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Assault on America, Day 603: RNC vs. DNC, Day 3: Pence, Old Glory, and the real Donald Trump

Mike Pence
Why is the Republican convention so much better than the Democrats’?

Lord knows I’m biased, but this week’s Republican National Convention has been leaps and bounds better than last week’s Democrat version, and this certainly includes Wednesday night’s Day 3 program capped off by Vice President Mike Pence’s stirring address in Baltimore, Maryland, at the historic Fort McHenry National Monument (more on this below). It’s almost as though the forced cancellation of the “regular” mass party gathering has been a godsend for the GOP. The program’s entertainment value alone has exceeded that of any convention in history. Who knows, after this, we may never see another “normal” Republican event ever again.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which aspect Republicans got right and Democrats got wrong, since just about everything the RNC has tried this week trumped the pathetic Democrat attempt to conduct a noteworthy, memorable quadrennial nationwide meeting remotely. But then again, folks will remember the 2020 Democrat gathering for a long time, too -- but for how awful it was in tone, setting, presentation and, for lack of a better way to put it, talent.

I asked at the beginning of last week, “Did they (Democrats) know it was going to be this bad?” If only the Republicans had gone first this year maybe the Democrats could’ve learned a little something about how to put on a show that attracts and motivates people rather than insults and repels them. Of course, all Democrats have to offer is relentless and unfair savaging of President Donald Trump and his administration over the ever-shrinking Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan if you prefer) virus panic. Oh yeah, there was the Post Office thing where liberals accused conservatives of favoring voter suppression over two months before Election Day.

The most striking difference between the two conventions is synopsized as “live” versus “canned.” For some reason Democrats took to the notion that social distancing, mask requirements and mass-produced fright over CCP virus infection rates granted them license to stay in their homes and submit their speeches and input via video in controlled environments. In doing so, Democrats feigned showing they “care” about people by not spreading the plague. But the first three days of the GOP version showed you can diversify (a word Democrats usually like) locations and still keep everyone safe from infection.

The only way anyone knew the DNC was actually in Milwaukee was because they kept showing the outside of the building. The inside façade, as far as I could tell, was only used to host the program (and there was a different Hollywood “star” doing it every night, too. Odd).

How’re Democrats taking the beating? I can’t say for sure, but their reactions this week must be akin to little children asking mom why they didn’t get to play when all the other kids are out having fun. Can’t you just picture Kamala Harris saying it? “Joe, if those awful sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, trans-phobic and every other -phobic Republicans can speak outside at cool places like Fort McHenry, why couldn’t we have done something similar to make us look better? Instead we were cooped up inside in that cheesy stage in Wilmington donning masks when we weren’t flapping our gums?”

The distinction is not only the settings -- or lack thereof in the case of Democrats -- it’s the message, too. It’s been mentioned a lot this week, but Republicans aren’t settling for the media’s narrative of certain societal collapse due to the Trump administration’s alleged mishandling of the coronavirus response. And GOPers certainly aren’t sitting back while the violence and riots are taking place in many blue cities across the land. They’re speaking out. All of ‘em.

In contrast, Democrats are joining with those using isolated and unexplained police incidents caught on smart phone video as an excuse to tear down the fabric of the country. Republicans acknowledge the need for reform and continued improvement but still emphasize that America is the greatest nation in history and its foundation was and remains strong if only the people acknowledge and honor it. The “protesters” often don’t know or understand the reasons they’re protesting, marching because someone fills their heads with a load of nonsense that isn’t backed up by the facts.

If Democrats assert President Trump and Republicans can’t even say “Black Lives Matter,” then it’s obvious liberals can’t say “Stop the violence, thugs. Respect the police. The justice system will take care of random incidents of excessive force. Cut it out!” either.

