2020 Democrats

The Dumpster Fire In Vegas

Last night's Democratic Party primary debate was a real dumpster fire, and it was a dumpster full of Michael Bloomberg’s money that went up in flames. But the dumpster fire isn't out yet. Democrats still have to navigate a caucus system that was set up to stuff Bernie Sanders, but with Bloomberg's implosion they have no viable alternative to the socialist curmudgeon from Vermont.

Why Mike Bloomberg is already pandering to the left

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

I’m not seeing much evidence that Bloomberg fits the description of someone who offers a clear alternative with the others. Indeed, to judge from his policy proposals, the party is changing him more than he’s changing the party. His campaign website is chock-full of Big Government promises that echo the prohibitive give­aways of his opponents without exactly copying them. From issues like college tuition and student debt to climate change, tax hikes and health care, Bloomberg is proposing plans in which he’s mostly just shaved off the most extreme elements advocated by Sanders and Warren. He would do the same things, just a little bit less. That’s a distinction without much of a difference.

Sorry, Pete Buttigieg, but South Bend hasn't prepared you to be president

Editors, Washington Examiner

The role that Buttigieg served in South Bend was a good one, which anyone should be proud to fill, but it is simply fantasy to suggest that the skill set he learned there prepared him for the White House. Sen. Amy Klobuchar had a point when she said that no woman with qualifications as thin as Buttigieg's would be standing on the presidential debate stage. The amazing thing, however, is that even a man with such thin qualifications would be suffered to stand there. America has elected inexperienced presidents before. When the former mayor claims that his service in South Bend has prepared him for the presidency, one can only wonder whether he's been spending too much time at the Linebacker.

The Absurd ‘Trump Is a Tyrant’ Trope

David Catron, The American Spectator

That people like Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, et al. are touring the nation publicly abusing the president in order to capture the Democratic nomination is proof that Trump is not a tyrant. In a genuine dictatorship, there would be no alternative party from which to challenge him. He has the power to obliterate entire cities, yet the worst any of these people can expect from our Oval Office “autocrat” is a snarky tweet. If the Democrats want to win, they will have to stop running against an absurd caricature and try to learn what the president knows that they have missed. The voters will be happy to tell them if they will just shut the hell up and listen.

Michael Bloomberg: Like Penny Loafers At A Rodeo

The entertainment of value of Bloomberg’s phoniness aside, the former New York City Mayor’s real problem is that the authentic Bloomberg would get buried in both the Democratic Party’s primary and the general election, because, judging by what the real Michael Bloomberg says in unscripted moments, he’s an even nastier elitist than Hillary Clinton.

The Myth Of The Moderate Democrat

Our friend Deroy Murdock recently posted an analysis of the legislative scorecards for the Senators still in the race for the Democratic Party's nomination for President. It turns out that so-called moderates Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden have often posted scores to the Left of Socialist Bernie Sanders. What's more, former Mayors Bloomberg and Buttigieg are every bit as Far Left as Sanders, Klobuchar, Biden and Warren.

The Dems Bern the Bridge Behind Them

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

James Carville says that he doesn’t want the Dems to become the “British Labour Party.” But it is too late. It already is. On issues from climate change to partial-birth abortion, the only acceptable position within the party is the far-left one. Both the current front-runners, Sanders and Buttigieg, have told pro-life Democrats to get lost. The indisputable winner of the Democratic races so far has been Donald Trump, whose record of achievement exposes the apocalyptic rhetoric of the Democrats as shrill and silly. It is not the sanity of Donald Trump that is at issue now, but that of a party for whom the label “democratic socialist” has become mainstream.

Billionaires Buying Or Bribing Their Way To Democrat Nomination?

Bloomberg has already tripled Trump’s 2016 spending, with no end in sight. Bloomberg has said he’s open to spending $1 billion dollars of his own money in his bid to become president, but whether he and Tom Steyer can use their billions to buy or use legal forms of bribery to build a loyal and effective campaign organization remains to be seen.

What happened to Elizabeth Warren?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

For a while three months ago, Warren, senator from neighboring Massachusetts, led the polls in New Hampshire. Since then, her trajectory has been down, down, down. What has been remarkable about the last week is how seldom she was mentioned when politicos discussed the latest in primary news. Warren had a lackluster finish in Iowa and did worse in New Hampshire. On Tuesday, she finished far behind the top three, Sanders, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar. She is trending downward while they are trending upward. Warren's supporters still cannot figure out quite how it happened. But they sense that she is now in a very difficult position, with no indication that things will get better anytime soon.

Amy Klobuchar Wins the Democrats’ Vice Presidential Nomination

Amy Klobuchar had minimal national name recognition before this presidential race.  The odds of her defeating Biden, Sanders, and Warren seemed overwhelmingly against her.  Yet she persisted.  And now she has enough of a demonstrated following to make her the logical vice presidential choice of either Sanders or Bloomberg.

