Billionaires Back Amnesty

Pro-Amnesty Mex. Billionaire Becomes Largest NYTimes Investor

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Carlos Slim, the 2nd richest man in the world, increased his shares in the NY Times newspaper company. Slim initially helped the Times stay afloat when he “lent the paper $250 million in 2009.” The Times is one of Obama’s most ferocious amnesty defenders.

Hypocrites Take a Selfish Stance on Border Crisis

Victor Davis Hanson, TownHall

A selfish alliance of rich corporatists, cynical left-wing politicians and ethnic chauvinists have conspired to erode U.S. law for their own interests, while smearing those who object as xenophobes, racists and nativists. Lefties should realize that Latin Americans are fleeing their socialist countries for American freedom.

Zuckerberg's Immigration Push Hits Brick Wall

Jessica Meyers, Politico

Facebook's Zuckerberg's is running into the brick wall of polarization.’ registered lobbying efforts total $780,000, a reflection of not only its political nonprofit status but its focus on popular appeal over policy details.

Make DC Listen: The Republican Surrender Caucus Still Capitulating to Cheap Labor Lobby and Dems

Run -- don’t walk – to the phone NOW and call your Representative to demand that he or she pledge to oppose any proposal that gives illegal aliens a free pass (amnesty) and doesn’t secure our borders. Pandering to immigrants is just part of the establishment Republicans’ and Democrats' political subterfuge to gain votes without any consideration of our fragile economy. Amnesty is the beginning of the end of the freedom-loving America we once knew. Call your representative now and demand they sign our pledge to oppose amnesty before it’s too lateDon’t forget to also sign and share the "Fire Boehner" petition.

Big Business Pitching Amnesty Through Culture

Coke isn’t alone in wanting amnesty and a liberalized American immigration system to advance its own commercial interests. Coke just happened to be the Big Business that first got caught using its commercial advertising – and its substantial cultural influence – to promote amnesty. Click here to demand that your Member of Congress sign our No Amnesty Pledge.