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Assault on America, Day 538: Do Democrats still want to swap Andrew Cuomo for Joe Biden?

Cuomo Coronavirus
No one wants Andrew Cuomo to replace Joe Biden anymore. Why?

In the annals of recent American political history, there might be no shinier example of the fickle nature of voters’ attitudes than the months-long establishment media-fueled up-and-down obsession/romance with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

As a prominent member of one of America’s top-tier political legacy families, Cuomo’s name was already well-recognized by citizens all across the country even prior to anyone knowing there was such a thing as the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus that literally caused a worldwide panic (not to be confused with pandemic) and collective psychological freak-out that changed the planet within the span of a few short months.

Because the coronavirus was “novel,” medical authorities didn’t know much about it -- how it spread, how deadly it was, how to treat it and whether it would be possible to develop a vaccine within a reasonable timeframe to save us all. Frantic comparisons to the post WWI “Spanish flu” were enough to get people plenty scared and animated. Almost immediately, things shut down. Much of the world remains locked tight under rulers’ edicts requiring social distancing at the tip of a pen (and no, we’re not including the rioters here, are we?).

Naturally, people were searching for calm voices in the storm of uncertainty. By many accounts, Andrew Cuomo provided it. And because Andrew is a liberal and a Democrat, the media made him a national political celebrity virtually overnight. Was it warranted? Becket Adams wrote at The Washington Examiner, “The way most reporters and commentators told it, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo led one of the best, if not the best, government responses to the coronavirus pandemic. The way members of the press told it, Cuomo’s wisdom, steely determination, and steady hand were guiding the Empire State through one of the most dangerous and deadly episodes in its history.

“But these glowing characterizations of Cuomo have not been borne out by the facts. Indeed, when it comes to the coronavirus, the governor of New York seems to be every bit as incompetent and out of his depth as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and that is saying a lot…

“In the case of Cuomo, who has arguably bungled his state’s coronavirus response worse than any of the other 49 governors, journalists absolutely have been the audience for the governor’s tough-talk, no-nonsense routine. He talks a big game about leadership and strategies, using the right words. That is apparently all it takes to win the immediate and unquestioning adoration of the very serious and critical Fourth Estate.”

It’s been oddly curious if not mesmerizing to watch the scenario unfold. Just about the time President Trump was conducting his now politically-questionable daily coronavirus press briefings, Gov. Cuomo was doing the same, but earlier in the day so as to not brush up against the national effort (and hence, increase his exposure). The son of legendary liberal Empire State Democrat Gov. Mario Cuomo and brother to idiot CNN talk show host Chris “don’t call me Fredo” Cuomo, Andrew seemed to embody the perfect balance of absolute, indisputable liberal credentials with an almost down-home “Goodfellas” personal demeanor that appealed to folks from all points on the ideological spectrum.

In tough times when some were looking for “moderate” non-partisan voices to provide leadership, Gov. Andrew seemed a good fit (even if he is a Democrat). His calm demeanor, ability to express contrary opinions without insulting his opposition and good-guy plain manner of speaking drew him instant national acclaim. Heck, my own mother -- who is not usually fond of men like the NY guv -- told me she enjoyed Cuomo’s daily briefings and found them helpful.

There was only one problem: as the initial shock smoke cleared it became obvious Andrew’s poorly thought-through policies not only intensified the outbreak, they killed thousands, if not tens of thousands. It was Michael Goodwin of the New York Post who originally exposed the fallacy of the Cuomo-is-our-nation’s-savior ruse, pointing out that the governor and his team had ordered nursing homes to admit patients regardless of their COVID-19 infection status. Sure, it appears Cuomo was simply reacting to his own blown-up rhetoric about an anticipated massive shortage of hospital beds, but come on! Placing the already sick among people who couldn’t afford to contract the highly contagious disease led to catastrophic results.

In the law, the standard for causation is whether a result is easily foreseeable. How about unleashing a fox in the hen house? Or lighting a campfire in a cabin made of tinder dry wood? Or building a sandcastle near the waterline at low tide? Whatever the analogy, it works in Cuomo’s case.

If you ever needed a visual as to what a real plague looks like, examine photos from the height of New York City’s battle with the Chinese virus. You’ll see trucks parked outside senior care facilities and hospitals accepting body after body as though they were dead soldiers after a particularly dreadful clash in a major war. Adding further pain to the families involved, they were unable to plan funerals for the deceased (due to the risk of contracting and spreading the virus themselves). These unfortunate seniors died alone -- an awful and sad ending to what were probably extraordinarily good and happy lives.

But it took a while to achieve clarity. Before Cuomo rescinded his disastrous order, he was widely mentioned as not only a possible running mate for the frail and visibly failing Joe Biden, there were rumors of high-level Democrats seriously considering outright replacing the longtime Washington swamp dweller at the top of the ticket. You know, Biden hadn’t managed to accumulate the pledged delegate total he would need to secure the nomination…. And with a number of state primaries postponed -- or even cancelled (back then they thought they could do away with them) -- all it would take was a national party movement to pull a grand switcheroo.

