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Assault on America, Day 604: RNC vs. DNC, Day 4: Trump recital earns encore on Election Day

Trump and Melania
Donald Trump had a lot to say… and he took a long time saying it.

It's safe to say there aren’t many times when our expectations are fully met, but Thursday night’s final speech to a gathering of thousands (?) to conclude the 2020 Republican National Convention was one of them. President Donald Trump put on a performance for the ages, or at least a show that will set the standard for future political conventions.

With the White House as a backdrop, Trump summed up the four years of his first term and laid out an agenda for his second, should he be reelected in November. Right about now I imagine Democrats are regretful that they schemed to prevent the “original” GOP meeting from taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina. A “regular” convention façade would’ve been so much less attention-grabbing than the executive mansion turned out to be for Trump’s ultimate denouement. But what’s done is done and Trump squeezed every iota of value from his opportunity.

The speech lasted well over an hour. When you add in the fireworks show at the end, the president kept people up until close to midnight eastern daylight time. But it was worth it!

Afterwards, Fox News’s Chris Wallace said Trump mentioned Joe Biden 41 times during his talk. Clearly, President Trump felt the need to highlight all of the lies and distortions that his opponent -- and his opponent’s party -- has been saying about him for the past year-and-half, but it was more than that. Trump was poised to seize the moment to defend before a national audience the multitude of good things that have occurred in America since he decided to enter politics.

Much of the speech centered on policy issues and setting contrasts with Biden, mixing in rhetorical flourishes to draw applause -- yes, there was a large (for this day and age) audience -- from the onlookers. But you couldn’t help but sense Trump enjoyed every minute of it. Up behind the lectern with the presidential seal, this was one place the media couldn’t reach him. The pundits at CNN and MSNBC and the writers at the Washington Post and New York Times could only watch in horror as Trump laid the groundwork for not only beating Biden on Election Day, but also for an aggressive offensive of conservative/populist policies to last until 2024.

In essence, Trump’s speech was a grand summation of everything speakers had been saying the previous four days and nights of the convention. It must’ve taken some time to work everything in, but it’s hard to think of a policy area that wasn’t touched on. The president spent a good deal of time talking about law enforcement and keeping Americans safe, a full-throated departure from the Democrat virtual convention/infomercial/telethon where liberal party members praised the “protesters” who’ve risen up across America in blue cities to demonstrate against “systemic racism” and police brutality.

Not Trump. The Republican president talked a lot about “heroes” on Thursday night, and clearly, he meant to lump law enforcement in with military members serving around the globe. American service men and women are tasked with confronting and sometimes killing the nation’s enemies. First responders and police officers must protect people, using deadly force only as a last resort. The names George Floyd and Jacob Blake won’t change the fact that the vast majority of police officers honor to the nth degree their vow to “protect and serve.”

Trump’s hopeful rhetoric contrasted greatly with the situation on the ground in many places across the nation, images on the nightly news that show lawless and destructive behavior by masked thugs who seek to destroy in moments what’s taken many good people a lifetime to build. The president once again offered federal assistance to cities -- but they need to request it. “All they need to do is call,” Trump said.

Naturally Trump dedicated a good portion of his speech to assailing the Washington establishment, particularly in regards to illegal immigration. He said the country has added 300 miles of wall along the southern border and are building at the rate of 10 miles a week. And we’ve deported over five hundred thousand criminal aliens on his watch. That’s a lot of planes headed internationally, isn’t it?

And he made a strong pitch to African-Americans. “I’ve done more for the African-American community than any president since Abraham Lincoln,” Trump boldly proclaimed. “I’ve done more in three years for the black community than Joe Biden has done in 47 years. And when I’m reelected the best is yet to come.” It’s no exaggeration, either, with this president having pushed through long-awaited prison reform, funding for HBCUs and established Opportunity Zones which resulted in black unemployment dipping to historic lows.

Regarding COVID-19, Trump wasn’t about to back down and allow Democrats and the media to falsify his administration’s response. Trump proudly indicated that his travel bans on China and Europe likely saved hundreds of thousands of lives. This can’t be proven either way, but it’s a far cry from Joe Biden’s and his party members’ assertion that Trump is responsible for every coronavirus death in the country. The American people will decide who’s right.

“The fatality rate has been reduced by 80% since April. Europe’s case/fatality rate is three times as high… Joe Biden’s plan isn’t a solution to the virus, it’s a surrender to the virus.”

