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Trump Takes The Viguerie Path To Victory

President Trump speech
When the Republican National Convention opened we offered the GOP and the Trump campaign some advice from CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie’s book TAKEOVER: Republicans never, ever win the presidency unless they nationalize the election by campaigning on a conservative agenda— drawing a sharp contrast between the Democrat worldview and the conservative worldview.

And judging by this week’s convention, and President Trump’s acceptance speech, that contrast is going to be sharply drawn – there will be no pale pastels in the 2020 Trump campaign.

In a statement that no other recent Republican nominee would have made, Donald Trump drew a sharp and irrevocable contrast between himself and Joe Biden:

Joe Biden claims he has empathy for the vulnerable – yet the party he leads supports the extreme late-term abortion of defenseless babies right up to the moment of BIRTH. Democrat leaders talk about moral decency, but they have no problem with stopping a baby's beating heart in the 9th month of pregnancy.

Democrat politicians refuse to protect innocent life, and then they lecture us about morality and saving America's soul? Tonight, we proudly declare that all children, born and unborn, have a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO LIFE.

One of the most important points of contrast between President Trump’s record and the Biden campaign agenda was the President’s demand that the police should be allowed to do their jobs and his clear statement that he respects and admires the work that law enforcement officers do to maintain law and order. In contrast to Joe Biden who has clearly said he supports defunding the police.

The President also was unafraid to address the violence in Democrat-run cities, in contrast to Joe Biden and the Democrats, who studiously avoided any mention of the riots, violence – indeed revolution – taking place in cities they hold up as what America will look like if they win the election. Said the President:

During their convention, Joe Biden and his supporters remained completely silent about the rioters and criminals spreading mayhem in Democrat-Run Cities. In the face of left-wing anarchy and mayhem in Minneapolis, Chicago, and other cities, Joe Biden's campaign did not condemn it – they DONATED to it. At least 13 members of Joe Biden's campaign staff donated to a fund to bail out vandals, arsonists, looters, and rioters from jail.

Here tonight is the grieving family of retired police Captain David Dorn, a 38-year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department. In June, Captain Dorn was shot and killed as he tried to protect a store from rioters and looters. We are honored to be joined tonight by his wife Ann and beloved family members: Brian and Kielen. To each of you: we will never forget the heroic legacy of Captain David Dorn.

As long as I am President, I will defend the absolute right of every American citizen to live in security, dignity, and peace.

If the Democrat Party wants to stand with anarchists, agitators, rioters, looters, and flag-burners, that is up to them, but I, as your President, will not be a part of it. The Republican Party will remain the voice of the patriotic heroes who keep America Safe, said President Trump.

“At the Democrat National Convention, Joe Biden and his party repeatedly assailed America as a land of racial, economic, and social injustice. So tonight, I ask you a very simple question: How can the Democrat Party ask to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country?”

“In the left’s backward view,” said the President, “they do not see America as the most free, just, and exceptional nation on earth. Instead, they see a wicked nation that must be punished for its sins.”

Later the President pointed out:

Last year, over 1,000 African-Americans were murdered as result of violent crime in just four Democrat-run cities. The top 10 most dangerous cities in the country are run by Democrats, and have been for decades. Thousands more African-Americans are victims of violent crime in these communities Joe Biden and the left ignore these American Victims. I NEVER WILL.

“Our opponents say that redemption for YOU can only come from giving power to THEM. This is a tired anthem spoken by every repressive movement throughout history,” said Donald Trump.

"We have spent the last four years reversing the damage Joe Biden inflicted over the last 47 years. At the Democrat convention, you barely heard a word about their agenda," President Trump said. "But that's not because they don't have one. It's because their agenda is the most extreme set of proposals ever put forward by a major party nominee."

And President Trump took the fight directly to Joe Biden, drawing the contrast on Biden’s record of failure on matters of foreign policy and national security:

Unlike previous administrations, I have kept America OUT of new wars – and our troops are coming home. We have spent nearly $2.5 trillion on completely rebuilding our military, which was very badly depleted when I took office. This includes three separate pay raises for our great warriors. We also launched the Space Force, the first new branch of the United States military since the Air Force was created almost 75 years ago.

We have spent the last four years reversing the damage Joe Biden inflicted over the last 47 years.

Biden’s record is a shameful roll call of the most catastrophic betrayals and blunders in our lifetime. He has spent his entire career on the wrong side of history. Biden voted for the NAFTA disaster, the single worst trade deal ever enacted; he supported China's entry into the World Trade Organization, one of the greatest economic disasters of all time. After those Biden calamities, the United States lost 1 in 4 manufacturing jobs. The laid off workers in Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and many other states didn't want Joe Biden's hollow words of empathy, they wanted their jobs back!

As Vice President, he supported the Trans Pacific Partnership which would have been a death sentence for the U.S. Auto Industry; he backed the horrendous South Korea trade deal, which took many jobs from our country. He repeatedly supported mass amnesty for illegal immigrants. He voted FOR the Iraq War; he opposed the mission to take out Osama bin Laden; he opposed killing Soleimani; he oversaw the rise of ISIS, and cheered the rise of China as "a positive development" for America and the world. That's why China supports Joe Biden and desperately wants him to win.

And President Trump wouldn’t let Biden rewrite history on his record on the Wuhan virus:

… When I took bold action to issue a travel ban on China, Joe Biden called it hysterical and xenophobic. If we had listened to Joe, hundreds of thousands more Americans would have died.

Instead of following the science, Joe Biden wants to inflict a painful shutdown on the entire country. His shutdown would inflict unthinkable and lasting harm on our nation's children, families, and citizens of all backgrounds.

The cost of the Biden shutdown would be measured in increased drug overdoses, depression, alcohol addiction, suicides, heart attacks, economic devastation and more. Joe Biden's plan is not a solution to the virus, but rather a surrender.

But perhaps the most important contrast between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was the love of country and boundless confidence and optimism that Donald Trump exudes. Where Biden mouthed empty rote criticisms of America, Trump summoned the Nation to save the American Dream and defeat socialism:

If the Democrat Party wants to stand with anarchists, agitators, rioters, looters, and flag-burners, that is up to them, but I, as your President, will not be a part of it. The Republican Party will remain the voice of the patriotic heroes who keep America Safe.

And in conclusion, the President said:

So tonight, I say again to all Americans: This is the most important election in the history of our country. There has never been such a difference between two parties, or two individuals, in ideology, philosophy, or vision than there is right now.

Our opponents believe that America is a depraved nation.

We want our sons and daughters to know the truth: America is the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world!

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