Biden Slinks Out Of New Hampshire Before Results Are Announced

In a move reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Election Night disappearing act, the former vice president canceled his New Hampshire "victory party" as his campaign scrambles to keep his base of African-American support in South Carolina from crumbling under the weight of a fourth-place finish in Iowa’s chaotic caucuses and his humiliating fifth place finish in New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary.

We’re All Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers Now

Madison Moore’s question was a perfectly legitimate reality-based question, which Biden deflected with an insult rather than answering. While the form of Biden’s insulting deflection was something unique that only weird old Joe could ever come up with, deflecting legitimate reality-based questions is par for the course among this year’s field of Democratic presidential contenders.

To Beat Trump, 2020 Democrats Will Need to Convince Voters They Can Be Trusted with the Economy

Michael Tanner, National Review

A combination of deregulation, loose monetary policy, and even looser fiscal policy has sustained and strengthened a long-running recovery. Most opinion about the president is already set in concrete. Neither his base nor the Democrats’ is going to be moved by the fluctuations of economic reporting. Perhaps that is why polls show only a weak correlation between voters’ positive feelings about the economy and their approval of Trump. All of which means that if Democrats hope to win this fall, they will have to find a way to reassure voters that they don’t intend to upend the economic gains won on Trump’s watch. And the debate did not provide any evidence that they’re yet up to the task.

Mayor Pete’s African American Problem

Buttigieg’s African American problem was driven home a couple of days ago by the stark numbers coming out of a Washington Post/Ipsos poll: While 48% of black voters polled backed Joe Biden, only 2% of black Democratic-leaning voters backed the former South Bend Mayor.

The Mythology of Biden as a Moderate

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Biden is more like the entitled pol who hits on women before he hits Mass, using his religion as a mascot while betraying its most fundamental teachings. Like John Kerry whose checkered Catholicism cost him the Catholic vote, Biden’s phony faith is more of a liability than an asset. He is no great gift to America and a moral authority for the world. It is just one more reminder that he is an out-of-touch elitist panting after the trends of the moment. He's an admitted plagiarist who supports partial-birth abortion and once told China that he “fully understands” its policy of killing children who exceed its eugenic quotas. Biden’s blarney has no bottom to it, starting with the fiction that he remains moderate Joe.

The more voters see of Elizabeth Warren, the less they like her

Michael Graham, The Washington Times

It’s awfully easy to find someone you like more than Liz Warren. Ms. Warren has plenty of money, a fawning media and a Democratic primary electorate pumped up about nominating a woman to take on President Trump. And yet she’s quickly fading into a 2020 afterthought. Why? We live in a moment when authenticity is prized more than perhaps any time in modern political memory. And if the Society of Inauthentic Politics held a meeting today, Liz Warren would be declared their president for life. The old adage among political consultants is “It’s all about authenticity — once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” Alas, the only thing Liz Warren can fake is, well, you know …

Vote For Me You Lying Racist!

David Catron, The American Spectator

Democrats candidates are following Clinton’s deplorable example. America didn’t fail Kamala Harris. She was rejected by Democratic donors and prospective voters who aren’t likely to thank her for implying that they are racist, sexist troglodytes. Nor will they thank Pete Buttigieg when he drops out and blames his loss on homophobia. And, if Joe Biden actually gets within groping range of the Democratic nomination, he should avoid blaming his ultimate rejection on the electorate. Indeed, he would be wise to consider this: Donald Trump is by no means above hurling insults at Democrats, journalists, bureaucrats, socialists, ad infinitum. Yet he has never been dumb enough to insult the customer.

Why Bother To Have Another Presidential Election?

Professor Jonathan Turley was right, if a President can be impeached because a majority of the House does not agree with his policies, doesn’t like his style, or simply hates him for defeating their preferred candidate then why have another presidential election? Why not just let 218 Members of the House choose the President?

Hillary Still Contemplating Presidential Run – Hilarity Ensues

When British talk show host Graham Norton asked Hillary Clinton, “Are you saying, ‘Forget Me’ now?” “Not yet,” Clinton answered. “I’ve been deluged in the last few weeks with thinking about doing that.” A last minute Hillary Clinton run would throw the Democratic Party into chaos, but it has also thrown the social media sphere into new heights of hilarity.

Bloomberg Is No ‘Moderate’ On Abortion, Religious Liberty And Guns

We urge our conservative friends to keep an eye open for Bloomberg appearances, especially in the early Democrat primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and to make a point of reminding voters that on guns, religious liberty and abortion Michael Bloomberg is not a “moderate” but an existential threat to constitutional liberty.