And if this week hasn’t thoroughly put to rest any notion that Trump hates brown people and legal immigrants, what would possibly do it? Who is more believable on the subject of racism, broken down old senile coot Bernie Sanders (who insists that Trump is a racist) or Tim Scott, Jack Brewer, Herschel Walker and Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones (among others)? Trump refuted everything the Dems say about him within the span of five minutes while hosting and speaking at a naturalization ceremony on Tuesday. It sure as heck beats having Grampa Joe sitting on a stool talking to people on screens via live feed. Yuck!

The media has repeatedly chastised Republicans for holding a mask-free convention. But duh, aren’t all these people tested repeatedly to even get near the president? How stupid does it get?

What say ye now, Democrats?

The media and Democrats want it to be all about COVID-19, but they’re losing it

Even as Vice President Mike Pence stepped to the microphone on Wednesday night, many minds were elsewhere. It’s not because people didn’t care about Pence’s words or message, but because Hurricane Laura was already slamming the Louisiana coast before making landfall, and, folks had just been served another dose of video imagery from the Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots where shootings are occurring and people are dying.

As usual whenever a politician with stature speaks, the camera panned the impressive (in the age of the CCP virus, at least) gathering at Fort McHenry to witness Pence’s address. Very few of the audience members were wearing masks, and the chairs, while clearly set up with social distance in mind, weren’t far enough apart to give skittish liberal viewers at home a comfortable sense of plague prevention.

Close-ups of the attendees revealed there were many from the most threatened virus categories, mostly older folks, including the vice president’s 87-year-old mother. I thought, ‘It doesn’t matter what Pence says tonight, to the media, this is all about the coronavirus.’ Sure enough, after Pence finished speaking and was joined by President Trump and the first wives for a memorable joint photo session with Fort McHenry all around them, I switched to CNN and they weren’t talking about the hurricane, the violence or Pence’s message -- they were dwelling on how the Republican convention proved the party doesn’t care about the Chinese sickness.

Oh yeah, singer Trace Adkins performed a wonderful version of “The Star Spangled Banner,” which will certainly be replayed over and over in coming years.

Democrats are trying desperately to redirect the election narrative back to where it was a month ago when everyone was still supposedly in a panic about the rising number of positive cases and deaths having creeped up, seemingly on a daily basis. It provided the rationale for Grampa Joe to stay hidden in his air-tight basement bunker where he could get away with granting a token few interviews to media hosts of choice while the rest of the journos continued to assail Trump for “not caring” about the nation’s health.

Well, Republicans have shown this week that they weren’t about to be intimidated into conducting a rotten, boring, infomercial-like convention (like the DNC), and the country isn’t prepared to sit back and be shut down again by Joe Biden’s edict and Kamala Harris’s condescension. The threat from COVID-19 remains, but it’s being dwarfed by things like mammoth storms in the gulf and the continuing unrest in blue cities all across the country.

Blubber on all you want, Democrats. The nation’s had enough experience with the CCP virus to recognize that the vulnerable need to take extra precautions -- and everyone else can live pretty normal lives with the addition of lots of sanitizer, keeping reasonable distance from the next human being, and masks indoors where prudent/required.

The rest is up to the people themselves, as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem indicated earlier in the program (She was the first to speak, a great way to kick-off the evening).

Too many great speaking performances is a good problem to have

One of the many ways this week’s Republican convention has impressed me is the quality of the speaking lineup from top-to-bottom. Perhaps it’s because pretty much all of them are delivering relatively short, focused speeches, but organizers obviously did their homework in selecting the best of the best to appear during the evening nationally televised sessions.

On Wednesday night there were simply too many noteworthy speakers to discuss at length here, beginning with Pence, who spoke for a little over a half hour. The vice president provided a rigorous defense of the Trump administration’s record -- and the president himself. Pence humorously referred to Trump having a lot of opinions and a willingness to share them. It isn’t always satisfying to the media, but it’s great to have a chief executive who doesn’t shrink from challenges -- or confrontations.

