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Our Advice For The GOP Convention

The Democrat National Convention was completely devoid of substance and vision, so after a week of “Orange Man Bad” Americans have no idea what Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to do should the country have the misfortune to fall under their rule.

And that’s probably the whole idea, because if voters did have a clear picture of what Democrats have planned for the country should they obtain power Trump would be reelected in a landslide.

Which means Republicans and the Trump team must make this week’s convention all about the Democrats’ agenda, not about Joe Biden’s lack of mental acuity and Kamala Harris’s lack of personality and principles.

As CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie pointed out in his book “TAKEOVER” Republicans never, ever win the presidency unless they nationalize the election by campaigning on a conservative agenda— drawing a sharp contrast between the Democrat worldview and the conservative worldview.

Sometimes Democrats assist in this effort by being Democrats—as Walter Mondale famously did in 1984 when he admitted, “Reagan won’t raise taxes; I will.” But if the campaign becomes a bidding war for benefits Democrats will win—they are the party of the delivery of ever-increasing services, and Republicans will never outbid them for the votes of special-interest groups or payments to the aggrieved, nor should they try.

A perfect example of a potential Trump failure in this regard is the role the “Log Cabin Republicans” are rumored to have been granted during the Convention. The Log Cabin Republicans are a coalition of Republicans who support the radical agenda of the special rights for homosexuals movement. Their agenda is indistinguishable from that of the radical Leftists who have pushed for laws that in essence prohibit the free exercise of religion by demanding churches and individuals disavow the Biblical definition of marriage and Biblical injunctions against the homosexual lifestyle. It would be a major error for the GOP to dilute President Trump’s strong support among traditional Catholics and Evangelicals by pursuing the tiny number of votes he might garner by embracing the Log Cabin Republicans.

Giving Ambassador Ric Grennell who is an open homosexual (and who has performed in stellar fashion in every job President Trump has given him), a speaking role to demonstrate it is possible to treat homosexuals with respect as individual human beings and value their patriotic contributions does not require embracing the anti-Biblical agenda of the Log Cabin Republicans.

The GOP Convention line-up looks better at drawing a contrast with Democrats on matters of race and the Democrats’ embrace of the radical Marxist agenda of the BLM movement.

Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, with his "cotton to Congress in one lifetime" message and state Representative Vernon Jones, a Democratic state representative from Georgia who endorsed President Trump, football great and GOP congressional candidate Burgess Owens, White House staffer Ja'Ron Smith, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and Kim Klacik, the GOP candidate running in a deep blue Maryland congressional district who recently released a viral campaign ad, are all strong Black pro-Trump voices who have or will well represent the Republican Party on TV, but as public officials and candidates they are conventional choices.

Former football great Herschel Walker made a touchdown with his story of his personal relationship with President Trump and refuting the Democrat charge that Donald Trump is a racist. Criminal justice reform beneficiary and advocate Alice Marie Johnson is a great “outside the box” choice, as is civil rights icon Clarence Henderson, but there are so many other Black conservatives whose stories would move votes in the Black community to President Trump’s column the President’s team would do well to add some more non-candidates to the schedule – Star Parker, founder of Urban CURE and Candace Owens, an early spokesperson for Turning Point USA, who are two of the country’s most compelling speakers on the contrast between Democrats and Republicans on matters of race, come immediately to mind.

Finally, we think the President’s team hit a home run inviting Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who were forced to defend their home from a howling mob of BLM protesters, and had their guns confiscated and were threatened with prison as a result.

If there is one incident that encapsulates what typical Americans can expect if Democrats achieve power it is the experience of the McCloskeys – who were peacefully enjoying their home when a mob broke down the gate to their neighborhood and threatened them; the police didn’t – or wouldn’t – come and they were forced to defend their home, per the guarantee of the Second Amendment. However, when they exercised the God-given right of self-defense, without harming anyone we should add, the full force of the (Soros-backed) state was focused on them, their guns were illegally confiscated and they were threatened with prosecution and lengthy prison terms. Fortunately, a Republican Governor stepped in and it looks like the McCloskeys can go about their lives unmolested.

Having the McCloskeys tell their story probably seemed like a risky move to the President’s establishment advisors, but no other incident draws the contrast between Trump’s America and what life would be like for gun owners and citizens who merely wish for the peaceful enjoyment of their lives than what happened to the McCloskeys at the hands of Democrats and their violent supporters.

Last night the non-candidates and "regular people" stole the show. The GOP Convention gives President Trump and his team an opportunity to do what the Democrats failed to do – draw a distinct contrast between President Trump’s MAGA agenda and what the Democrats have said they will do if elected.

The last night's speeches hit all the right notes, and so far it looks like Republicans recognize that attacking Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline is not enough. The list of Republican National Convention speakers released so far is an excellent start, but by week's end the Trump team must make sure the contrast between the Democrats' agenda and the Trump agenda is sharp and unmistakable.

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I replied to a Facebook post

I replied to a Facebook post earlier today asserting that Trump supporters are one issue voters (if that). I offered in no particular order of preference 10 reasons:

1) Pro 2A,
2) Border security / build the wall (I don't give a $#!+ who pays for it)
3) Sovereign nation #MAGA (not globalist)
4) Capitalist (not socialist)
5) Energy independence / net exporter 1st time since the 70's / non-reliance on countries that have sworn to destroy us
6) Pro business / deregulation / wealth through work / lowest unemployment for all since WWII,
7) NATO countries pay their fair share
8) Save our children from the horrors of child trafficking / the end of Hollywood & elite pedo free-for-all
9) Rebuild the military to be the greatest force on the planet before engaging in policing the world's problems / Space Force
10) Back the blue / All lives matter (BLM and ANTIFA are domestic terrorists as evidenced by the fact that peaceful protests don't involve killing, looting, setting fires, destruction of monuments / cancel culture, attacking innocents, explosives, or deliberate use of lasers with the intent to blind).

We had earlier discussions on abortion and faith, so I listed these as 10 more. It helps to have those on the fence know the "why". The media sure won't tell is, so it's incumbent upon us to do so.