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In Memoriam: David Koch

By Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
All conservatives are deeply in debt to David Koch. I know very little about the depth and reach of the Koch brothers ideological activities, but what very little I do know caused me to realize it’s unprecedented in the conservative movement, and not really appreciated by most conservatives.

David Koch Was the Epitome of Going Big and Giving Generously

For more than two decades, I was privileged to know this remarkable man -- in ways similar to hundreds of other readers of these daily newsletters. If you knew him, you knew him as -- Big-hearted. Thoughtful. Kind. Intellectually inquisitive. Principled. Dedicated. Determined.

AFP targets RINO Renee Ellmers in North Carolina primary

Jonathan Swan, The Hill

Americans for Prosperity has dozens of field workers descending on the lawmaker’s district in the Raleigh suburbs, all of whom are working to brand the three-time incumbent as a fake conservative who has too often voted for legislation reaffirming Washington’s crony capitalism. This is the first time the Koch network has ever opposed a sitting Republican lawmaker facing a primary fight.

Conservatives mobilize against gas tax hike

The Hill, Keith Laing

A group of 50 conservative organizations in Washington is mobilizing opposition to an increase in the 18.4 cents per gallon federal gas tax to pay for new transportation projects saying falling gas prices are the first significant relief many Americans have experienced in years.

Americans for Prosperity comes to S.D.

The Associated Press

Americans for Prosperity is launching a South Dakota chapter with Ben Lee as state director.

Koch Group President Fires Back at Reid

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips is taking exception to Harry Reid's attacks on the Koch brothers, the conservative group's major benefactors. Phillips attacked Reid for his comments that billionaires Charles and David Koch were "un-American," comparing the attacks to McCarthyism.

Landrieu Campaign, Media Doubling Down on Koch Bashing

Joe Cunningham, Red State

The whole notion of out-of-state money used for an ad campaign being a bad thing reeks of hypocrisy. No one from Landrieu’s office has condemned the Dems’ Senate Majority PAC, which is run by a former Harry Reid strategist, for running an anti-Cassidy ad campaign recently.

Conservative Group Enters Mich. Fray on Side of Tea Party

Nicholas Confessore, New York Times

Americans for Prosperity, will spend about $230,000 on advertisements thanking Representative Justin Amash for fighting against Obamacare, officials there said — a shot at establishment donors who are rallying behind his challenger, Brian Ellis.

GOP Powerhouse AFP Steps Up Attack on Vulnerable Dems

Matea Gold, Washington Post

With early attacks against Senate Dems, Americans for Prosperity emerges as the Right's most powerful ally. Currently AFP has launched ad campaigns against five vulnerable Senate Dems., and some House Dems, including Rep. Nick Rahall (W.Va.).

Taking the Senate Isn’t About Politics, It’s About People

Americans for Prosperity gets it. If conservatives want to take the Senate they've got to run campaigns that are about people, not politics, and APF is showing the way in Arkansas.

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie Joins Conservative Leaders Opposed to Spending Deal

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has joined the Conservative Action Project's letter telling Republican leaders that Congress and the President have no excuse to violate their existing budget agreement. Conservatives cannot support any legislation that raises spending levels or increases revenue.

Conservatives Oppose Ryan Budget Deal

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

Americans for Prosperity said that lawmakers should oppose any budget deal that violates the $967 billion spending cap for '14 mandated by sequestration. They join the Heritage Foundation in opposing the budget deal be hammered out by Rep. Paul Ryan (R) and Sen. Patty Murray (D).

Big Business Wants A Divided GOP – You Can Stop Them

Big Business keeps the Republican establishment alive with its tons of money, even though everyone can see that what’s happening in Washington – the spending and the growth of government – is unsustainable. The limited government conservative grassroots must take a stand against it.

Anti-Obamacare Ads Hit Hard

Fredreka Schouten, USA Today

Americans for Prosperity will spend $3.1 million advertising the dangers of Obamacare in six states, said AFP President Tim Phillips.

Halt Medicare Expansion to Kill OCare

Americans for Prosperity Staff

AFP know that Medicaid expansion is a key part of Obamacare implementation and encourage voters to tell their legislators to vote “NO” on Medicaid expansion in an ongoing campaign.