Chris Kyle

American Sniper And Other Patriotic Movies Blanked At Oscars – CHQ Reader Poll Gets It Right

That American Sniper was blanked at the Oscars was no surprise to CHQ readers, and the fact that no patriotic movie got any significant Academy recognition should have been no surprise either. Country class Americans long ago recognized that Hollywood’s self-absorbed elite don’t really care about a film’s audience appeal, art or message, all they care about is themselves.

‘Emotional’ widow of Chris Kyle testifies at murder trial

The widow of Chris Kyle, the former Navy SEAL depicted in the blockbuster film "American Sniper," testified Wednesday against the man charged with killing her husband. Taya Kyle was visibly emotional and appeared to choke up when asked to name her deceased husband.

Juror Selection to Begin for 'American Sniper' Murder Trial

Ryan Owens, ABC News

Jury selection is scheduled to begin today in the trial of Eddie Ray Routh, the Marine veteran accused of shooting Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the central character portrayed in the blockbuster movie “American Sniper.” Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield were allegedly killed by Routh in 2013..

Success of ‘American Sniper’ Rekindles Culture War Over Iraq

Elise Viebeck, The Hill

Clint Eastwood's box office smash “American Sniper” is opening a new front in the culture wars by reigniting debate over the Iraq War. It has quickly turned into the most politically charged movie of the year as pundits weigh in on its portrayal of Chris Kyle.

American Sniper: Chris Kyle's Values Are The Only Way To Save America

American Sniper is a celebration of the patriotism, integrity and intelligence of the “country class” of Americans who volunteer for and serve in our armed forces. It is also a reminder that it is they, and they alone, that stand between the West and our defeat by radical Islam.