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Assault on America, Day 617: Democrats, True Lies and the 2021 agenda that scares us to death

DiFi and guns
Arrogant Democrats confidently boast of their 2021 agenda…before they’re even in power

There’s a scene in the 1994 action thriller True Lies where the film’s main character (CIA agent Harry Tasker, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his pre-guv days) is injected with truth serum by the bad guys to force him to reveal secrets about the American government’s mission to stop them from carrying out nuclear terrorist attacks.

As truth serum forces someone to do, Tasker unconsciously and confidently tells his interrogator how he intends to escape from his seemingly mortal predicament.
Interrogator (putting on gloves): “Is there anything you want to tell me before we start?”
Tasker: “Yeah. I’m going to kill you pretty soon.”
Interrogator: “I see. I see. How exactly?”
Tasker (calmly and matter-of-factly): “First I’m going to use you as a human shield…then I’m going to kill this guard over there…with the Patterson trocar on the table…and then I was thinking about breaking your neck.”
Interrogator: “And what makes you think you can do all that?”
Tasker: “You know my handcuffs? (Interrogator answers mmm…) I picked them.”
Tasker then carries through with all of his foreshadowed moves within the span of two or three seconds.

It’s good cinema fun, even if it’s a tad violent and a little gross. The movie was from a time when Schwarzenegger was red hot in his celebrity -- and before he permanently tarnished his reputation with conservatives and Republicans by governing as a liberal when he controlled the Golden State’s levers of power.

Today’s senate Democrats don’t require a truth serum injection to spill the beans on what they plan to do starting next year if given power by America’s voters in two months. Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill, “Senate Democrats emboldened by their electoral prospects are quietly haggling over what the agenda for next year should be if they gain control of Congress and the White House in 2021.

“The top priority of Democrats is to pour federal resources into combating the coronavirus and the economic devastation it has caused, lawmakers say. Private discussions are also taking place over whether to eliminate or reform the legislative filibuster, which sets up a 60-vote threshold to pass most major legislation through the Senate…

“Beyond that, there’s little agreement over whether to move next to immigration reform, gun control, legislation to address climate change or health care reform. Other Democratic priorities on the table include tax reform, housing reform, voting rights legislation and campaign finance reform.”

Tax reform? Don’t they mean massive tax hikes? As long as we’re telling the truth we might as well be honest with the terminology.

It could be said Democrats deserve credit for being upfront about their aims. All of them agree it will take time to unwind the “damage” done to the country by President Donald Trump’s policies. They didn’t exactly say it, but isn’t this a tacit admission that Trump has been effective not only in squelching their own policy agenda but advancing his own? For a group of liberal politicians who make no secret of their contempt for the 45th president and repeatedly label him as incompetent and useless, they sure are anxious to unravel everything he allegedly hasn’t achieved.

Conservatives were all too willing to concede that Barack Obama had been a shrewdly “effective” president in a number of ways, particularly in his drive to transform America into a politically correct dystopia that outlaws free speech and his telling of gargantuan lies about police brutality and “systemic” racism. And yes, it took a lot of time and energy for Trump to reverse the big O’s leftist onslaught. Some of those changes were irreversible, such as with DACA (which was sadly upheld by the federal judiciary) and Obamacare, though Trump and the GOP did jettison a number of the health monstrosity’s most injurious provisions, such as the individual mandate.

According to Bolton’s article, there’s a long list of Democrat senator pipedreams they’re planning to impose on Americans next year if the opportunity presents itself. Dianne Feinstein says guns will be first on her docket. Dick Durbin, Bob Menendez and “Chucky” Schumer say it'll be immigration “reform.” Patty Murray wants to work on paid sick leave and funding for child care -- and health care. Ron Wyden seeks to lower prescription drug prices (but is no longer working with Republican Senator Chuck Grassley to pass it, so here comes another big entitlement).

Ohio’s Sherrod Brown plans on housing being his primary focus, as well as the Pro Act, which would make it easier for labor unions to organize. Hawaii’s Brian Schatz is pushing for climate change legislation, including fees and taxes on energy producers. Democrats talk about the need to tackle multiple major issues simultaneously. They indicate they made a mistake by not taking on immigration and climate change in Obama's first couple years before Republicans took the House in 2010.

And gee, it’s not like Trump hasn’t bent over backwards trying to get Democrats to come to the table to work on immigration. Liberals just want all their stuff the way they envision it, which mostly means opening the border to the largest extent feasible, knocking down the wall, granting amnesty to every single alien that’s already here and abolishing ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to further frustrate law enforcement.

Democrats’ ditching of the filibuster would accelerate the downfall of the republic

If Democrats are placed in control, they’ll most likely ditch the senate’s legislative filibuster, which currently serves as the last line of defense against an avalanche of liberal bills that would be passed one issue at a time with precious little to stop them -- or even slow them down. Members of the House minority don’t have a lot of power, but the senate’s rules present a substantial barrier to aggressive legislators unless your party has 60 votes. If you don’t believe it, see how many good things “Chucky” Schumer and his united band of leftist sympathizers have stalled or killed in the past six years (since the GOP retook the majority after the 2014 elections).

