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The Only Guy Who Can Beat Trump Is Trump

President Trump
Recently, a steady and growing stream of conservatives have been contacting the White House to express concern about the direction of President Trump’s reelection campaign. These concerns have nothing to do with campaign manager Brad Parscale or his team at the Trump campaign, rather these conservatives, yours truly included, are worried about the effect Donald Trump is having on his own reelection prospects.

There’s an old saying in politics: When you are in a hole, stop digging, and right now the public is being asked to decide who is in the hole, the Democrats or Donald Trump?

If Trump is in a hole, the problem isn’t that Donald Trump hasn’t produced on his campaign promises or that he has abandoned the conservative principles upon which he ran – far from it.

Donald Trump has fought hard to keep his campaign promises and produced more conservative policy than any President in my lifetime – including, truth be told, Ronald Reagan, whose focus was largely on rebuilding our national defense and defeating the Soviet Union, often to the detriment of other conservative priorities.

In contrast, Donald Trump has used his executive authority to harden our dangerous southern border, cut regulations, fight for religious liberty and free speech, battle the Chinese Communists on a variety of fronts, battle the hostile Islamist regime of Iran and administer defeat after defeat to ISIS and its allied Muslim insurgents… and chart a path to rebuilding the American economy back to the heights at which it stood when the Wuhan virus hit.

And Trump accomplished all that with an incredibly hostile Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and an establishment Republican-controlled Senate that is detached to the point of disinterest in conservative policy.

So, why do polls show that President Trump is in a hole and his reelection is in jeopardy?

The problem is that every day Donald Trump’s outsized personality sucks all the attention and oxygen out of the news cycle, putting the focus on him and his ups and downs, rather than on the failures and disasters of the Democrats and the incapacity of his presumptive opponent Joe Biden.

And of course, the anti-Trump media is happy to oblige by making every news story about Donald Trump, rather than the issues.

The result is that the election is being framed as a referendum on Donald Trump’s style and personality, rather than his winning record and the truly dangerous agenda the Democrats have laid out as their vision for America’s future.

And make no mistake about it, if Democrats win, they are going to follow through on Obama’s threat to fundamentally transform America:

Democrats will open the borders

Democrats will do away with voter ID and all forms of ballot security

Democrats will give free medical care and other benefits to illegal aliens

Democrats will impose unlimited abortion on demand up to the moment of birth

Democrats will guarantee a woman seeking an abortion a dead baby, even if the baby is born alive

Democrats will open our financial markets to the Communist Chinese

Democrats will reinstitute the hundreds of job-killing regulations Trump eliminated

Democrats will raise taxes up to 70 percent or more

Democrats will impose censorship on conservatives

Democrats will stifle religious liberty

Democrats will end the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms

Democrats will impose race-based quotas wherever they can

Democrats will transform our police forces into glorified social workers

Democrats will erase the true history of the American founding and Founders

And those are just a few of the things Democrats have already promised to do if they win the presidency and control of Congress.

But because the campaign has become all about Donald Trump, few Americans recognize this dire situation – this frightening and existential threat to the future of constitutional liberty and the United States as it has existed for the 244 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed.

And if Trump stays in the hole he has dug and allows the campaign to be all about him – if he keeps sucking the oxygen out of all his winning issues, and allowing the Democrats’ frightening agenda to be obscured in the fog of his outsized personality, he’s going to take the House and the Senate, and the future of constitutional liberty down with him.

Donald Trump the America First patriot and economic nationalist cannot allow himself to be remembered by history as Donald Trump the egotist who put nihilistic Socialist revolutionaries in charge of the greatest nation on earth.

Donald Trump rallies are some of the best political theater I’ve seen in my nearly 60 years in conservative politics at the national level, and Trump’s ad-makers have produced some compelling arguments for his reelection – but none of that matters if the campaign is only about Donald Trump’s personality, and none of it is on the case for his reelection and what the Democrats plan to do to our country if they win.

We are 126 days from Election Day 2020, which is a lifetime in politics, and plenty of time for Trump to shift the focus back on the Democrats and their truly frightening plans to reshape America and dismantle constitutional liberty. A good place to start would be the Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore, where President Trump could talk about patriotism and his vision for rebuilding America instead of himself.

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