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It’s Not A Protest, It’s Not A Riot, It’s A Revolution (Part 1)

Protests Spread
From time to time we’ve told you about the shadowy network of Far Left “progressive” organizations and collectives funded by Nazi collaborator George Soros and his fellow travelers in the Democracy Alliance.

Back in 2016 we reported their activities in our six-part series “The Summer Revolution” that detailed the Marxist ideology driving Black Lives Matter, the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Black Bloc violent anarchists (now often referred to as Antifa) and how they all share interlocking funders, organizers and leaders.

In the aftermath or President Trump’s surprise (at least to them) election victory, these organizations and collectives morphed into a broader coalition organized as the “Resistance” movement that has as its goal making America “ungovernable” in the Trump era.

On the legislative and public policy front one of the most prominent elements of this new coalition is an organization called “Indivisible.”

In 2017 journalist Max de Haldevang, geopolitics reporter for Quartz, posted a lengthy piece on “Indivisible” that is a must read for conservatives and anyone else who has an interest in the success of the Trump campaign agenda. (Quartz is a digital media outlet owned by Atlantic Media, Inc. the publisher of The Atlantic, National Journal, and Government Executive)

The American left has its own Tea Party, and it’s coming for Donald Trump, explains the origins and goals of “Indivisible” in chilling detail.

The Indivisible Project’s founders, married couple Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, saw “Indivisible” go viral after posting the Indivisible Guide online. de Haldevang reports that within a couple of months Greenberg and Levin had both quit their jobs to head up the new movement full-time, however, he does not report who is funding “Indivisible,” certainly a notable gap in de Haldevang’s reporting on the “Indivisible” story.

That criticism aside, de Haldevang details how “Indivisible” turns-out protesters at Republican town hall meetings to disrupt them and (they hope) intimidate Republican lawmakers into killing the Trump agenda or, better yet from their perspective, into making political gaffes that will lead to their defeat.

More importantly for grassroots conservative and Trump-supporting activists, the article provides a snapshot of the organization’s recruitment tactics and what one might call an order of battle for the shock troops that are massing to make America ungovernable.

Advancing the goal of making America “ungovernable” is why the House Democrat majority under Speaker Nancy Pelosi has done nothing but engage in attack after attack on Donald Trump without producing an alternative agenda.

The Democrats’ only agenda is to paralyze Congress, which contributes mightily to making the country ungovernable, but that is only part of the formula being deployed to overturn the 2016 election and make the 2020 election irrelevant.

In 1917, Lenin and Trotsky approached the same problem on two fronts; one was to paralyze the Duma – at the time the Russian equivalent of Congress, the other front was to use real or imagined outrages against innocent parties to create civil unrest and sympathy for their revolutionary cause.

In 2020 that role is being played by the Marxist organizations Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

As independent journalist Andy Ngo (one of the real experts on Antifa) explained in an article for The American Spectator:

Antifa, the extreme anarchist-communist movement, has rioting down to an art. The first broken window is the blood in the water for looters to move in. When the looting is done, those carrying flammable chemicals start fires to finish the job. Footage recorded in Minneapolis and other cities show militants dressed in black bloc— the antifa uniform — wielding weapons like hammers or sticks to smash windows. You see their graffiti daubed on smashed up buildings: FTP means ‘Fuck the Police’; ACAB stands for ‘All Cops Are Bastards’; 1312 is the numerical code for ACAB.

Last night, rioters reached the gates of the White House, possibly the most secure location on Earth. There, they chipped away at the barriers piece-by-piece while law enforcement struggled to respond. One Secret Service officer reportedly had a brick thrown at his head. Footage recorded at the scene showed him blood-soaked. Police were eventually able to repel masked rioters by using pepper spray and tear gas. That worked, for now.

The militants uprising across the country want a revolution and they don’t care who or what has to be destroyed in the process. If their comrades die, they are elevated as martyrs in propaganda. Death is celebrated.

At its core, BLM is a revolutionary Marxist ideology. Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors, BLM’s founders, are self-identified Marxists who make no secret of their worship of communist terrorists and fugitives, like Assata Shakur. They want the abolishment of law enforcement and capitalism. They want regime change and the end of the rule of law. Antifa has partnered with Black Lives Matter, for now, to help accelerate the break down of society.

How well organized are they?

As Bob Price and Lana Shadwick reported for Breitbart, protest observers in Dallas saw multiple piles of bricks in areas where there was no reported construction. One of those locations was said to be near the Dallas County Courthouse. The Dallas Chief of Police reported nearly being hit by a thrown brick during a protest. We’re not sure who the “they” is that staged the bricks in Dallas, but we can guess, based on similar brick piles being found at other Antifa – BLM led riot sites.

Tomorrow:          It’s Not A Protest, It’s Not A Riot, It’s A Revolution (Part 2)

To BLM and Antifa a black business owner protecting his business or a black community leader calling for peace is expressing “white values” and is a target.

George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's and is a veteran of over 300 political campaigns. A member of American MENSA, he served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle, as Director of Policy and Communication for Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12) then Vice Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, and as spokesman for Rep. Mac Thornberry formerly a member of the House Intelligence Committee and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

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The Rioters' Starting Gun

Why haven't we heard of any investigation into the background of the
policeman who killed this guy Floyd? His actions were so brazen, it should
at least occur to the authorities that he might be in cahoots with the elements that are so violent and well prepared who are pillaging our cities and attacking our police. It is not far fetched to observe that they conduct themselves like a cell of ISIS terrorists. I sure hope when these "protesters" are stopped at these "rallies" the authorities get good biometrics from them to to conclusive identification and then watch them closely and not let them just disappear into obscurity as I'm sure the perpetrators hope. The masks they used, even before the Covit19 crisis, should never have been permitted.