Clean Power Plan

Liberal Vampires Attacking Conservative EPA Director Scott Pruitt

The Left has been relentlessly attacking EPA Director Scott Pruitt in a coordinated media assault because he’s delivering on President Trump’s promise to drain the swamp at the EPA, and breaking the rice bowls of some of the Swamp’s worst liberal vampires in the process.

Kill the lawless, baseless Clean Power Plan

Editors, Washington Examiner

Democrats, environmentalists, and big businesses that profited from the overweening regulations will attack Trump and EPA administrator Scott Pruitt for rolling back Obama's rules. But undoing the clean power plan should be seen as a victory for the economy, for sound science, and for the rule of law.

Obama’s Fair Words and Foul Deeds on the Transition

No matter what he says about a smooth transition, Obama is still President and that means his Far-Left agenda will continue unabated until Donald Trump takes the oath of office.

Guess Who Says Obama’s Clean Power Plan Is Unconstitutional?

Liberal constitutional law scholar, and early Obama mentor, Laurence H. Tribe warns that Obama has overstepped the bounds of his constitutional authority and says frustration with congressional inaction cannot justify throwing the Constitution overboard to rescue this lawless EPA proposal.

Another Obama Choice To Crush American Workers

As with so many of the job-destroying actions the Obama administration has taken, the real victims will be America’s hard-pressed workers and their families because if the Clean Power Plan is implemented America will have fewer jobs, but global emissions won’t decrease.