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Assault on America, Day 523: A House Divided, two Americas and the plight of culture in 2020

Abe Lincoln Crying
John Edwards was right -- there definitely are two Americas today

There are two Americas.

Former senator and 2004 Democrat vice presidential candidate John Edwards popularized the slogan in a speech he made to the Democrat National Convention that year when accepting the party nomination as John Kerry’s running mate. The immaculately coifed pretty boy (Rush Limbaugh famously coined him the “Breck Girl”) North Carolina trial lawyer turned politician (whose southern drawl was as thick and pronounced as Kerry’s snobby northeastern accent was annoying) promised the country that if elected, he and the new president would narrow the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Of course Edwards never got the chance, as he and Kerry were defeated in the 2004 election. American voters must’ve recognized his -- and Kerry’s -- character issues in advance. Whatever. They lost.

But the phony “Breck Girl” pol wasn’t entirely off-kilter with his notion of two Americas. Or maybe he was just ahead of his time. In the aftermath of the paranoia over the Chinese Communist Party (CCP or Wuhan) virus and the more recent civil insurrections that have destroyed big chunks of America’s cities, there most definitely are two mindsets in the country -- namely, those who believe in facts, data, common sense, the rule of law and true blind justice, and those who….don’t.

How did it get this bad? The schism didn’t happen overnight. An entire generation has grown up with notions of “wokeness” and political correctness put forward by the education establishment (among others). And we’re witnessing the smoldering results of the decline. Tammy Bruce wrote at The Washington Times, “Courtesy of our educational infrastructure having been transformed into leftist indoctrination centers, the result is politicians who care only about ideology where citizens are collateral damage in their march toward a leftist utopia. Our media is populated with news-actors who are similarly bound to their teachers’ idols of social justice, political correctness and identity politics. All of our institutions are suffering from the twin masters of identity politics and woke philosophy…

“Education went wrong, which is a dangerous realization, considering its importance not just as a conveyer of information, but as an important and formidable influence on character and values. With the breakdown of the American family, for many, the leftist indoctrination at the academy is the only instruction on life and principles to which they’ve been exposed...

“As leftists consumed public education, they accepted open-minded young people into their realm and are now vomiting them back up as heartless anarchists. The issue is not just at Ivy League institutions, it is a systemwide problem.”

Yes it is. In her piece, Bruce cites the recently exposed example of two early 30’s lawyers in New York City who assembled Molotov cocktails for themselves and other rioters. The pair obviously were well-“educated” (one at Princeton, the other at Fordham law school) and they’d learned their sinister worldviews from somebody along the line. Bruce argued that years and years of dedicated leftist dominance at America’s institutions of higher learning molded some in the younger generation into conformist politically correct robots, and it’s hard to dispute the point. Seeing a general smattering of the “protesters” from coast-to-coast (on TV news reports), they’re certainly made up of diverse races -- but most if not all look like they’re on the young-ish side.

So sure, many of them came through the system indoctrinated in all the latest politically correct gobbledygook from the left’s wildest fantasies. No doubt the education establishment played a major role in shaping our present realities. It doesn’t necessarily end with racism, however. These same miscreants gather and “protest” over “climate change” and the environmental agenda, universal abortion on demand, LGBTQ “rights” and other tradition-flouting causes based on group-think, crowd mentality and mind-control.

They preach it’s acceptable to hold a sign that says “Black Lives Matter” but you don’t dare say “All lives matter.” What if someone held a poster that read “Black Lives Matter, Asian Lives Matter, Hispanic Lives Matter, American Indian Lives Matter, Eskimo Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Hindu Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter, Christian Lives Matter, Jewish Lives Matter and (fill in the blank) Lives Matter. Limited liability statement of inclusiveness. Everyone welcome!”

Hindsight is 20-20, but glancing back in time, a lot of the current troubles could have been avoided if we, as a society, cut off the nonsense long before the attitudes escalated out of control. Think of it like yard maintenance. Every homeowner knows if he or she plants a lawn that it will probably grow nicely the first season, but if they don’t take care of it -- and be vigilant about it -- that weeds will infiltrate and take over the whole thing.

Decent Americans should’ve hired a proverbial cultural lawn service to treat the grass with pre -- and then post -- emerge herbicide, limestone, fertilizers and regular tender loving care. Or like the old FRAM oil filter slogan, “You can pay me now or pay me later.” Can we get rid of the invasive weeds now? Too late? It sure is a lot more difficult to eliminate the pests rather than doing the prep work beforehand.

Rapid decline of every cultural institution led us to where we are today

It’s not that educational associations are solely responsible for the conditions we have today, though the academic establishment bears the brunt of the blame. But what about other cultural institutions such as churches and professional sports? Most of the nation’s major protestant churches have allowed leftist concepts and mindsets to creep into worship practices regardless of what the plain language of the Bible indicates. Denominations splinter over same-sex marriage, divorce, abortion, illegal immigration and just about every other contentious social malady.

The Catholic Church isn’t immune either, as some of its leaders openly embrace leftist ideology over simple Gospel teachings.

Similarly, the National Football League -- a predominant American institution if there ever was one, could’ve staved off at least some of today’s America-is-evil conviction by calling former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling “protests” what they were -- inappropriate, ungrateful and flat-out wrong. Instead of fining the few discontented losers and laying down the law, league management caved to “demands” and tried to sooth tensions by “listening” to the whiney failures babble on about feelings that weren’t supported by actual facts.

