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Assault on America, Day 525: Democrats bet on social justice warriors, Trump sides with police

Smart money is still on Trump to win the election in November

Wagering. It’s something many of us have done since childhood, even if counseled against by our parents and instructed by religious clergy that it’s a sin and frowned upon by the higher authority.

Nevertheless, a lot of “friendly” bets are exchanged every day. “Hey Smails! A thousand bucks you miss that putt!” (okay, that’s from Caddyshack) or, “Bet you a dollar I’ll finish the test before you.” It’s a simple means to increase the importance of any action, even if you don’t fully intend to collect (or pay up) should the odds and results go your way.

That’s why, when former Clinton advisor and longtime Democrat pundit Lanny Davis wrote last week that Grampa Joe Biden’s election is now a certainty, it brought a smile to my face. Lots of things have happened recently, none of which makes Biden look any more attractive in the long run to sensible people. In a piece entitled, “72 hours cementing the real choice for November,” Davis forcasted at The Hill, “Between the early evening of June 1 and June 3, the American people saw, clearly and unambiguously, the clear choice they face on Nov. 3 between Donald Trump and Joseph Biden…

“There is, of course, a lot of time between now and Nov. 3. But the contrasting messages and impressions between Trump and Biden that most Americans saw within those three days are not likely to change. Because the dark, divisive, threatening Mr. Trump is … truly Donald Trump. And the Joe Biden who spoke in Philadelphia the next day – with words of healing, unity and hope -- was truly Joe Biden.

“Truth is not a word usually associated with Mr. Trump, but one thing he cannot change: Trump will be Trump. He cannot help himself. Biden will be Biden. He always has been. America will have the final choice. If history is our guide, and that is the choice, Trump will not just be defeated – but by such a margin that he and the likes of him will be gone for generations to come.”

Wanna bet? I don’t know Davis personally (heard him speak once) but I gather from this op-ed that he has a great sense of humor. For Lanny’s right about a few things -- Trump will always be Trump, and for a little less than half of the country (according to polls), that’s a very, very good thing. The president is who he is, which is a hard-driving, results-oriented man who cares deeply about his family brand, reputation, place in history -- and most of all, about the country he serves. The lifelong celebrity and real estate developer is known to exaggerate from time to time, but he isn’t a liar.

Trump takes enormous pride in everything he does, including being president. Perhaps he takes criticism a little too personally, but only because he seeks acknowledgement that he works hard at the job and he’s basically executing his duties without pay (Trump donates his quarterly checks to various worthy causes). Is there a single Democrat who can claim the same?

Joe Biden is many things too, though no one can be sure exactly what Davis meant by saying “Joe Biden will be Joe Biden.” Assuming this is true, Biden will always be viewed as a proven plagiarist as well as a gaffe-spouting politically compromised shill of a man who doesn’t believe in anything other than holding power and is willing to say the most outlandish and embellished things to get what he wants. And yes, the American people realize who he is, just like they’ve got decades’ worth of impressions of the controversial but uncomplicated Donald Trump.

Biden is a creep who buries his sniffer in women’s hairdos and massages their shoulders uninvited (kids too), swims naked in front of female Secret Service agents and is credibly accused (by #MeToo standards) of having sexually assaulted a staffer. He’s also a gargantuan hypocrite -- Biden once touted a “Police Officer’s Bill of Rights” (after the Rodney King incident in the early 90’s) in addition to his well-documented support of Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill, and at one time was a practiced promoter of law and order -- all positions he’s renounced to make it appear like he’s now the rioters’ best buddy and First Amendment champion of the #BlackLivesMatter coalition.

If Americans “know” Joe Biden so well, why wasn’t he more successful in either of his two previous presidential runs? And why did everyone pass him off for politically dead until it was clear Bernie Sanders was the party frontrunner and they didn’t want him? Joe is history’s most shining example of a default candidate.

It doesn’t seem to matter to Democrats now. As examples from those infamous three days last week (that Davis swears guarantee a Joe Biden presidency), the former Clinton counsel cited Trump’s June 1 visit to the fire damaged St. John’s Church (across the street from the White House) and Biden’s June 2 speech to a small gathering in Philadelphia (also in a church).

Rather humorously Davis also mentioned George W. Bush’s cryptic “let’s all get along and live in peace and understanding” message from last week as well as the opinions of wishy-washy establishment Republican and #NeverTrumper Sarah Longwell (she publishes The Bulwark, which nobody reads), Bush and Obama Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen (a notorious liberal) and then obviously discombobulated James Mattis’s rambling in The Atlantic (which came out on June 3). All are recognized Trump critics who don’t have a clue about what Trump stands for and the people he represents.

Predictably, Trump’s brief walk across the street to St. John’s church last Monday evening drew a crescendo of hate from Democrats and liberals who claimed it was heinous to hold up a Bible and call for calm. The “protesters” who were cleared from Lafayette Square don’t have a permanent claim to the ground, do they? Did they have a permit to squat there 24/7/365? Should each one have been politely asked by the Secret Service to relocate down the road for a couple hours? Stupid.

