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Assault on America, Day 594: Joe ‘n Kamala, Day 1: Viruses & the Post Office by infomercial

Day One Dem Convention
If the socially-distanced Democrat Convention is this bad, Republicans better get it right

I wonder if they realized it would be this bad… how could they not?

The thought occurred to me a little over a half an hour into Monday night’s opening segment of the Democrat National Convention, more popularly known as the Joe Biden is the earthly deity (not to be confused with Charlamagne tha God the radio host) who is the answer to everything that ails America today. Of course, the scenes of violence taking place in America’s cities -- particularly Seattle, Portland and New York City -- aren’t the issue to Democrats. No, racism is the real plague!

I should be careful using the “plague” word because if you listened to Democrat politicians -- and there were a parade of ‘em on Monday night -- the COVID-19 pandemic is everywhere in the dis-United States today. Man, that illusive Chinese bug is just decking good people on every street corner (like the BLM thugs), isn’t it? Democrats want Joe Biden to be on the ballot, but his real running mate isn’t the African-Jamaican (I meant American?) Kamala Harris -- it’s the coronavirus!

Democrats’ standard arguments were very much in evidence -- Trump didn’t take the pandemic seriously, didn’t “lead,” left the state and local authorities to fend for themselves, didn’t care about the little people, etc. The governor and mayor ordered lockdowns weren’t to blame for any of the economic malaise! And what about hydroxychloroquine? “Let us find strength to do the work,” said Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer. They really laid it on thick with a video compilation of faces from folks who succumbed to COVID-19. Shouldn’t we make one every year from flu deaths, too?

How about a video featuring the faces of women who regret their abortions?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo droned on about how leadership matters and it sometimes amounts to the difference between life and death. It’s curious Cuomo should be so certain about the topic since his state is still, by far, number one in the number of deaths. The young woman (who followed Cuomo) whose father died of COVID-19, outright blamed her dad’s passing on Trump because the man “trusted” the president. Yup…. Not exactly a shock, but the irresponsible accusations were flying from all corners.

And these are the people who would “unite” the country?

Something that was actually surprising was the number of “canned” speeches from Democrats who weren’t speaking live. It felt like watching a series of highly polished campaign commercials rather than a convention of delegates gathered to nominate a party standard-bearer. And the “live” speakers weren’t much better prepared. Rep. James Clyburn -- sometimes known as the man who single-handedly saved Joe Biden’s campaign -- even had to start his speech over.

After a nicely done video of kids from the fifty states singing the national anthem (where was the kneeling?) the disjointed program, hosted by 45-year-old shapely actress Eva Longoria-Baston, continued on with a series of videos of supposedly ordinary citizens talking about standard Democrat talking points -- social justice, systemic racism, blah, blah, blah. The one “unifying” force to Democrats is President Donald Trump.  

George Floyd’s brother spoke for a few minutes about what a great guy his brother was and the “fight” for justice must continue because you know, all policemen are inherently racist and Floyd himself didn’t do anything to provoke the treatment he received (and I am not defending what occurred, which clearly looked to be a notch beyond excessive). There was no mention of the injustices taking place all the time in African-American neighborhoods -- from thugs who prey on innocents.

These people are so detached from reality. The Democrat stage show of videos, canned addresses, music snippets and assorted sob stories. It just didn’t work. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer looked like a wax figure speaking in front of a backdrop of flags. Her folksy midwestern accent is quaint, isn’t it? It reminded me a little of Sarah Palin’s manner of speaking which was ripped to shreds by the media as backwards and ignorant.

NeverTrumpers were there too! Speaking via video, there was Meg Whitman, Christine Todd Whitman, Susan Molinari and last but not least, 2016 GOP loser John Kasich. Kasich looked like he was perched in the middle of an empty farm field for his bit, no doubt surrounded by the number of people who still think he’s relevant in American politics! Kasich’s mumbo jumbo was followed by brief testimonials from other Republicans who think Joe Biden is such a great guy!

A recent addition to the Democrats’ fear/smear campaign is a fierce defense of the United States Post Office! Democrats insist that President Trump wants to do away with the government service that can’t seem to sustain itself, and the reason why he hates it so much is… drumroll please -- because he wants to keep people from voting! Dang, if the postal service is the key to our nation’s survival, we’re all in big trouble! Maybe the mail service folks should join with AMTRAK to provide a quality service that private industry can’t duplicate!