For his part, Cuomo never indicated he was interested in being Biden’s running mate and he certainly wouldn’t respond to calls to run against Trump himself. Hopeful Democrats didn’t seem the least bit bothered that Andrew could’ve entered the field of his own accord early on if he were really excited about trying to run the gauntlet of candidate vetting. He didn’t. But he was a star during the COVID-19 panic, so who cares about all that stuff?

No one talks about it these days. With national coronavirus deaths now topping 120,000, New York has accounted for more than a quarter of them, with over two-and-a-half times more than second-place in the dubious dishonor derby (which happens to be New Jersey, right next door). The top nine deadliest states all have Democrat governors, so there’s an apparent direct correlation between liberal political philosophies and the way public health matters are handled. Florida comes in tenth place despite having a larger population than all but one (California) of the top states.

It goes without saying, the coronavirus has changed the United States and the way people view their “leaders”. And when combined with the national George Floyd “protests”, violence and social unrest, there’s no going back to the old days. Andrew Cuomo’s name is no longer on the tip of anyone’s tongue as a contender for Joe Biden’s running mate (for one thing, he isn’t a woman and he’s also a white guy, even if he is more pigmented than a person of northern European descent). In fact, if anything, Cuomo’s become a symbol of government gone wrong.

New York Democrats single-handedly ended congressional debate on bailing out states

A couple weeks ago when crowds of after-hours “protestors” drove into Manhattan to riot and pillage, Cuomo openly criticized NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio for failing to crack down on the violence before large swaths of the city were damaged or destroyed. Of course, DeBlasio had all-but cheered on the revolutionaries, complementing his daughter for being among those arrested. The regional intra-party spat was humorous for those on the outside, since Andrew was essentially echoing Trump’s threat to send in the national guard if the mayor wouldn’t do his job.

Whether Cuomo would’ve actually relieved DeBlasio of his duties isn’t important. The very fact Andrew even made the suggestion showed that some liberals have their limits.

But there may have been a deeper motivation than what showed on the surface for the governor’s outburst. Cuomo likely recognized that with New York City in ashes there would be no tax revenue flowing into the state from those businesses that were now in ruins. And further, there was little justification for going begging to Uncle Sam for the money now since the local authorities practically waltzed out of the way when the hoods came a-calling.

Whereas Cuomo at least had a reasonable argument that states like New York deserved to be bailed out by the national government before, the rationale was evaporating quickly in cities like Minneapolis, New York, Chicago and out west, in Seattle. If the elected leaders wouldn’t get off their haunches and allow the police to stop the rioting, why would Congress consider sending additional money to make up for the squandered tax base?

With congressional leaders preoccupied with handling the aftermath of the riots there hasn’t been much talk of a fourth “relief” bill that could possibly include funds for hard-hit state governments that were brought low by coronavirus closures and lockdowns. These talks will come -- and soon -- but with Donald Trump in the White House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell already having said he didn’t have the stomach to bailout state public employee union pension plans… it doesn’t seem likely.

Recent stats indicate the economy is moving in the right direction while still being restrained by pandemic protective orders. The states and cities that suffered the most in both the coronavirus episode and the riots will be out of luck. And it’s all because liberal mayors and governors fiddled while their territories burned.

The 2020 election is still over four months away, and we won’t know for certain how the events of this year will influence it. But we do know Andrew Cuomo will never be president. And neither will Bill DeBlasio. A ray of sunshine among dark clouds?

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren still hopes to be Grampa Joe Biden’s running mate

Once some politicians contract the bug -- of running for president -- there’s no treatment for the ailment and it’s almost impossible to develop immunity. One of Joe Biden’s former competitors wants him to choose her for his number two. She’s got it bad, too. Emily Larsen reported at The Washington Examiner, “Elizabeth Warren was known for having a super-organized campaign team when she was seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. Now, her die-hard supporters are channeling that organizing energy to position her for the next best thing: the Democratic vice presidential nomination.

“With the Massachusetts senator reportedly on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate short list, she is making a splash without overtly campaigning for the spot in endless interviews, like former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

“More than 100 leading activists and Warren allies signed a letter last week urging Biden to pick Warren as his nominee. ‘A crisis election as big as 1932 requires a big running mate. So why not the best?’ the letter said.”

Sounds like a good argument in favor of reelecting Donald Trump. Granny-glasses sporting Warren with a high-pitched whiny voice worse than Hillary Clinton’s turns off potential voters before they even know anything about her. As soon as everyone realizes she’s peddled a false “I’m a Native American” narrative to get ahead her entire career, she’ll be the laughing stock of the 2020 election.

And that’s saying a lot considering Biden is the Democrat nominee.

As I argued a couple weeks ago, there’s no way Biden can choose a white woman for his running mate now. With the Democrat party’s absolute fixation with all things race, it would be too politically damaging to go against the color grain now. Keeping Warren on the short-list is, excuse the expression, for cosmetic purposes only.

There haven’t been many bright spots in the political realm lately, but one was when Gov. Andrew Cuomo fell out of favor with the adoring establishment media. Common sense doesn’t always matter in our politically correct modern society, but numbers still carry some weight. Cuomo failed to safeguard his constituents, and the truth caught up with him.

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