Conservatives opposing John Boehner

FLASH: Boehner Out -- One More To Go

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

Responding to the announcement that Speaker of the House John Boehner was resigning Chairman Richard A. Viguerie issued the following statement, saying in part, "Conservatives are not a wing of the GOP or an interest group -- we ARE the Republican Party. Boehner's resignation shows that there is a time limit on how long a small minority can run roughshod over the rights and interests of America's conservative majority."

Viguerie: GOP Is A House Divided, Boehner Must Go To Unite GOP

The Bible and Lincoln tell us that a house divided cannot stand. During his tenure as Speaker John Boehner has divided the Republican Party like it hasn’t been divided since Progressives bolted the GOP over 100 years ago. The only thing that will reunite Republicans is new leadership on Capitol Hill.

The Republicans Who'll Vote Against Boehner

Scott Wong, The Hill

John Boehner is slated to win another two years as Speaker on Tues. when House lawmakers cast their first vote of a new Congress entirely controlled by Repubs. But don’t expect the public roll call on the House floor to be drama free.