2020 Democrats

Does Bernie Sanders Really Want to Win?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Back in 2016, he refrained from getting embroiled in Hillary's email scandal or other clear Clinton malfeasances, such as the Benghazi affair, controversies that might well have won the election for him (and consequently his beloved ideas). Now he is engaged in a competition with Joe Biden—a man mired in obvious corruption with his substance-abusing son in both Ukraine and China and who also seems to have a growing problem with mental competence. And Bernie, mentions none of this. So far he doesn’t even allude to it. It could be that Bernie has the loser wish, losing so he can come back again to do his thing (speechify) without the messy inconvenience of actually doing the job.

Disappointed in their choices, desperate Democrats settle for Biden

Editors, Washington Examiner

Democrats elected their last three presidents by taking risks and choosing dark-horse candidates (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama). Their relatively inoffensive, “safe” nominees (think of Al Gore or John Kerry) tend not to do so well. Before Trump, Republicans had also fared poorly in choosing inoffensive, “my turn next” nominees out of large, competitive fields. Neither Bob Dole nor John McCain nor Mitt Romney had what it took. If he can hold off Sanders for a few more weeks and cobble together enough delegates to secure the nomination, Biden will surely be a tough opponent for Trump. But how strange that he has become the one Democrats are desperate to settle for.

Biden’s New Status Doesn’t Come With A New Biden

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

If earlier reports of the demise of Joe Biden were premature, so, too, are today’s confident predictions of a Biden sweep this November, marching over the political corpse of Trump and bringing in a Democratic Senate and Democratic House. As Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Sanders is a true believer. And, for such as these, it is better to die on the hill you have lived and fought on than to march into camp to be patted on the head by an establishment that secretly detests you. He may be hailed by a fickle media as a conquering hero today. But after the cheering stops, Biden is going to be, for the next eight months, the same candidate he has been for the last eight months.

The Democratic Disaster Just Got Even More Hilarious

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Donald Trump still has the change thing going for him in a good way – the Dingus of Dover is the candidate of the past, and Vermont Stalin is the candidate of a dystopian future. And the flaws of these individuals, combined with the flaws of their poisonous leftist ideologies like climate cultism and pronoun insanity, make them vulnerable to a guy who is not going to let the Candy Crowleys of the media stuff a ball gag in his cliché hole like that sap Mitt Romney. Super Tuesday settled nothing. This fight is going to go on for the next six months until one of these fossils “wins.” And then Trump is going to kick the Schiff out him right up into November.

Bad News: Lindsey Graham Wants Election Year Immigration Bill

The idea that giving amnesty to illegal aliens, no matter how tear-jerkingly their case is presented, will net the President more votes than he loses to those who oppose special treatment for any class of illegal aliens, shows just how out of touch Senator Lindsey Graham and the pro-amnesty crowd in the White House are with Trump’s base voters.

Joe Biden Is No ‘Moderate’ On Immigration And Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

If Joe Biden’s radical stance on immigration is what passes for “moderate” in the Democratic Party, then they really have gone off the progressive cliff. In essence, his proposals would create an "amnesty in place," gut worksite enforcement, create a magnet for millions to enter the United States illegally and prove a boon to human traffickers and fraudulent-document vendors.

The battle of the Democratic septuagenarians

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

“The most diverse field of Democratic presidential candidates ever” is, for all intents and purposes, down to four whites in their 70s. The American Federation of Aging Research estimated the chances for the 2020 candidates to survive one and two terms. For one term, Mr. Sanders came in at 76.8%, Mr. Biden 79.2%, Mr. Trump 84.8% (to make it through a second term), Ms. Warren 91.8%. For two terms, it was Mr. Sanders 66.6%, Mr. Biden 70% and Ms. Warren 88%. The authors didn’t run numbers on Bloomberg. But the bottom line is this: All four of the candidates would benefit from picking a younger running mate, just as Sen. John McCain did when he put then-Gov. Sarah Palin on his ticket.

Klobuchar & Buttigieg Out as Warren Plots ‘Compromise’ Victory

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

This is now boiling down to a Biden-Sanders race for the Democratic nomination. The drama will come in these two sides trying to reconcile to battle Trump in the general. To say the least, it won’t be easy. Sanders and his supporters already feel they have been unfairly denied once. Would Joe offer the VP to Bernie as a peace offering? Unlikely. That would make two late septuagenarians, both of whom have had health issues. (The optics of going everywhere with a team of cardiologists are not good.) And Bernie probably wouldn’t take it anyway. The Bernie Bros would not approve. This gives Warren yet another chance as a possible Biden VP choice. Joe and Liz—seems like a sitcom, doesn’t it?

The Myth Of Joe Biden The Moderate

The Democrats’ problem in appealing to moderates is pretty simple – try as they might to disguise their real views, none of the Democrat candidates, especially Joe Biden, are moderates. Setting aside Biden’s rapidly increasing propensity to have brain freezes and bizarre episodes of confusion out on the campaign trail, the former VP has revealed himself to be no “moderate” on issue after issue.