Kaepernick even had the gall to wear “pig” socks. Where’s the outrage? Would he speak out for the right of people to disagree with him? Did he meet with policemen who were offended? What about the other NFL players (didn’t seem like even close to a majority). The owners and bosses could’ve just kicked them out. There are plenty of players vying for the chance to make millions of dollars at the top. Bad apples do spoil the bunch.

(Note: And the bunch now seems awful spoiled after the Drew Brees comments and apology.)

It appears as though much of the younger generation took Kaepernick’s unfounded grumbling to heart, undeterred by disciplinary actions that would’ve sent a message. He’s a celebrity in their minds. Never mind the fact he grew up as part of a white middle-class family and never endured anything close to what he’s so ticked off about. The murder of George Floyd merely set his mind-numbed followers in motion.

It goes without saying that Hollywood contributed to the rapid deterioration in American values and mores. With a token few exceptions (Like “Last Man Standing”), gone are the TV shows and films from yesteryear that celebrated America as the free beacon of the world. Today’s entertainment basically repeats and distributes standard boilerplate content-free themes from the universities and colleges. Who really wants to watch the latest super hero flick or poorly made contemporary reinterpretation of a classic from decades ago?

Then there’s the universal prevalence of video games. My generation grew up with Atari, Pong, Pacman, Frogger, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders, a far cry from today’s advanced “games” which simulate real life situations in shocking detail. I couldn’t say for sure, but some opportunistic Bernie Sanders supporter is probably busy creating a “game” where “protesters” break store windows, steal stuff, set fire to the building and then run from the cops. Bonus points for assaulting an officer and shouting “Black Lives Matter!” as someone bleeds from wounds.

There are other examples. The medical profession is more liberal, too, endorsing things like legalized pot and the recent flavor-of-the-moment, mass coronavirus lockdowns as well as “climate change” and other leftist inspired fearmongering tactics. The economic collateral damage from the change-in-viewpoint has certainly been evident of late.

How about government policies? The stepped-up federal unemployment money from the “relief” bills has no doubt been utilized by some of these riotous troublemakers, paid not to work. What else would they do with their time and money?

Political institutions which emphasized phantom issues like transgender rights, the #MeToo movement, animal rights alarmists and the devolution of religion (no God in public schools, he’s an oppressor!) all contributed. From early childhood, the younger generation was instructed to question the people who established the country, lecturing that they weren’t credible because of personal bugaboos when judged by contemporary standards.

Or if someone dared speak out about the plague of illegal immigration and wanted laws enforced to make it fair for everyone they were labeled “intolerant” and “racist.”  I’ve mentioned it before, but I recall from my college days at UCLA that malefactors staged a hunger strike on school property to “protest” the university’s policy of requiring illegal aliens to pay out-of-state tuition.

Should we have made stronger pushes back then? Or were we too afraid of being characterized and branded by the leftist brain bashers?

We certainly saw signs of this coming two years ago during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings with the conduct of Democrat senators who’d embarked on a naked political agenda dragging the supposedly reluctant person of Christine Blasey Ford into the national spotlight based on “memories” and feelings that couldn’t be validated. By anyone. Including herself.

The media plays its own role by blowing up the profiles of anonymous leakers without substantiation and weaving half-truths and innuendo into narratives that are completely false. The political elites proffer kooks like Adam Schiff and turn habitual liars into heroes.

There are definitely two Americas. And the ones who believe in the “good” America must fight for it, or lose it forever.

Tiger Woods is apparently not black enough for the forces of the left… because he doesn’t believe in rioting

Yet another documented case of “Two Americas” thinking came last week when golfing legend Tiger Woods was assaulted on social media for suggesting rioters burning down neighborhoods wasn’t necessary. Again, you can’t make this stuff up. Douglas Ernst wrote at The Washington Times, “Tiger Woods was swarmed on social media this week by critics who didn’t want to hear part of his George Floyd message: ‘We can make our points without burning and looting the very neighborhoods we live in.’ …

“’My heart goes out to George Floyd, his loved ones, and all of us who are hurting right now,’ Mr. Woods tweeted. ‘I have always had the utmost respect for law enforcement. They train so diligently to understand how, when and where to use force. This shocking tragedy clearly crossed the line. I remember the LA Riots [in 1992] and learned that education is the best path forward. We can make our points without burning and looting the very neighborhoods we live in.’

“Critics of Mr. Woods, whose father was black, were not happy with his call for ‘constructive, honest conversations’ on the issue.”

For the record, Woods is half Asian (his mother is from Thailand) and his father was half black, with the other half being American Indian and white. Tiger Woods is about as multi-ethnic as they get, yet the hate-shamers don’t care about such things like facts.

Ernst’s report contains some of the haters’ replies, which are eminently predictable. Anyone -- especially an ethnic minority like Woods -- who doesn’t trumpet the leftist party line is stepped on and insulted as an ignorant traitor. And all these BLM “protests” are peaceful demonstrations of free speech? Do they welcome discussion and debate?

If the left’s defenders are so sure about the merits of rioting and looting, will they still complain when no one opens a business in these neighborhoods again? Who in their right mind would invest money without guarantee of police backup? LeBron James? Colin Kaepernick? The Minnesota Vikings? (Good luck getting fans to the games now, guys!)

Hypocrites, all of ‘em.

It’s never been clearer that there are two Americas in 2020. The side that believes in the political, judicial and legislative process had better rise up and take back the initiative and narrative from the burn-it-all-down leftist faction. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Abraham Lincoln, where are you now?

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