Attorneys General

Democrat Attorneys General Use Deceptive Fundraising For Radical Left Politics

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Daily Caller

One deceptive email from Democrats AGs is not as troubling as their lawless behavior even before their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now, however, they are more unhinged and see their niche as a band of litigators to uproot the rule of law and American tradition in favor of their progressive base.

Police-State Attorneys General Cheered By Left, May Be Sued By Right

Mark Fitzgibbons, CNS News

Just as the Federalist Society and various conservative public interest law firms sprang up during the past 30 years in response to abuses of constitutional rights by the left, conservative litigators will find a niche suing and exposing state attorneys general for their police-state tactics. The market demands it, and justice requires it.

Lawsuits Tackle Lois Lerner Syndrome Among State AG's

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Washington Examiner

Lois Lerner wasn't the only government official unlawfully trying to upend through backdoor channels the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

Levin to Holder: Stop Whining Big Baby, Do Your Job!

The Right Scoop Staff

Mark Levin really torched Eric Holder over his comments where he played the race card and suggested that no Attorney General has been treated the way he has. Mark Levin pointed out that A.G. Ed Meese, was treated far worse.

11 AG's Slam Obama Healthcare Fixes as Illegal

Rebecca Shabad, The Hill

Eleven GOP attorneys general say the Obama administration is breaking the law by repeatedly making changes to ObamaCare without going through Congress.