Debt Limit

Trump's debt limit decision reopens rift with Hill conservatives

Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner

Trump has spent weeks picking fights with GOP members he has deemed insufficiently committed to his agenda. And his eager deal-making with Democrats could further test his already strained relationships with congressional Republicans ahead of several crucial policy debates.

Levin: US Chamber Run By 'Big Gov't Statist'

Breitbart TV

Mark Levin slammed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over their backing of D's in several races. “The Chamber is run by a chameleon, Tom Donohue. He supported the stimulus, defends major parts of OCare, supports deficit spending, raising the debt limit, & TARP. He's a crony capitalist of the worse kind."

Obama’s Massive Debt Made Possible By Establishment Republicans

The Republican establishment is perfectly content to “me-too” the Democrats on spending or to argue for a little less spending, say a 93 percent increase as opposed to a 106 percent increase, but not to attack the reasons for spending.

Ted Cruz and Debt Ceiling Gamesmanship

Star Parker, Townhall

We need elected officials today who care about nothing but telling the truth and leading. Ted Cruz is clearly one of these leaders.

TeaParty Tees Off on McConnell After Cruz's Demand Forces Debt Vote

Donna Cassata, Associated Press

Instead of going along with a simple majority vote, Cruz showed no mercy in forcing GOP leaders to cast a tough vote to clear a filibuster hurdle, exposing them to widespread criticism from primary challengers and outside groups.

28 Repubs. May Face TeaParty Wrath After Debt Vote

Jon Healey, LA Times

The Tea Party Express stated, "The GOP has lost yet another opportunity to prove that the Repub. Party will fight to stop Wash.'s reckless spending. Instead, they focus voters on the need to defeat incumbents who are unwilling to fight for the very Americans that sent them to D.C."

Congress Is Giving Obama a Blank Check

Amy Payne, Heritage Foundation Blog

“With almost $17.3 trillion in national debt, failing to put a debt limit in place to protect taxpayers from even more reckless spending by Congress is beyond irresponsible,” said Heritage’s Romina Boccia. That’s $140,000 per household.