Democrats Trying To Consolidate Race Into Biden vs. Bernie

Klobuchar and Buttigieg are endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden in an effort to pump up his faltering campaign, and as the Democrat establishment tries to consolidate behind Biden, the Far Left has begun a social media campaign to push Senator Elizabeth Warren to drop out of the race and endorse Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

Biden Wins SC, Bernie Wins Cash And Polls Heading To Super Tuesday

Joe Biden goes into the Democrats' Super Tuesday primaries almost broke and with no time to turn his South Carolina win into campaign cash. Sleepy Joe may have picked up a little bounce from his South Carolina win, and Michael Bloomberg may have dumped half-a-billion dollars on TV, but it is the Far Left "woke" progressives that are driving the Democratic primaries in most states, and they are solidly in Bernie Sanders’ corner.

Democratic Candidates Avoid AIPAC as Their Party’s Anti-Semitism Grows

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

As of now, only Michael Bloomberg will be attending AIPAC. This is about seeming “progressive,” i.e. supporting the supposedly legitimate grievances of oppressed Third World people even, if it must, including Hezbollah and Hamas. Hamas is the organization that chants “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!” at demonstrations, lest we English speakers are unclear on where they stand. Should Bernie Sanders win the nomination, it will be interesting to see how Jews respond. Trump has done more for Israel than any president since Truman who recognized the state. The Israelis love and acknowledge this, American Jews not so much. Can this change? Will this change? As we all know, old habits die hard.

A Slow Bern

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

It is not just that the answers are so cheap and unconvincing. It is that the right questions are never raised. The moderators, hopelessly biased in favor of big government, never once ask the Democrats to justify their demands that the federal government do this or that function or make this or that expenditure. Fundamental questions of political philosophy go completely ignored as the candidates try to outbid each other. The result is debates that revolve almost completely around the least legitimate functions of the federal government while the essential ones go unmentioned. The only “solution” the Democrats ever offer is to throw money at problems rooted in moral and cultural decay.

Why Were The Democrats All Beating Up On Bernie?

Former Mayors Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg may have a point about Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders' lack of appeal to suburban middle-income voters. But here’s the problem – all the Democratic candidates are with Bernie or even to the Left of him on issue after issue.

Bernie Sanders Nomination: Let’s Be Careful What We Wish For

Many conservatives have been chortling with glee at the prospect of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders getting the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. The assumption seems to be that a Bernie nomination will make the 2020 campaign a pushover for Donald Trump’s reelection. Our take is that in the aftermath of Bernie’s victory in the Nevada Caucuses, we conservatives should be careful what we wish for.

Michael Bloomberg Gets Stopped And Frisked

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Bloomberg’s campaign is sounding the alarm that Sanders could soon amass an insurmountable delegate lead if the Democratic field stays split, and is urging the other candidates to drop out. Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden are being told that if they do not get out of the race and clear the lane for the mayor, they will get a socialist as their nominee, and the party will deserve the fate November will bring—a second term for Trump. As the other candidates cannot beat Sanders, Bloomberg’s campaign is saying, they should step aside and clear the field for Mayor Mike. This would call for a spirit of self-sacrifice and measure of esteem for the mayor not evident on that stage Wednesday night.

Bloomberg in debate: Billions of dollars, zero vision

Byron York, Washington Examiner

After the debate, Bloomberg tried to turn his lack of vision into a virtue: "Tonight, I stood on a stage with a group of politicians," he tweeted. "They talked, because that's what they're good at. They went on and on about what they could and should do. I have built. I have created actual change. I have gotten it done. That's what I'll do for America." Should he win the Democratic nomination, Bloomberg will run against a president who was elected on a ringing promise to "Make America Great Again." Like him or not, Donald Trump will campaign for re-election on a pledge of American greatness. Bloomberg will promise to "get it done" with sensible management. That's not what wins elections.

Mike Bloomberg: The Incredible Shrinking Candidate

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

The whole Las Vegas debate offers an astonishing indictment of the current Democratic Party that a guy like Mr. Bloomberg can rocket to the top of the heap without a single day of actual campaigning and in spite of his political record. To understand just how devastating this crack-up of the Democratic Party is, consider this: The only candidate other than Mr. Bloomberg who has a shot at the nomination refuses to actually join the Democratic Party. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is a “Democratic Socialist.” Even now since Mr. Bloomberg officially switched his party registration to “Democrat,” he is a curious candidate for the party to run against President Trump in November.

You Bernie Suckers Are Going to Get Fooled Again

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Here’s why you will let the Democrat puppetmasters succeed. It’s because you are stupid. Now, you could stop being stupid. You could refuse to play along. You could even insist Bernie run as a third-party candidate. I like that because it guarantees Trump II: Fossil-Fuel Generated Electric Boogaloo. But it would serve your interests too by forcing the party to recognize and respect you instead of assuming you’ll fall into line once again. But you won’t. You’re all talk and no revolution. Take off that Che t-shirt and put on one with Mini Mayor’s pouty little mug on it. He’s your man. You’re all Bloomberg Bros. Just give it time. You’re saps, and you’ll take whatever you’re given and tell yourself you like it.

Democrat Platform: Make you do things you don’t want to do

We have been listening very attentively to what the Democrats have been saying during their debates and campaign appearances, and all their statements and speeches always seem to boil down to one thing: They plan to make you do things you don’t want to do.