The compiled video showing most or all of the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates was particularly humorous, but it wasn’t intended to be. In just a few short minutes the twenty-something candidates basically restated the reasons why they weren’t chosen by Democrat voters! If Joe Biden was such a perfect fit, why was he roundly rejected by the first three states to vote? Didn’t Joe finish a distant fourth in Iowa? An even more pathetic fifth in New Hampshire? Wasn’t he trounced by Bernie Sanders in Nevada?

In her brief appearance on the video, Kamala Harris said “Donald Trump doesn’t understand who we are as Americans.” But she does? “The moment has found the person, and that person is Joe Biden,” said Tom “Howdy Doody” Steyer. Really, Tom?

By the time Crazy Bernie spoke (at about 10:30 eastern), anyone with half a brain who was still watching no doubt had a thick coat of haze in their eye sockets. Sanders’ tone changed quite a bit in the months after the primaries ended. Bernie now thinks Joe Biden is the key to redeeming America, giving everyone great paying jobs and saving the American entitlement programs. Oh yeah, and halting climate change by transitioning American energy into clean electricity within fifteen years! All by himself! Watch those electric planes fly!

And Sanders said Trump is an authoritarian. How would Biden do all of this?

The “keynote” speaker of the evening was former first lady Michelle Obama. The big O’s wife practically dripped with emotion as she talked about people sacrificing and overcoming because they wanted something more. What a layer of puffed-up nonsense. Michelle said the “job is hard and requires clear-headed judgement.” Does this sound like Joe Biden? Grampa Joe can’t even remember where he is at any given moment.

Obama literally begged people to vote for Grampa Joe in a tone that was part timeshare saleswoman and part infomercial. She accused Republicans and conservatives of suppressing the vote. Anyone forget what the Obamas really represented?

Whatever happened to “When they go low, we go high?”

The Democrat commentators on Fox (Donna Brazille and Juan Williams) found it curious Michelle didn’t mention Kamala Harris in her talk. Maybe she “taped” her speech before the announcement? That’s what the whole evening felt like.

Practically every speaker -- except for the “ordinary” folks on video -- said something like “I’ve known Joe Biden for a long time,” like it’s a badge of honor and qualifies the mentally slipping dolt to serve as president. In reality, it just means one, the speaker’s been in Washington far too long and two, Biden’s never done anything else in his life. If Democrats had thought creatively enough, they could’ve compiled pictures of Joe alongside Teddy Kennedy and Robert “KKK” Byrd in the 70’s. That would drive home the point.

Yes, it really was that bad. Thankfully, President Trump is offering some alternative viewing, even this week.

Sleep enhancing remote Democrat convention typically outshone by Trump travel show

Anything you can do, I can do better -- I can do anything better than you.” -- Annie Get You Gun, Irving Berlin’s classic production first performed in 1946.

President Donald Trump could’ve just as easily written the famous Broadway show tune himself because his less-than-quiet confidence lends itself to believing he can put on a better performance than the Democrats this week, even when all eyes will be (or could be?) on lifelong politicians (never had a private sector real job, either one of them!) Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to demonstrate they’re up to the task of leading the country through extraordinarily difficult circumstances at home and abroad.

It used to be that incumbent presidents and members of both political parties adhered to an unwritten set of rules and remained relatively silent and out-of-the-picture while the opposing faction held their quadrennial gathering of screaming partisans wearing funny hats and buttons, but not Trump this year. While Democrats -- at least some of them -- are gathered doing stuff in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Trump is hitting the proverbial road to generate publicity at the same moment liberals are supposedly basking in their own revelry.

Democrats have shattered and blown to bits just about every shred of inter-party decency and decorum that still remained after the George W. Bush and Barry O. presidencies in Trump’s first three-and-a-half years in the Oval Office, so why shouldn’t he give his own supporters something to be happy about this week? Rob Crilly reported at The Washington Examiner yesterday, “President Trump [embarked] on a busy schedule of counterprogramming as the Democratic convention begins, criss-crossing the country before arriving in Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Thursday.

“Officials say they want to contrast the president’s travels with the presumptive nominee staying close to home to deliver his convention speech. On the day that Biden is due to accept the nomination, the president’s visit to Pennsylvania, they say, will highlight residents’ allegations that Biden touts his blue-collar roots without having delivered much for Scranton…

“The campaign has had to retool in the time of the coronavirus. Gone are the mass rallies in indoor arenas so beloved by Trump. Instead, [the] swing through battleground states will see the president appear at airfields where hangars will allow dispersed audiences.”

It’s an overused cliché, but this is a stroke of brilliance. The Trump campaign needs venues that are secure, outdoors and covered, so what place could possibly work better than an airport hangar? Maybe a domed stadium with a retractable roof, but that might be a little bit too large.

