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Why Can’t Democrats Run A Competent Police Force?

Police in Chicago
We’ve worked with many fine police and law enforcement officers over the years and helped a number of them get elected to public office as sheriffs and legislators. So, this question has been troubling us ever since George Floyd was killed by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin: Why are the police in Democrat-run cities so poorly trained?

The Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (a merger of Minnesota’s Democrats and the state’s Farmer-Labor Party) has run Minneapolis since 1975. Before George Floyd is canonized as a victim of systemic racism, let’s not forget the case of Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor (a Somali-American) who shot and killed an unarmed white woman – Justine Ruszczyk Damond, a 40-year-old dual citizen of the U.S. and Australia.

Editor’s note: Noor was convicted of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter and sentenced to 12 and half years in prison.

That Ms. Damond’s murder at the hands of an ill-trained Minneapolis police officer did not spark weeks of nationwide rioting and looting is not our point here. The point is something has been seriously wrong with the training and discipline at the Minneapolis police department while the Democrats have been in charge – and their answer is not to look in the mirror and ask themselves “what did we miss or do wrong,” but to pander to the worst advocates of civil disorder and chaos.

And this scene is playing out across the country.

Think about it: The Minneapolis city council and mayor—along with the district’s congresswoman, both senators, and the Minnesota governor—are Democrats.

Atlanta, scene of another allegedly controversial police killing of an African-American, who resisted arrest, fought with them, stole a Taser, pointed it at officers and was shot, hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1879.

Chicago, where Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke emptied his gun at Laquan McDonald as the teen was walking away from officers, was run by Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and has been a Democrat stronghold since the New Deal.

In Democrat-run Seattle, where Far-Left thugs from the terrorist group Antifa have established a state-within-a-state, the police were unable to maintain order in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and had to cede the East Precinct Headquarters and the six blocks around it to the rioters.

Independent Journalist Andy Ngo reports that over the weekend, just outside the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which Mayor Jenny Durkin was a “block party” not a riot, a man on a microphone sicced a large mob on the Car Tender autoshop near the Seattle “autonomous zone.” They broke down the fence. The owner said he apprehended an arsonist before all his comrades showed up to try and free him. Police, under the orders of Mayor Durkin, never came to the man’s assistance.

In Baltimore, a city long-run by Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s father, who served as Mayor, mobile phone video showed Freddy Gray screaming repeatedly before a police van arrives to take him away, his arms had been handcuffed behind his back and that his requests for his inhaler had been ignored.

Police officers had also put him into a tactical hold before putting him in the back of the van, while the van was en route to the police station, officers put Gray in leg irons after an officer determined that he became "irate.” Testimony later revealed that the officers had then loaded him "on his stomach head-first into the wagon."

The medical examiner’s report determined that Mr. Gray's "spine was 80% severed at his neck.”

Likewise, in Democrat-run New York City, African-American Eric Garner died after being put in a chokehold by then-New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo. Mr. Garner was approached by officers on suspicion of selling single cigarettes from packs without tax stamps.

When Mr. Garner resisted, with multiple officers pinning him down, Garner repeated the words "I can't breathe" 11 times while lying face down on the sidewalk. After Garner lost consciousness, officers turned him onto his side, continuing their chokehold. Garner remained lying on the sidewalk for seven minutes while the officers waited for an ambulance to arrive. Garner was pronounced dead at an area hospital approximately one hour later.

The Mayor of New York at the time of Mr. Garner’s death? Democrat Bill DeBlasio, America’s worst and most Far Left mayor.

As Steven Malanga wrote in a recent article for, “The death of George Floyd, an African-American, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer has sparked weeks of urban protests—some marked by looting and violence—across the United States. It has also brought fierce condemnations of President Donald Trump. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio partly blamed the president for the unrest, noting “there’s been an uptick in tension and hatred and division since he came along,” while Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said that she had a message for the president: “It’s two words. It begins with F and it ends with U.” The New York Times, meantime, excoriated Trump for what the paper described as a “violent ultimatum” issued to unruly protestors, and former vice president Joe Biden charged Trump with “calling for violence against American citizens during a moment of pain.”

To paraphrase Mr. Malanga, despite decades of Democratic Party governance and numerous promises of reform, big cities—Baltimore, Chicago, and Minneapolis are notable cases—continue to struggle with relations between the police and minority communities; in some cases, those relations have even regressed. The media rarely acknowledge this monumental failing of the party, and it seems to evoke little self-reflection among urban Democrats themselves, because it is much easier to blame Donald Trump and imaginary systemic racism than it is to train and manage a competent police force.

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