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Assault on America, Day 609: Post-convention polls don’t match experience and common sense

Trump mask
Polls showing Biden keeping his pre-convention lead are farfetched. Are we missing something?

Does two plus two equal … 6? 8? 10? A hundred and fifty?

One has to wonder if anything makes sense these days, including basic math equations. With both of the major party conventions in the rearview mirror and Labor Day fast approaching, most Americans are laser focused on the upcoming presidential election vote. It’s safe to say, many folks whose job duties can mostly or completely be fulfilled from the home office are still staying close to the house and horrific tales of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus are becoming less and less prevalent on the evening news despite the liberal networks’ frantic efforts to manipulate the data.

Depending on which news outlet you watch, scenes of street violence have supplanted screens filled with scrolling pandemic numbers. The United States just passed the six million confirmed case benchmark, far surpassing any other nation on God’s green earth. Wouldn’t this indicate testing and statistics compiling in America is working rather than exposing rampant and uncontrolled spread?

At any rate, the Democrat virtual convention attempted to make it seem like the virus is everywhere and so contagious that one can catch it simply by looking under a dusty seat condition that hadn’t been disturbed since 1922 (okay, exaggerating a bit, but you get the picture). Not only that, they swear President Donald Trump, his administration and Republicans in Congress are responsible for the mounting confirmed cases and slow uptick in death totals because, well, they’re not all-caring blue state Democrats who were born with more knowledge on how to lead the nation in deaths attributable to COVID-19 (New York has over 33,000, double the next highest, neighboring New Jersey) yet spin the numbers as though they’re really “in the know.” (More on this below.)

Many political observers, including yours truly, believed the post convention candidate preference surveys would reflect a steady erosion of support… for Joe Biden. Not so, at least according to one poll. David Sherfinski reported yesterday at The Washington Times, “Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden held an 8-point lead over President Trump in a national poll taken immediately after last week’s Republican National Convention.

“Mr. Biden held a 51% to 43% lead over Mr. Trump, according to the Morning Consult poll released on Tuesday — the same margin compared to polling taken immediately before the Democratic National Convention. Mr. Trump got a bit of a convention ‘bump’ in the daily tracking numbers right after the Republican National Convention concluded on Thursday, but that boost had dissipated by Sunday. Mr. Biden also led Mr. Trump in a number of battleground states, according to polling conducted from Aug. 21-30...

“Compared to pre-convention polling, Mr. Biden gained ground in states like Arizona and Michigan while Mr. Trump gained ground in states like Pennsylvania and Florida.”

Huh? It’s only natural for partisans from both parties to see their quadrennial brouhaha as the better and more effective convention, but this year it wasn’t even close. Typically speaking, every four years both Republicans and Democrats feature four nights of speeches, the roll-call of states and lots of people in funny hats and sporting catchy buttons. There are plentiful signs, ample crowd noise and a persistent buzz of optimism for their electoral future.

It didn’t happen this year -- on the Democrat side. The minority party’s dreary sets, angry oratories, almost complete absence of star power and relentless assaults on Trump and his voters made theirs a convention to be remembered -- for how awful it was. In contrast, Republicans put on an epic show of citizen testimonials, realistic assessments of current challenges, and, at the end, a fireworks show worth staying up late for.

The poll numbers? Do eyes deceive? Granted politics is seriously polarized in our 2020 world, and who knows how many “independents” and “undecideds” actually watched the big shows, but these poll conclusions aren’t justified by a common sense view of the current situation. With a healthy portion of America’s cities under non-stop bombardment from “protesters” and increasingly prevalent violence, is everyone seeing these images still in the tank for Biden?

For his part, Grampa Joe remains in semi self-sequester having announced he won’t be hitting the campaign trail until next week. The Democrat nominee did deliver a speech yesterday, appearing long enough to lie through his teeth about what’s taking place in urban centers and then placing blame squarely on Trump, even though these jurisdictions are under local Democrat control and beyond the reach of the president short of a request from governors and mayors to intervene.

The tragic shootings that took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last week arguably could’ve been alleviated had the Badger State’s ruler (Democrat Tony Evers) agreed to allow Trump to send in the national guard to keep order -- as the president offered. We all know Biden doesn’t have much shame, but it’s a huge stretch to infer that Black Lives Matter goons and Antifa (or some other leftist organization’s) anarchists are motivated by hatred of Trump and his “rhetoric.”

As a side note, what “rhetoric” are liberals referring to? Is it Trump’s emphasis on America First? Standing for the National Anthem? Publicly touting law enforcement and protecting innocent citizens from looters and arsonists? His support for securing the border and deporting criminal illegal aliens? Or the fact that he’s tweeted messages calling out any number of liberal media personalities or Democrat politicians? How about the 2016 campaign refrain of “Lock her up!” What exactly is it that’s so inflammatory?

What if, rather than setting marked distinctions between himself and “Joe Biden’s America” in his acceptance speech last Thursday night, Trump had sung “Kumbaya” instead? … “Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya... Someone's crying Lord, kumbaya... Someone's praying Lord, kumbaya...”

Maybe it’s about the coronavirus? Of all the Democrat arguments concerning COVID-19 and President Trump’s response to it, perhaps the most curious is that he didn’t react quickly enough to combat it -- he wasn’t “serious”. You know, Trump didn’t impose an Italy-like total lockdown which forbade Americans to leave their homes at all, save for a single trip to the grocery store a week, or something like that. No walks on the street, no routine trips to “essential” businesses (Walmart and Home Depot are “essential,” but churches with adequate precautions aren’t?), no fraternizing with family and friends in socially distanced driveway get-togethers and definitely no participating in live campaign events.