Other especially notables were White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who discussed her agonizing decision to undergo a preventative mastectomy and how President Trump cared enough about her (this was before she was elevated to the position as lead press confronter) to check up on her while she was in the hospital. Similarly, outgoing Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway talked about her years’ worth of personal experiences with Trump and emphasized how he goes out of his way to empower women in his businesses and government.

Sister Dede Byrne, a surgeon and retired U.S. Army officer who works with the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, was terrific in discussing the pro-life issue and credited Trump with being the most beneficial president ever for those fighting for the rights of the unborn. (Note: CNN and MSNBC didn’t show her speaking. Wonder why?)

Former NFL player Jack Brewer and civil rights activist Clarence Henderson furthered the days-long message that President Trump is not a racist, and he must be reelected to continue the work of improving the economy for African-Americans. Again, this has been a strong theme this week, one of the biggest takes from the convention.

Lara Trump (Eric’s wife) talked about her personal journey. She indicated she was just a regular gal who grew up in North Carolina and attended public schools who then went to New York because she heard “If you can make it there you can make it anywhere.” She ended up meeting a Trump and marrying into the family. Now she’s a wonderful example of the American dream, and, I think, the best speaker and public face of the Trump group.

Richard Grenell was incredible. Speaking just prior to Pence, Grenell gave a passionate defense of President Trump’s foreign policy and countered the media’s depiction of Trump as an inexperienced and incapable novice on the world stage. Great, great performance.

There were others. Republicans are doing a heck of a job this week.

In real estate, location is everything. Maybe in politics too?

Last week Michelle Obama delivered her address to the Democrat convention from the sterile comfort of the former first couple’s luxurious spread on Martha’s Vineyard. Seeing as the big O’s wife didn’t even mention Kamala Harris in her lengthy monologue, it’s safe to assume the career liberal rabble rouser prerecorded the appearance well in advance. In other words, not only was it not “live” -- it was quite “dead” and outdated at the same time.

The next night (Tuesday), would-be presidential wife Jill Biden spoke from a mostly empty school where she was joined at the end by the nominee himself, Joe Biden (who said “I’m Jill Biden’s husband” but sounded a lot like “I’m Joe Biden’s husband” -- took a couple times replaying it to tell the difference!). Jill delivered a nice talk, but the setting? Could it get any duller? It practically echoed in the lifeless environment.

On Wednesday, Kamala Harris spoke from the “studio” that had been set up for Grampa Joe’s acceptance moment. Canned? To say the least! The stage looked as though it was set up in a high school auditorium (maybe it was?).

This week, Senator Tim Scott spoke from the “real” RNC convention in Charlotte to close the first day on a grand stage more fitting of a major political nominating event. Tuesday night, the GOP powers-that-be staged Melania Trump outdoors in the White House Rose Garden in front of a socially distanced live audience. Last night, Mike Pence used Fort McHenry as a backdrop. All of the backgrounds gave greater gravity to their words in addition to adding excellent show quality.

How could Democrats have been so short-sighted on presentation and planning? For months Grampa Joe Biden’s been criticized for cowering away from the world in his supposedly CCP-virus-proof basement, but at the DNC, the entire party cast was equally sequestered at the risk of everyone appearing scared to death of venturing outside within shouting distance of the human race. Is that the right message to convey?

And whoever thought of posting Vice President Pence at the inspirational “birthplace” of the Star Spangled Banner/National Anthem deserves a raise and a promotion. The symbolism alone was worth the price of whatever it cost to set up the backdrop. With all the flag-bashing Black Lives Matter morons bouncing basketballs in Orlando or preparing to demonstrate (kneel) on NFL Sunday in a few weeks, what better way to say you stand for American patriotism and traditions?

If the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” contains any truth, twenty minutes of video in a truly inspiring location is worth… what, a million? Democrats cemented their image as purveyors of fear and big government nanny-state cowardice. Republicans improved their brand as the party of principles and good, down-home America. Which will voters favor in November?

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