Trump said a vaccine is on the way, with three currently in the latter stages of testing, suggesting it will be ready by the “end of the year, if not sooner.” Democrats are no doubt working overtime drawing up contingency plans for if/when the vaccine is released before Election Day.

In this area Trump blamed China, setting yet another stark contrast with his opponent. “China would own our country if Joe Biden got elected,” Trump said. He didn’t stop there. “Joe Biden’s agenda is ‘Made in China.’ My agenda is ‘Made in the USA’.” While promising to repatriate vital industries to American soil, it’s clear there’s a rocky road ahead for relations with Asia’s great power if Trump wins another term.   

There was much more, but again, it’s hard to synopsize in this small space. President Donald Trump has accomplished a lot in his time in office and one of the reasons why Republicans and conservatives favor him so broadly is his willingness to say what others wouldn’t dare state, like the blunt truth. “Tonight, we proudly declare that all children, born and unborn, have a God-given right to life.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris -- and nearly all Democrats -- shrink from such crystal-clear declarations. But the big battle is coming, and I’m not just talking about the campaign. The fireworks on Thursday night were a mere prelude to the nastiness of the pyrotechnics to come. The liberal party’s doddering candidate had better be ready to articulate his agenda… because Trump clearly has one. And Trump will pull out all the stops to see that he gets four more years to implement it.

“The Republican Party will remain the home of patriotic heroes who keep America safe and salute the American flag.”

“For America, nothing is impossible.” Bring it on!

The rest of Thursday night wasn’t merely window dressing either

As he was in 2016, President Trump was formally introduced by daughter Ivanka, who exuded confidence as she talked about her father and her family -- and their agenda. As I mentioned the other day, all the Trumps are go-getters. When pitted against the Biden clan, there’s very little comparison (and no, I’m not disparaging dearly departed son Beau, who honorably served in the military). Imagine if Grampa Joe is elected and somehow is able to run again in 2024. Will Hunter introduce his dad and talk about all the sweet deals he’s enjoyed?

In a convention full of emotional highlights, there were many again on Thursday night. Ann Dorn, the widow of slain retired St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn, spoke about her husband and his lifetime of service as well as his senseless death. David died protecting a friend’s store from rioters, a point that seems to be lost on those who defend the “protesters” and the negative offshoots of bashing on police officers.

The most effective address was delivered by Carl and Marsha Mueller, parents of Kayla Mueller, an American humanitarian worker killed by ISIS. The Muellers claimed that Kayla would still be alive today if Trump had been president instead of Obama. I couldn’t help but think this was the GOP’s answer to Khizr Khan in 2016. Interesting.

Others making noteworthy appearances were Ben Carson, New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew (who switched parties after the impeachment vote and told it like it is in dealing with Nancy Pelosi), and Dana White (President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship), who talked up Trump’s business prowess via video.

The organizers of the Republican convention did a superior job finding and bringing in speakers who could testify to and further Trump and the party’s congressional candidates’ message. By and large they relayed a ray of hope that America will be its old self again if Trump is reelected and COVID-19 takes its place in history.

The only question remaining is, what comes next?

What can we expect from this amazingly successful convention?

As President Donald Trump finished his speech to close out the 2020 Republican National Convention, the campaign instantly switched from the proverbial training camp and Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus-shortened preseason to the full-on main event. Everything counts in the standings from here on out (not that prior happenings didn’t have an impact before today, but there’s a sense in every presidential election that it gets serious after the parties wrap up their partisan extravaganzas).

That’s typically good for the incumbent party in power. As everyone knows by now, the Democrats received zero (or negative?) bounce from their hideously tedious, boring, insulting, outlandish, over-the-top and decidedly negative convention last week. Polls show President Trump’s favorable ratings actually went up during the Democrats’ week. Updated surveys will reveal whether Trump and the GOP gained ground from their four-night show, but if the TV ratings are any indication, they’ll get some sort of boost.

Of course, here’s thinking the polls will still show Biden with a comfortable lead going into September. But to earnestly accept that the former Obama VP is leading the race defies learned experience and common sense. The contrasts are just too sharp, and current events are way too vivid. The choice is clear and the best selection clearly ain’t Biden. To think that old broken-down swamp creature is winning in the minds of Americans is head-shaking and unrealistic. As Hillary Clinton once quipped, it requires a willing suspension of disbelief.

No matter. Seasoned political observers know that pre-Labor Day polls aren’t always predictive of the eventual outcome. Those same professionals would swear the public is still worried sick about the health pandemic and they’ll cite statistics to bolster their arguments. Never mind that many of the nation’s cities are being destroyed from within by rioting and “protests.” To the media, it’s all like that scene in “The Naked Gun” where Sargent Frank Drebin says “Nothing to see here, move along” as a crowd gathers to watch as a building bursts into flames.