Oh yeah, according to liberals, Trump should’ve ignored Dr. Anthony Fauci’s (and practically every other medical mind’s) advice and declared a nationwide mask mandate from day one, right?. If it had been the case, then both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden would’ve been forced to wear one during their final debate! Who knows, maybe it would’ve made watching those final two hours halfway tolerable!

Regardless of the reason, these poll numbers just don’t add up. All of us have the capability of deciphering the local mood through exchanges with neighbors and the public in stores, businesses and personal interactions. Where is this groundswell of love for Grampa Joe Biden? Is there something we’re all missing? There are plenty of people out there who don’t like Trump and they’re vocal about it. But who is willing to lay it all on the line for Biden the candidate?

Trump masks, signs and bumper stickers tell a very different story from the polls

I am fortunate to live in an area with mixed political affiliations. Judging by the local, state and federal representations, there’s about an equal number of Democrats and Republicans in the surrounding towns and cities. In color terminology, this region is about as purple as it comes with blocs of conservatives, liberals, different ethnic groups and ideological predilections all represented. And a healthy military/federal government presence as well.

At nearby Colonial Williamsburg, for example, there were mid-sized Black Lives Matter protests (and no rioting!) and demonstrations in June. Richmond (former home of the beautiful Monument Avenue, which has been ruined beyond recognition) is about an hour’s drive to the west and to the east is Norfolk and Portsmouth, site of one of the most nauseating and offensive of all Confederate statue desecrations.

Needless to say, people are wary of being too vocal in their political pronouncements. It’s almost as though they need a little nudge to talk about what they’re thinking concerning the upcoming election. But once they receive it, the feelings come pouring out.

For about a month now my teenage son has been wearing a “Trump 2020” mask to indoor establishments. Prior to then he wasn’t wild about donning any kind of face covering, but putting campaign paraphernalia over his mouth and nose has instilled a new sense of enthusiasm for the practice. I wondered what would result from such an open display of partisan preference, but surmised that thugs and violent leftists might grant a pass to a youngster.

What I’ve witnessed has been pleasantly surprising. Sure, there’ve been the occasional thumbs down and polite responses of “I’m not voting for him for reasons X, Y and Z,” but the overwhelming majority of encounters were positive. A number of individuals have greeted us and complimented him on being brave enough to show his support to the world. Others have said they’re silently praying for a Trump victory. One lady in the supermarket line said she’d wear one too but couldn’t because it was against her workplace rules.

One recent conversation at a well-known large box store was particularly instructive. The twenty-something proprietor of a specialty booth struck up a conversation with my son and indicated he would be voting for the first time in November. For Trump. He elaborated, “Not only me, my mom, friends, etc.” I don’t recall his full list of newbies but the gist was, “We realize how important this election is. We don’t want to live under socialism. There are a lot of people like us.”

He also indicated he’d been working at his station for weeks and had only seen “about three” Joe Biden masks. Just from a glance around indicated there were three Trump boosters (including my son) in the twenty or so minutes we were in the store. It shows that post-convention, some members of the “silent majority” are leaving their shells to express their hopes for November.

My own informal “poll” contrasts widely with the results of the official poll cited above. I wouldn’t bet my entire asset portfolio on a Trump victory, but I’m confident that Trump’s backers are leaps and bounds more enthusiastic than Biden’s. They (Democrats) may despise Trump, but animosity towards the opposition and fear of COVID-19 ain’t going to carry the day for the challenger. And a greater campaign trail presence for Biden won’t do it either.

And there’re indicators more Trump voters are out there than might show up in surveys. Not everyone thinks like LeBron James or identifies with the Black Lives Matter crowd.

African-American approval of Trump refutes the tepid poll numbers

People who watched the Republican convention noticed President Trump and GOPers making a concerted effort to showcase their racially diverse supporters in prime speaking slots. The effort seems to have worked in their favor with one group. Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times, “President Trump’s approval rating among Black voters jumped by 60% during the Republican National Convention even as Democrats and progressives sought to brand the Republican president as racist.

“A HarrisX-Hill poll released Friday showed Mr. Trump’s net approval with Black voters from Aug. 22-25, which included the first two days of the RNC, rose to 24%, up from 15% in the pollster’s Aug. 8-11 survey. The poll also found his approval rating among Hispanic voters during the same period increased slightly from 30% to 32%, while his support among White voters decreased by the same margin, ticking down from 54% to 52%.

“The president’s overall approval rating remained underwater at 44%, but the surge of support from Black voters may reflect Mr. Trump’s outreach to minority communities as well as the convention’s showcasing of conservative Black lawmakers and luminaries.”

The survey results don’t include the final two nights of the convention. The percentage could conceivably be higher as Wednesday and Thursday night’s speaker lineup included Ben Carson, Alice Marie Johnson and the widow of slain St. Louis police captain David Dorn, Ann Marie Dorn. Other notable black speakers at the RNC included former NFL players Jack Brewer, Burgess Owens and Hershel Walker. All made the case that Trump is not a man who judges by race. Who to believe, people who’ve known Trump for decades or Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders?

It was more than just speakers. Trump and fellow party members made passionate pleas for popular issues such as school choice and Opportunity Zones -- policies that would improve lives rather than offer empty promises like Democrats have done for decades.

With two months to go until Election Day, the mainstream establishment media will continue relying on polls showing Joe Biden comfortably ahead to paint a portrait of the horserace that doesn’t match common experience. Trump backers are even more in his corner than they were in 2016, and who really feels strongly about voting for Joe Biden?

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