It should be noted, Candidate Trump held a number of rallies in such places in 2016. With his Trump jet as a backdrop, the would-be president literally jetted-in, spoke to his enthusiastic crowds and jetted out -- off to the next destination! It was a demonstration of the businessman’s keen sense of efficiency and maximizing valuable time.

With Biden largely “grounded” the past five months, does he even have a campaign jet? Hillary Clinton’s “Stronger Together” Boeing 737 (Trump’s was a considerably larger 757) became almost as recognizable as Trump’s ride in 2016. But it's highly doubtful Clinton’s airliner logged nearly as many miles. Biden and Hillary might be different genders, but they share something in common: both don’t seem to have the endurance necessary to conduct a full-throttle campaign. Trump, on the other hand, thrives on travel.

Because of their enormous size and location next to the tarmac, a hangar provides all the room needed to house several thousand guests in the outdoor air. Together with various virus preventative measures -- social-distancing, gobs of hand-sanitizer and (strongly-recommended) masks -- not even the prudist pandemic-paranoid media member can chastise the Trump campaign for being “careless” and irresponsible by conducting a campaign event. And best of all, the president will bring some of the traditional election year excitement back to the game.

The media will likely interpret Trump’s thumbing-his-nose-at-Democrats gesture as a sign of desperation, but that’s hardly reality. By choosing up-for-grabs swing states like Minnesota and Wisconsin (where thousands of Democrats were supposed to gather) yesterday, Arizona today and Pennsylvania (Scranton, Grampa Joe Biden’s hometown!) on Thursday, Trump is signaling that he isn’t about to let the mask-mandating snobs and fearmonger-ers dictate what he can and can’t do.

With polls continuing to tighten ahead of the party conventions -- one was released yesterday showing Trump and Biden nearly tied in 15 so-called battleground states -- it’s vital to ensure that the message gets out. And while it’s not quite “crunch time” in the campaign, the foundation that’s laid now could make the difference when people cast their votes. The data gathered at these smaller events is just as important as at bigger ones.

In so doing, Trump’s also conveying several Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan if you prefer) virus-related implications with his decision to hit the road. First, the president is leading by example in sending the unspoken message that it’s okay to go outside and take part in life again. The Democrats’ push for mandatory nationwide masks makes no sense in areas that aren’t hotspots for virus transmission (which is most places) -- and even less so in the great outdoors.

Unemployment figures are improving from the peak of joblessness a few months ago but they’re still down considerably from the (forgive the term) healthy economy earlier this year. The debt-ridden government cannot support people forever, so it’s extremely urgent for America’s political leadership to encourage reopening the economy even further. One side of the spectrum wants to keep everything shut down. Trump represents those who want to work and provide for themselves and their families.

It's been stated over and over again, but there are health consequences to government-imposed home confinement -- and it’s become evident that they’re more of a threat than the mysterious Chinese virus. For those who contract COVID-19 -- such as 66-year-old Congressman Louie Gohmert recently did -- survivability is greatly enhanced through early use of hydroxychloroquine and a vitamin regimen that bolsters the human body’s immune system.

The CCP virus is not a death sentence. Even in the most threatened demographic categories, it’s successfully treated in the vast majority of cases. Should we try to prevent it? Absolutely. But it’s time to live and work again -- without fear.

Democrats and “science” skeptics poo-pooed hydroxychloroquine when Trump touted it several months back, likely costing thousands of lives through pure misinformation. Liberal party members jump at the chance to blame Trump for the death count, but where’s the accountability?

Perhaps most importantly, by holding very visible -- and safe -- public events, Trump sets a stark contrast with the Democrats this week, all of whom are supposedly planning to speak remotely -- or on tape -- rather than in front of gatherings of supporters. This includes Grampa Joe and his new number two, Kamala Harris. If Trump isn’t afraid to speak in front of crowds, what excuse do Democrats have for (literally) hiding away behind their masks?

The economic consequences of keeping the country’s businesses locked down will start showing up soon in the places that haven’t been leveled already. Violence continues in America’s cities and Democrats offer no realistic solutions to any of these vexing dilemmas other than instructing people to cower in fear for their lives and to propose and pass massive federal bills to bailout blue states and cities.

Trump is sending a very important signal by continuing to campaign during the Democrat convention. The race is far from settled in either direction and the post-Labor Day traditional canvassing season is upon us. Democrats hope Biden’s basement bunker “run out the clock” strategy will pay dividends. Here’s thinking it’s a miscalculation which will guarantee four more years in the political wilderness for them.

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