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Assault on America, Day 527: Media’s best friends: swamp things and misfits bashing Trump

Nancy kneeling
Media gets it wrong -- again -- on Republican internal support for President Trump’s reelection

How far has politics deteriorated in the past two weeks? Maybe we should expand the time frame a bit -- how about the past three months?

A lot of people pose the question these days as each new 24-hour period brings some new dose of political insanity to reflect upon. It’s safe to say a lot of folks are probably tuning out and switching the TV to the Hallmark Channel for its non-stop line-up of cheesy but heartwarming love stories or to the Game Show Network to laugh along with Family Feud host Steve Harvey as some contestant from somewhere in America says something outlandish -- but cleverly funny -- in the heat of the moment.

But we can’t escape entirely. How about last weekend when none other than 2012 Republican presidential candidate and now senator Mitt Romney strapped on a protective coronavirus-proof mask and marched step for step with other white-as-snow Black Lives Matter “protesters” in Washington DC? Or the surreal scene the other day in the Capitol Building when Democrat leaders donned African-style shawls (Kente cloth) and face coverings (it was indoors, right?) to “take a knee” to stand -- or kneel -- in solidarity with the radical leftist movement that’s moving to defund police departments?

There was also a New York Times story that claimed several high-profile Republicans aren’t planning to vote for President Donald Trump in November, asserting they’d already made up their minds and five months’ worth of intervening events wouldn’t dislodge them from their “principled” perches. According to the Times, among those allegedly determined to diss Trump was the last GOPer to work from the Oval Office, George W. Bush.

There’s only one problem: Bush’s people said the story wasn’t true and that the retired former Commander-in-Chief wouldn’t announce his vote either way -- and he’d only weigh-in on policy issues before the election. Nevertheless, Democrats jumped like beans on a sombrero at the rumors. Juan Williams wrote last week at The Hill (even before the NYT story), “…Bush’s voice has the singular power to reach moderate Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters, freeing them to walk away from the Party of Trump...

“For all of their faults and foibles, Presidents Carter, Clinton, Obama and Bush — men I have personally interviewed — played presidential politics with a profound sense of public service. That included the old-school notion of holding their tongues during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“There is no question about whom Carter, Clinton and Obama plan to support. That leaves Bush holding the biggest stick here. Groups of leading conservative thinkers in The Lincoln Project and a new group including several former top GOP officials called Republican Voters Against Trump have set the table for Bush to speak up. If he announces he is voting for Biden, it will change some votes.”

Really, Juan? In the year 2020, twelve years after George W. left office, who would base their vote on Bush’s opinion? Williams doesn’t mention it in his piece, but the last GOP president exited office with around a 30 percent approval rating, which at the time, media talkers trumpeted and pontificated about being “one of the lowest in the history of polling.” And why not? Mr. “Hope and Change” was on his way in! Liberals rejoice!

As a person who gladly voted for Bush II twice, I can honestly say his second term was a horrible disappointment. First was the inconclusive prosecution of the disastrous Iraq War. Despite the largely successful “surge” that cleaned the jihadist vermin out of places like Ramadi and Fallujah, peace was never realized, much less victory achieved. The post-war “leaders” in Iraq proved ineffective in quelling the sectarian violence that eventually led to ISIS taking over most of the territory.

It was a mess that Obama and Biden couldn’t deal with either. Trump came in and carpet bombed the remaining vestiges of the Islamic State into near-extinction. That’s what leadership looks like.

There were other Bush capitulations, such as his vow to reform the Social Security system and, of course, his out-of-touch views on illegal immigration. The party’s grassroots were in no mood to accept blanket amnesty for the “undocumented” newcomers as well as millions who’d overstayed their visas. 2008 GOP nominee John McCain wasn’t able to rally the party faithful either because he too was closely associated with the Bush-ian soft position on immigration and the unpopular war. Republicans wanted enforcement, not excuses.

Of course, before leaving office -- and in the midst of the 2008 presidential campaign -- Bush promulgated the very un-Republican-like bailouts for big Wall Street banks and financial institutions. Many conservatives at the time argued an aggressive federal role wasn’t necessary and that existing bankruptcy laws could rectify the situation if patience was the guiding principle. Bush didn’t listen to reason. He’d checked out by then.

Put it this way, no one wept when Bush climbed up the steps to Air Force One for his final taxpayer-sponsored ride back to Texas. Republican blue bloods and the establishment were still in his corner as were warmongering neoconservatives whose influence was dwindling just about everywhere (no more national mood for wars, was there?), but at least half of the rank-and-file supporters had moved on from the man who didn’t exert much leadership -- or fight -- in the face of relentless Democrat and media assaults.

George W. Bush prepared the way for the rise of Trump. It could be said Bush did more than just set the stage for Trump’s Make America Great Again act, he arranged the lighting, organized the concessions, handled the ticket sales, orchestrated the music and choreographed the dancers, too. The patriots of America’s grassroots tea parties in 2010 came out to protest not only Obama’s big government policies, they were equally motivated to toss out the entire ruling class and replace them with someone who listened and put citizens’ interests first. That’s Donald Trump.

