politician whose views are for sale to the highest (or most politically connected) liberal interest group bidders.

Like wispy trees swaying in the wind, Biden’s political viewpoint changes direction faster than a weather vane in a hurricane depending on who he’s speaking to at any given moment. Typically depicted by the media as a “moderate” dealmaker who “gets stuff done,” he’s more like a beggar on a street corner holding a sign reading “Will sell my soul for votes and cable TV hosts’ adoration.”

Joe’s forged a career off of residing in a safe political district and riding on others’ coattails. Now he's going around telling African-Americans that if they don’t support him, they’re not really black. You can’t make this stuff up. David Catron wrote at The American Spectator, “[F]ormer Vice President Joe Biden almost certainly handed the 2020 election to President Trump last Friday when he told an African-American interviewer, ‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.’

“That blunder not only unmasked Biden’s condescending attitude toward a bloc of voters without whose support he cannot hope to win, it also revealed that his campaign is worried about poll numbers they’re seeing for those very voters. A new Quinnipiac poll shows that 81 percent of African-Americans support Biden. If that seems high, remember that Clinton won 88 percent of the black vote in 2016 and lost the election. African-American turnout was also down in 2016. In other words, Biden must turn out more black voters than did Hillary and win a larger percentage of their votes. Biden can’t win with 81 percent of a tepid African-American turnout, and his campaign knows it...

“The best-kept secret in American politics is that … 95 percent of African-Americans voted Republican from the end of the Civil War until the 1930s. By that time, however, the GOP had come to take the black vote for granted. Sound familiar?”

Yes indeed, it does sound familiar. Democrats similarly win majority percentages from most minority groups (Indian-Americans perhaps the exception?), but African-Americans have proven to be the most consistently loyal contingent since FDR’s New Deal. Judging by the sheer amount of pandering Democrats devote to those with African ancestries, the establishment purveyors of nanny-state liberalism believe they can keep black folks passively on the plantation by offering special favors like preferences (Affirmative Action), universal abortion on demand (black babies are aborted at a much higher rate than other ethnic groups) and welfare goodies by the bucketload. Oh yeah, political access, too.

Democrats also claim the first African-American president, Barack Obama, though it was often said big bubba Bill Clinton merited the title despite being pale as a redneck in winter, complete with bulbous nose and a tendency to tell whoppers about his exploits in his younger years. Given the opportunity, Grampa Joe hitched his political wagon to Obama and therefore now believes he’s entitled to the same love and dedication from black voters that his former boss enjoyed.

He's full of malarkey again. As his quip to radio host Charlamagne tha God exposed (above), Democrats still take black votes for granted. Biden’s racist comment would’ve been headline news for weeks if Trump had uttered the words. But Trump would never say something so stupid (because his political smarts are much sharper than dopey Joe’s).

Biden really can’t help it. He’s a lightweight who’s now king of the Democrat party by default. In horse racing, Grampa Joe would be akin to a claiming horse running against stakes competition. Or in baseball, he’d be a career minor league pitcher who’s brought up to the big leagues for one start as a fill-in because the regular starter was injured in a freak accident and the rotation was already thin (and the team’s general manager couldn’t work a desperation trade). Or in football, Joe’s like a way-past-prime waiver-wire quarterback with bad knees who just hopes to hang on and earn a few more paychecks as an emergency backup before calling a news conference to announce his retirement.

Think about it. What is Biden best known for? Anyone? Anyone? Many things, actually, all bad. (From Wikipedia) At the beginning of his Washington career (after being elected at age 29 -- he would turn thirty before entering office) Joe made national news when his wife Neilia and one-year-old daughter Naomi were killed in a tragic accident while Christmas shopping before the senator-elect was to be sworn-in. As would be expected, and probably deserved, Biden was a tragic character prior to even officially setting foot in the senate chamber.

Perhaps because of the need to look after his young family (sons Beau and Hunter survived the accident), Biden commuted to Washington everyday from his home in Delaware, a practice he continued throughout his senate tenure (the trip consumed three hours daily -- 90 minutes each way). The young senator’s memoirs indicated he had trouble focusing in those years and his heart was filled with rage.

Joe’s had nearly five decades to get beyond the rage and lack of focus but the conditions still persist today. In his early senate years, Biden was known for favoring tough-on-crime legislation (that he now denounces, another suck-up to minority voters) and for being a key member of the bipartisan fight against federal school busing proposals, a stance that came back to haunt him last year when Senator Kamala Harris used Joe’s record as a rhetorical battering ram to bludgeon him based on something that happened forty years ago. Her “that girl was me” moment in the first Democrat candidates’ debate put Joe on the defensive -- and he didn’t handle it well.

Biden bragged about his ability to work with segregationists in those days, which Harris and fellow African-American candidate Corey Booker tried desperately to exploit, to no avail.

Fast forward to 1987 when Biden was widely seen in liberal circles as a good prospect for taking on likely GOP nominee Vice President George H.W. Bush in the 1988 election, especially after Gary Hart withdrew months earlier over his “Monkey Business” scandal. It wasn’t to be -- Joe plagiarized speech material (from British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock) and pulled-out of the party nomination race well ahead of the first vote. Undeterred by matters of character, Grampa Joe (then Uncle Joe, of course), proceeded to take his bitter vengeance out on Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. Instead of being recognized as a disgraced candidate and a liar, the media hailed Biden as a hero for destroying the heretofore sterling reputation of a great man.

Biden repeated the antics in Justice Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearings a few years later, but the truth won out that time.

After a fairly undistinguished period of time ranging from the late eighties (he had two brain aneurysms in 1988 that sidelined him seven months from his senate duties) until near the end of the George W. Bush Administration (though he voted to authorize the Iraq War), Biden opted to run for president again in 2007, where he eventually ran into a strong frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, and a relatively new face in Washington politics, Barack Obama. 2004 Democrat VP candidate John Edwards was also in the field.

