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Ted Cruz: No Bailouts For Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle

Ted Cruz Tweet
Minnesota’s Democrat Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey recalled the police from the streets and failed to stop significant damage from being inflicted on the city in response to the death of George Floyd.

Yet, after attacking President Trump they had the gall to submit a request for aid from the federal government and accompany their request with this sniveling statement, reported by our friends at The Daily Wire:

“We’re asking our federal partners to step up and help our communities recover,” Walz said. “We need to come together to ensure Minnesotans who were victims of this destruction have access to critical infrastructure they need so they can go to the grocery store, pick up their medication, and live their lives. Together, we will rebuild.”

Estimates provided by the state and reported by The Daily Wire said that an estimated 1,500 businesses were destroyed by violent rioters who burned down many of the businesses and looted countless stores. The state said that the estimated damage exceeded $500 million.

Fortunately, the Trump administration turned down the request.

In Seattle, where businesses, property owners and citizens faced similar circumstances, the Downtown Seattle Association reported that 50 businesses had been damaged downtown, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and in the neighboring Chinatown-International District.

When CHOP/CHAZ began taking over the area, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan did not interfere, nor did city police. City leaders suggested police were told to stand down by the mayor.

Subsequently, a group of Capitol Hill residents, property owners and businesses filed a class-action lawsuit against the City of Seattle for its role in allowing the CHOP to get established and for ongoing support of it as CHOP participants allegedly blocked access to the area, threatened and assaulted people, and inflicted widespread property damage.

According to reporting by independent news organization Seattle City Council Insight, the lawsuit alleges that the city not only allowed the CHOP to be formed by abandoning the East Precinct and declaring a policy that police officers would not enter the area for anything other than life-safety issues, but actively supported it by providing barricades, hygiene services, medical equipment, and other forms of logistical support. Further, it allowed it to continue with full knowledge of the illegal activities occurring, the public safety issues, and the damage being done to property.

The lawsuit does not specify damages, asking that damages be determined at trial, but independent observers suggest the damages could run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

After years of Antifa thugs gathering in the city center, Portland, Oregon has had more than 40 days of rioting and anarchy.

Louis Casiano of Fox News reports downtown Portland businesses have suffered $23 million in damage and lost business amid the weeks of nightly chaos and violent anarchy.

"We're six weeks into this," Portland Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis said during a virtual news briefing reported by Mr. Casiano. "A walk through downtown today will expose you to a scene of boarded-up windows, extensive damage to public property and really an unfortunate scene in our city center." More than 100 people -- comprised of city employees and the public -- have also sustained injuries, he said.

The president of the Portland police union that represents rank-and-file officers said Wednesday he has no confidence in city leaders to address the ongoing violence amid their failure to condemn the destructive behavior.

"I have no confidence that [the] City Council will stand up for all of Portland," Officer Daryl Turner, president of the Portland Police Association, said during a news conference Mr. Casiano reported. “I have no confidence that the city will stop the rioting and looting and protect the safety and livelihood of Portlanders."

So how long before Seattle, Portland and other Democrat-controlled riot zones join Minneapolis in asking for your tax dollars to help rebuild what the Democrat Party’s militia burned down?

Never, if Senator Ted Cruz has anything to say about it.

In a tweet posted Sunday in response to the news the Trump administration had denied the Minnesota Democrats’ request, Sen. Cruz said:

Minnesota Dems willfully allowed Minneapolis to burn & then blamed the police whom they demonized. Now, they want the fed govt to pay the bill.

I’m introducing legislation to make local govt liable to private property owners if officials deliberately withhold police protection.

We agree with Senator Cruz. Private property owners should have a claim for relief when Democrats allow their armed supporters to run riot and destroy property and taxpayers from jurisdictions where public officials keep the peace should not subsidize riots in Democrat-controlled war zones.

The toll-free Capitol switchboard is (1-866-220-0044). We urge CHQ readers and friends to call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Whip John Thune to tell them you support Senator Cruz’s proposed legislation to make local governments liable to private property owners if officials deliberately withhold police protection. And while you are on the phone, you might call Senator Cruz’s office to thank him for stepping into the breach left by the failed leadership of Democrat city and state officials across the country.

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No state bailouts

Federal money for disasters is only for "Acts of Nature" and "Forces of God" that are unpreventable. Rioting is neither and I do not want my tax money going to irresponsible Democrat Governors and states that elect them.