Sorry, Democrats. The American people aren’t that dumb or clueless… or at least the ones who regularly pay attention to the actual news (not the media’s sensationalism).

That being said, there are plenty of people who will vote for Biden. Some think he’s actually a decent man who will govern with honor. And a lot of others just hate President Trump (commonly referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome). The ones in the middle who still haven’t made up their minds are the targets for both parties in the next two months. Trump and Republicans outlined what they intend to offer this week. What will Joe Biden and the Democrats do?

First and foremost, Grampa Joe needs to come out and campaign. Now that it’s been shown -- by Trump -- that it’s safe to fly and visit locations with reasonable precautions and an abundance of testing, there’s no reason to keep oneself locked in a safe. Put it this way -- there’s no guarantee that there will be a vaccine or proven cure for the CCP virus by next year, which means the new president will actually have to do some mingling in order to function. If Joe won’t leave his sterile environment now, what will compel him to do it next January?

Or maybe he’ll just order a nationwide lockdown and exempt himself from it. It also could be he’s developing a whole-head mask to strap himself into in a test-run for a mandatory executive order.

Let’s face it, Democrats hope like heck that the Biden-voter instigated violence magically stops and COVID-19 spikes. It sounds awful to say it, but maybe someone really famous will need to catch the disease and if not die, be hospitalized for weeks. Yes, Britain’s Boris Johnson battled the Wuhan virus, but he’s in the U.K., and, well, that seems like ages ago.

Or, it might take something like the NFL season being severely impacted by COVID-19 -- and not just guys catching the virus. SOMEBODY must get noticeably sick and suffer from this mysterious ailment or it will continue being just a problem we hear about in the establishment media. This isn’t downplaying the seriousness of the virus or attempts to deal with it. But we already know that vulnerable people -- through age or other health related conditions -- are most at risk. Young and healthy people generally aren’t afflicted with anything more serious than a low grade fever, dry cough and stigmatizing by the panic-all-the-time crowd.

The virus is a proven killer for the elderly. The young? Hardly. It’s a myth. And perceptions are distorted by the media.

What about the violence? Even Democrats are talking about how it’s impacting the presidential race, and it isn’t doing anything to help ol’ Grampa Joe look more substantial because he’s avoiding the subject. He’s come out in the past few days saying he sympathizes with Jacob Blake’s (the “victim” in the Kenosha, Wisconsin police shooting incident) family but hasn’t passed along similar support for law enforcement or the concept that one is innocent until proven guilty.

Yesterday, Biden said he was looking into whether it was safe for him to fly because he wanted to go visit Blake’s kin. What would he do? Grampa Joe says he would bring the black community and “white community” together to try and work out some sort of solution to systemic racism. I’ve been pale skinned all my life and never once have I ever thought there was such a thing as a “white community.”

Why defend the protesters when they’re basically providing cover for the miscreants, thugs and anarchists to riot and cause mayhem? Who’s organizing these “protests”? Who’s paying for them? What exactly are they asking for after all these months? It looks like their idea of “justice” is to require anyone who isn’t dark-skinned to move the heck out of their neighborhoods. And the white “protesters”? Maybe they just deny their own existence.

Americans are getting sick of it. And, as usual, professional sports is getting in on the act. Player “protests” over the Wisconsin shooting still under investigation -- NOT the violence -- will only help Trump. This has gone from ridiculous to absurd. Yes, that’s right -- a storm is destroying a big swath of the gulf coast and America’s cities are under siege from goons and these brainless millionaire idiots are kneeling and boycotting.

The NBA is currently holding discussions -- get this -- to potentially cancel the rest of their shortened season over “racial justice” worries. If they do it, they might as well just void their player contracts because the league is finished (at least with the large segment of the public that’s sick of this garbage). Major League Baseball teams also cancelled games to “boycott.”

Facts? What are those? Where’s Joe Biden on these issues? Will the media ask him what he thinks about the boycotts?

The old saying goes, “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch,” but it apparently isn’t true in Black Lives Matter-coddling Democrat-land where one bad apple (and this works for rogue cops as well as the “victims” of the incidents usually having criminal records as long as a novel) is separated from the others, not to toss in the trash bin, but to be raised up as a semi-deity. George Floyd? Jacob Blake? Heroes? Role models for children? Who really thinks this?

Get ready for one memorable campaign ride, folks. And it all starts today.

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