Biden’s reputation for gaffes followed him everywhere and he never rose above single-digits in the polls. On the debate stage he was hardly more than an occasionally entertaining afterthought, consistently outshone for attention and favor by Clinton, Obama, and to a lesser degree, Edwards. He withdrew after finishing fifth in Iowa. Obama likely mulled over who could fulfill the old white guy slot on his ticket, figuring he needed someone with stature and experience to counteract his youth and lack of accomplishments. So, he picked Joe!

Joe Biden the twice-failed presidential candidate finally made it to the executive branch after spending thirty-six years in the senate. To that point, his greatest achievement concerned railroading Republican Supreme Court nominees and fostering greater U.S. involvement in NATO. What a loser. Hiding behind Obama for eight years, his lack of political acumen didn’t hurt him. Biden has arguably survived in the DC swamp longer than anyone ever without actually having done anything to be proud of.

Shouldn’t the media be doing more to tell the story about Joe’s practically blank “record” that he’s so proudly touting?

Like with Republicans, Democrat “next-in-line” candidates don’t tend to do very well

Now Biden is a “next in line” legacy-type candidate, destined to follow in a long line of such hopefuls (from both parties) to underachieve once their political weaknesses are melted down under the intense lamp of scrutiny. Walter Mondale was a legacy candidate in 1984, as was Al Gore in 2000. Mondale was a joke from the start and didn’t ever have a realistic shot against the immensely popular Ronald Reagan. Gore lost what should’ve been a winnable election, primarily because he couldn’t distinguish himself from the shadow of the impeached but still well-regarded-by-the-base Bill Clinton.

On the Republican side, John McCain was the perfect embodiment of a colorless next-in-line, “my turn” type candidate who didn’t inspire anyone. The GOP establishment then backed principle-free, milquetoast Mitt Romney in 2012 and wondered why enthusiasm wasn’t at its highest ebb on Election Day.

Four years ago Hillary Clinton was arguably doomed from the start, not because she was seen as a legacy candidate (though she was), but due to her awful personality that people were all too aware of from twenty-five years of public tantrums. Voters won’t be impressed when they hear more about Biden’s near 50 years in the swamp and how he’s lived in a reality-proof bubble since Richard Nixon was president.

Biden’s insult to African-American voters is the latest in a long history of put-downs

Biden’s most recent insensitive statement is part of pattern, which reveals how the Democrat nominee-to-be actually views minority voters. Cal Thomas wrote at The Washington Times, “The Trump-Pence campaign has compiled a list of [Biden] statements. In 1977, Mr. Biden worried about the results of certain desegregation policies: ‘Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.’ ...

“Mr. Biden has repeatedly praised racist Alabama Gov. George Wallace and bragged about receiving an award from him: ‘I think the Democratic Party could stand a liberal George Wallace — someone who’s not afraid to stand up and offend people, someone who wouldn’t pander but would say what the American people know in their gut is right,’ Mr. Biden said in 1975. ‘[S]ometimes even George Wallace is right about some things,’ Mr. Biden said in 1981.”

The opposition research file on Biden must be voluminous and truly impressive. Over the course of forty-something years at the center of American government, blowhard Biden with questionable political skills has said a ton of stupid things, including a healthy quantity of insulting jibes at minorities.

Thomas’s piece details a number of them, most of which are fairly well-known to anyone who’s familiar with Biden’s infamous gaffes. This isn’t saying Trump is infallible, but at least when he made his infamous “locker room talk” comments he was obviously joking off the record in what he thought was a private conversation. Not Grampa Joe. You don’t refer to a “racial jungle” without referring to animals that purportedly live in it. Put it this way, it’s unlikely Biden would refer to poor rural whites in Pennsylvania as a “jungle.”

Joe Biden is one of the luckiest men in America. In spite of a decided lack of political talents he’s almost secured the Democrat nomination for president. As the party’s “next-in-line”, voters chose the safe option, believing Joe would be a sure-bet to best Donald Trump in November. Instead, Biden can’t keep his closet-racist foot out of his mouth.

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Doesn't want to work for it

Have to give Biden a little bit of credit for cutting to the chase with that guy. Charlamagne insisted on having Biden back on the show for more questioning, since Biden was cutting the interview short. That's the context of Biden's line about being black. Just cutting to the chase: you are really torn about the election? Gonna actually vote for Trump...tell listeners to support Trump? In that sense, I give Biden credit. It's a dog and pony show. However, invoking race may change things for some people...I can only hope. I think it's offensive that black people are looked at in this way...we all have to vote Dems or else. I think 80% support for Dems is plenty good, no need to look for the 20 percent of us who disagree and call us out. The thing Biden forgot is that he's supposed to have his black surrogates and staffers doing the call outs, he is not to engage in it himself. In the process, he showed that he doesn't believe he's got to work for the vote. Much like Hillary, and for that matter, Obama. Time to wake up and see that Dems don't have anything to offer besides the usual playbook of Republicans being racist. Trump has been in almost 4 years...where is the actual legislation/executive order that applies to blacks only? Or any particular race, for that matter. Last I checked, Trump didn't invent a fake gangster called "corn pop" to show that he's a tough guy for a black audience. Trump has attacked Obama, but at least he didn't call him the first black candidate that was "clean," "bright," and "articulate." Biden has more to answer for in the race department, but he'll get a pass. He's loyally served Obama for 8 years; likely to have a minority female VP as his running mate; and he's a Dem, so that is built in immunity. The media won't let Trump shed that label but I think people across this country are wising up to the game. I am hoping minority support looks good on Election Day for Trump.