Listen to what they’re saying! 87-year-old Dianne Feinstein must really be feeling the urge to realize her goal of banning “dangerous” firearms at a time when gun sales are going through the roof. California’s junior senator was just named to her party’s national ticket after just a few years in the senate. In years to come, what are people going to think of when they hear Feinstein’s name? What’s her legislative legacy? It doesn’t take a genius to surmise she hopes to go out with a bang, pardon the expression.

With the country’s panic over the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus on the wane and Americans’ opinion sharply divided by party about its overall threat level, the Democrats’ promise to quickly pass relief to shore up the “holes” in the Trump administration’s response means a few things. First, you can bet any legislative package would be chock full of federal pork for blue cities and states that suffered tax receipt deficits due to prolonged lockdowns and cessation of business activity.

Decades of financial mismanagement and bloated public employee pensions have strained local budgets to the maximum, causing Democrats (these are all blue jurisdictions, mind you) to run to Uncle Sam begging for “help” to close the shortfalls. Business closures are still in place on many fronts preventing people from making a living doing the things they do. If they’re not generating revenue, they’re not paying taxes either.

Rightfully so, President Trump and Republicans have held out against sending bailout money to these irresponsible jurisdictions, not only because plenty of funds ($3 trillion?) have already been appropriated to directly battle the pandemic, but also due to Democrat leaders’ blatant hypocrisy. It’s okay to allow for “protests” and “mostly peaceful” demonstrations, statue and monument desecration and Black Lives Matter “civil unrest,” but it’s not kosher for church and synagogue congregations to gather or businesses to operate with certain precautions?

Dumping borrowed money on the local governments isn’t going to solve the problem, either. If anything, it’ll make it worse. With the national debt having just reached and surpassed the gross domestic product, debt is a very real concern. Should Democrats keep the House, gain a slim majority in the senate and have rickety ol’ Grampa Joe move into the White House, the pressure to rain goodies down on their constituents will be intense.

Needless to say, Democrats will use the pandemic as an excuse to pass universal federally controlled mail-in voting for all elections from here on out. Having been stymied in their effort to do it this year, they’ll cite ongoing health concerns as the rationale to mail out ballots to every eligible voter whether they’re registered or not. Think they won’t do it?

Again, Democrats don’t need a shot of truth serum to let us know what their plans are. They’re telling us flat out what’s in store if/when there’s nothing in their way to prevent them from running wild and bringing about all the “change” that their leftist followers demand.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is an unsung hero in sound and rational COVID-19 policy  

The back-and-forth between competing worldviews has been relentless since March, with Democrats and liberals arguing the entire nation should’ve been locked down to control the spread of the mysterious Chinese virus. Republicans took the opposite approach, maintaining that the pandemic could’ve been controlled locally with more of a freedom and responsibility approach.

Nowhere was the latter philosophy more in evidence than in South Dakota, where Gov. Kristi Noem took the health risk seriously -- but also set in motion policies so citizens could still work, go to school and… live their lives. The governor’s efforts are being recognized, too. Emma Colton reported at The Washington Examiner, “Noem, a former small business owner, said she understands the struggle business owners faced during the pandemic and refused to shut down for six months because ‘our business would not have made it.’

“’These businesses are more than just storefronts — they’re people’s livelihoods. They put food on the table, not only for small business owners, but also for their employees. Without businesses to employ these workers, states that have been shut down will struggle to recover even after they reopen,’ she continued.

“Noem also encouraged business owners in other states to move to South Dakota because ‘we’re open for opportunity.’”

Noem’s tone is galaxies apart from the Democrats’ perfunctory overdependence on doom and gloom to present the situation. In South Dakota, Noem trusted citizens to use their own judgement in assessing the risk and dealing with it. The state’s hospitals never became overrun and, as alluded to above, the virus’s economic impact was much less severe than in other regions of the country.

The governor is further using her state’s success as a major selling point to attract frustrated business owners from around the country. Freedom and responsibility are appealing to the entrepreneurial class. We’ve all learned a lot about ourselves in the past six months, and it’s not just Democrats at the national level who have demonstrated how extreme liberalism leads to bad outcomes.

Republican governors in states such as Florida, Texas and Georgia have also kept their death rates comparatively low compared to most northern blue states, not because of geographic location or differences in weather, but in policies intended to safeguard the most vulnerable people while letting the least threatened categories live and work more like “normal”.

This year’s election is about people like Kristi Noem and the senate Democrats cited above. One side believes there’s a government solution and monetary backstop for everything confronting society and the other takes a calmer, more rational approach to letting people make their own decisions. President Donald Trump definitely sides with the latter folks. Trump has made sure federal resources were available where needed. And the rest was up to the local authorities.

It doesn’t take administering truth serum for 2020’s politicians to provide hints as to what they’ll do next year if they’re successful in the upcoming election. Democrats will use their power to (most likely) get rid of the filibuster and then quickly pass a liberal wish list of epic proportions. It’s up to conservatives to beat them in November.

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