How many of these folks would leap off Trump’s bandwagon at the say-so of George W. Bush? The vast majority of Republicans back Trump now. Recent polls have shown Joe Biden slightly widening his national lead, but there’s a noticeable enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans too. Trump’s been through a lot lately -- as have we all -- and Americans are unsure about the future.

It's only natural to see wavering opinion surveys, especially since so many can’t make heads or tails of who is for and against reopening the economy as the coronavirus panic fades and likewise, who’s on the side of the rioters or the police. Sooner or later folks will sort out the confusion and Trump’s numbers will certainly elevate, especially if he takes the advice of many dedicated backers and starts easing off the Twitter send button on certain topics.

Twitter -- and social media in general -- have been extremely valuable tools that Trump’s effectively employed to spread his message, but the backlash is beginning to wear on people and there’s a point where it becomes counterproductive to bombard the public with emotion-based retorts at all hours of the day. Have we reached the crossroads? No one can say, but there’s a good case for scaling it back again to focus on less headline-grabbing attention…and policy.

Joe Biden’s Twitter page shows him wearing a mask -- what a suck-up to the keep-it-locked-up tight crowd! Of course, it wouldn’t look good to Joe’s still-frightened-crap-less backers if the presidential candidate didn’t set an example for the sheep to follow. Or, as previously stated, Biden is authentically concerned he might contract the virus and he’d be laid up for a period of time. Statistics show he’d likely recover but it would “kill” his presidential hopes.

The only thing Biden appears immune to is the truth… and consecutive coherent sentences. Therefore, he should stay away from mass public appearances, and, if practicable, off-the-cuff answers to spontaneous questions. Unlike with Trump, a quick perusal of his Twitter page strongly implies Grampa Joe doesn’t put together his own Tweets. For one, he probably can’t figure it out, and two, he’s too busy playing backgammon with his aides to bother learning how to do it.

Democrats send powerful message with their ridiculous stunts

As alluded to above, top congressional Democrats this week signaled their symbiosis with the radical #BlackLivesMatter “movement” by staging a stunt that was both unintentionally comic and infuriating at the same time. PJ Media’s Victoria Taft described it: “U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knelt in supplication to the radical Black Live Matter movement in Emancipation Hall at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., on Monday.

“The Congressional Black Caucus and other members knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time that Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had his knee at the neck of George Floyd two weeks ago. The hold, not part of Minneapolis Police training, killed Floyd, who had been stopped by police for allegedly passing bad bills and forgery.”

The 80-year-old Pelosi couldn’t stand up after time expired, had to be helped… by someone… to her feet. Maybe the next time she and colleagues decide to put on such a blatantly phony display of naked pandering they’d better practice first to see if they can pull it off -- or ask Colin Kaepernick for a lesson on kneeling. The only thing that might’ve been funnier was seeing Mitt Romney strolling along on Sunday having a grand ‘ol time beside his ideological brethren in a #BlackLivesMatter protest.

If Romney announces he’s voting for Biden, wouldn’t it be fun to dig up all the nasty things Grampa Joe said about Mitt during the 2012 campaign? It wouldn’t take an accomplished trial lawyer to destroy Romney’s credibility with the Obama VP’s quotes alone.

Seeing and hearing flip-flopper Mitt touting #BlackLivesMatter must’ve made the lead for every late night talk show, but then again, they love such airy fluff on liberal subjects. Anything that harms Trump is good to them. Who knows, perhaps Romney will now make the rounds bashing Trump. And nerdy Mitt never thought he’d be accepted by the “woke” crowd? What a breakthrough!

Republicans need another contract to demonstrate what they’d do to help black communities

Instead of condescending to African-American voters like Democrats do, Republicans could offer more than promises. How about concrete proposals they and other minority groups can seriously consider? Cal Thomas wrote at The Washington Times, “In 1994, Republican Congressmen Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey created a Contract with America, a list of proposed legislation they promised would be enacted if voters gave their party a House majority. They did. Though many of the proposals either did not pass or were watered down in negotiations with President Clinton, a few survived and became law.

“That contract was a good idea because it helped to change the political dynamic in favor of Republican issues. What is needed now is a Contract with Black America…

“As a political strategy (doing good should be sufficient motive), Republicans might peel off significant numbers of African-American voters from Democrats, if they made solid and workable promises to that community.”

It's a great idea, though it probably couldn’t end there. The party would then need to offer a “contract” to Hispanics as well.

Thomas suggests Republicans could introduce policies such as “reality” zones, local recruitment for police forces, school vouchers and private buy-in to public housing so as to build equity. None of these improvements would be tremendously expensive or unworkable. And the laws would apply equally to everyone. No racial stamps here.

With surveys showing Trump’s approval rate rising among African-Americans, the time is now to provide additional incentives for the Democrats’ most loyal constituency to leave the proverbial plantation. It’s a tough task, though not impossible. The burned-out communities serve as reminder enough of what decades of Democrat rule gets you.

Even better, Trump will start hitting the road again soon to sell his agenda rather than merely reacting to events (not his strong suit). MAGA rallies coming to a location near you!  

The media’s suggestion that Trump would lose support because certain well-known wishy-washy establishment Republicans announce their opposition to his reelection is way off base. The president will rise -- or fall -- based on his ability to rouse his base and bring enough independents along to prevail. There’s still plenty of time to get it done.

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