Biden is the same old Joe and last week didn’t make him look up to the job

Davis is wrong about Biden’s chances vs. Trump for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost, Grampa Joe is a two trick pony whose only rationale for being elected president is he’s not Trump and that he’s going to do something about “systemic racism.”

Problem: If America is still “racist” and it’s ingrained into the system, why didn’t Joe and Barack do something to stamp it out during their eight years controlling the levers of the executive branch? That’s more than enough time to wring the bias from the “system”, isn’t it? The definition of systemic is, “relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part. Ex: ‘the disease is localized rather than systemic’.”

Has the entirety of American culture been compromised in Trump’s three years to the point where racism is systemicagain? How is it possible? If not, is “systemic” just a cool sounding word that liberals use to sound smart, “woke” and current?

Biden can’t seem to get his crises straight either. A major part of liberal Democrats’ problem is everything is and is not an emergency at the same time. Whereas Trump has proven extremely adept at managing multiple trials at once, Biden can’t organize his thoughts on more than one topic in a confined space. He launched his presidential campaign last year with an inflammatory video suggesting Trump is racist (based on post-Charlottesville comments where the president suggested there were “very good people on both sides” of the Robert E. Lee statute controversy, widely taken out of context for political slander purposes by the media) and America can’t thrive because “it’s not who we are” and “we’re better than this,” blah, blah, blah.

Then the racism theme went away while Biden haggled with his fellow Democrats ahead of the nominating primaries. Joe didn’t want to talk about bigotry when some of the accusatory fingers were directed at him, most notably Kamala Harris’s and Corey Booker’s, the two leading black candidates in the field. Then, Biden wanted to talk about “climate change” and healthcare, didn’t he?

In contrast, Trump unequivocally states “who we are,” and it’s being a nation that protects its citizens, works hard and honors the rule of law. From the outset Trump promised to always put the needs and priorities of the American people first and he’s made good on the vow every day of his first term. Has it always been smooth? Hardly. But Trump’s been beat up in the press and faces entrenched “enemies” in Congress who wouldn’t give him the time o’ day while wearing ten wrist watches and holding a smartphone in their hands.

What happened to talking about the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and Trump’s handling of America’s response to the pandemic? Can Biden and Democrats ever get off of racism long enough to return to speaking on the economy, foreign policy and uncomfortable subjects that haven’t gone away, such as immigration and abortion?

How can Davis legitimately assert that Biden secured a win in November’s election last week when one, he really didn’t do anything (other than spout platitudes about racism) and then presumably returned to his Delaware basement bunker to wait out the balance of the coronavirus restrictions?

Oh yeah, a good portion of the country is still locked down in “phases” of reopening with drastically reduced capacity and mandatory mask requirements. Biden is yet to articulate how he would differ from Trump on the subject. Would Davis and his kind wager that the country favors being shuttered for more weeks and months?

I’m guessing not.

Rioters and “Protesters” make lots of noise. What about the rest of the country?

Round the clock TV news coverage of the “protests” and rioting almost makes it seem like there isn’t anyone out there who still believes “All Lives Matter” and that Antifa is a terrorist organization rather than the media’s version of a collection of resolute freedom fighters who only destroy property and struggle against “systemic” racism.

Any wagers on the presence of a “silent majority”? David Catron wrote at The American Spectator, “The ongoing riots in cities ‘governed’ by supine Democrats, combined with the genuine threat that the violence will metastasize outward to the suburbs, is their most conspicuous fear. And they want action. A Morning Consult poll released Tuesday reveals that 71 percent of registered voters support calling in the National Guard to assist the police in quelling the riots, including 67 percent of suburban women. Likewise, 58 percent of voters support calling in the U.S. military if necessary, including 54 percent of suburban women. In other words, clear majorities support President Trump’s intention to deploy U.S. troops if state officials are unable or unwilling to contain the violence...

“The Morning Consult poll noted above makes it clear that [the silent majority] want order restored. This, along with a fast economic recovery, is precisely what the president has pledged. Meanwhile, Trump’s likely general election opponent maunders about systemic racism while struggling to keep his figures straight concerning how many lives and jobs have been lost to the pandemic. As former Clinton pollster Doug Schoen writes, ‘The political risk to Democrats is becoming associated with the riots … which would result in the party losing the White House and risking their House majority.’ The Democrats already own the riots, and the silent majority is quietly counting the days to November 3.”

This viewpoint seems the most fact-based and logical. Democrat Schoen makes arguments supported by data while Lanny Davis lives in a fantasy world if he thinks Americans sympathize with the rioters over the protectors.

Last week’s positive job numbers will bolster Trump’s argument that the economy will recover, too. Biden will be stuck with his racism obsession and American voters will opt for the candidate who brings results and protects them at the same time. After losing the election, maybe Grampa Joe will get a job being George Soros’s spokesman.

November’s election is still far off and no doubt much will happen between now and then to influence the ultimate outcome. Wagering on a Biden landslide victory doesn’t seem to be the prudent thing to do at this point, but if a Democrat offers to put his or her money where their mouth is, you’d be a fool not to take it.

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