Donald Trump for President

New Iowa Poll Shows Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in Tight Battle

Ryan Struyk, ABC News

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are locked in a tight battle for the lead in Iowa, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released today. Just three weeks from the crucial, first-in-the-nation contest, real estate mogul Donald Trump earns 31 percent support in the poll. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has 29 percent support -- within the poll's margin of error. Third place finisher Marco Rubio has a mere 15 percent, half the level of support Trump and Cruz hold.

Trump Sets Sights on Bill Clinton -- And His Henchwomen

Diana West, Breitbart

Democrats are terrified that Trump will do to the Clintons what he does to everything else: Tear down the carefully constructed fake PC edifice and say what’s what. If that ever happens, the Clintons will have to go hide their heads in shame where they belong.

Donald Trump Takes On Bill Clinton’s Behavior Toward Women

Alan Rappeport, The New York Times

Over the weekend, Mr. Trump said that that Mrs. Clinton was playing the “woman’s card” and that her husband’s sexual history would be fair game as the 2016 race ramped up. “His presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly, because of all of the things that’s she talking to me about,” Mr. Trump said Sunday on Fox News.

It’s Time for Candidates to Discuss the Enemy Within

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

When Congress returns in January, there will be a robust debate over the authorization of use of military force (AUMF) in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS.  But while we debate a bunch of lousy options and the potential cost of lives and billions of dollars arming our enemies in endless Islamic civil wars, the politicians in both parties will never discuss the enemy within the United States.  This is where the presidential candidates must lead by example. 

Trump is Right about Bill Clinton

Ruth Marcus, Real Clear Politics

The iconic liberal Washington Post columnist says Trump has smeared women because of their looks. Bill Clinton has preyed on them, and in a workplace setting where he was by far the superior. That is uncomfortable for Clinton supporters but it is unavoidably true.

Trump’s Biggest Donors – Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

The passage of the Obama - Ryan - McConnell omnibus killed whatever hope Jeb Bush and the other establishment candidates might have had to regain some momentum going into the Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina contests. The only remaining question for conservatives and Republicans to answer is whether they choose the incendiary and unpredictable commentary of Mr. Trump or the proven limited government constitutional conservatism of Senator Cruz to represent them in the contest against Hillary Clinton in November.

When Elites Just Don't Get It

Heather Wilhelm, RCP

As information slowly spools out of San Bernardino, we’re seeing an increasing number of holes in a government that insists on blind trust and growing control. Meanwhile, America’s elites ratchet up the condescension level. You can scoff at the threat of terrorism or tell Americans they’re more likely to die by lightning than in a terrorist attack. But you won’t be getting at the heart of their real concerns. It’s a worry that is exacerbated by a cohort of powerful government elites who not only obfuscate reality, but who can’t understand it when it smacks them in the face.  

Liberals have chosen The Donald as their 'Destructor'

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, USA Today

Everyone is aghast at Trump’s latest plan, to suspend all immigration by Muslims. But it’s no coincidence that Trump’s announcement came less than a day after a limp, toneless speech by President Barack Obama on terrorism, one that left Americans feeling much less safe.

Trump on Radical Islam

morning Joe

We have a president that won't even mention the term or the name. I don't know what his problem is. Nobody understands it. He won't mention radical Islamic terrorism. He won't mention it. It could be from a different planet as far as he's concerned...

The G.O.P. Establishment Has a Big New Hampshire Problem

Nate Cohn, The New York Times

Donald Trump has led every poll in New Hampshire since June. Candidates like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush have struggled to get out of the single digits.The weakness of establishment candidates in New Hampshire poses a big challenge for the party’s beleaguered powerbrokers.

Trump Adds Fuel to Immigration Debate in Florida

Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics

During a speech to the Sunshine Summit (organized by the Florida GOP) that featured almost all of the presidential contenders, Trump said the candidates would not be talking about immigration had he not entered the race.

The Not Ready for Prime Time Bush

Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal

It‘s widely believed among high Jeb supporters that Mr. Trump—“The Gong Show,” as they call him—has kept Mr. Bush from rising. But Mr. Trump isn’t the problem, he was the revealer of the problem: Jeb just isn’t very good at this.

‘The Trump Doctrine Is Very Simple — It’s Strength’

Christian Datoc, The Daily Caller

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump outlined a “very simple” Trump doctrine during his Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.” "The Trump doctrine is very simple. It’s strength. It’s strength. Nobody’s going to mess with us. Our military is going to be made much stronger," said Trump.

House Republicans Who Support Paul Ryan Are Entering A Toxic Primary Environment

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

Establishment Republicans who have rushed headlong to support Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House might want to consider exactly what the environment for their primary election will be, come February, March and April when Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz – who between them now hold about 70% of the Republican primary vote – are knocking on doors and are running millions of dollars of TV against the very policies that Ryan has advocated. It will be a toxic environment for the reelection of any Member of Congress who can be labeled an establishment Republican.

Trump takedown: Panicked establishment readies for war against GOP front-runner

Byron York, The Washington Examiner

This weekend was an inflection point in the Republican presidential race — a moment in which some significant part of the GOP establishment came out of denial and realized Donald Trump might well become their party's nominee.

Shows of Strength From Trump and Putin

Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal

Peggy Noonan reflects on two strongmen. Donald Trump has entered his second act. His polls, sometimes characterized as weakening, are in fact strong. As Bloomberg’s John Heilemann said on “Morning Joe,” if Jeb Bush had Mr. Trump’s numbers everyone would declare the race over. The second strongman is Vladimir Putin of Russia, who made a striking impression in a revealing 100-minute interview with Charlie Rose. It took place last month in Mr. Putin’s residence near Moscow, and ran Sept. 27 on “60 Minutes” and in its entirety on Mr. Rose’s PBS show.

Establishment GOP Harshly Attacks Trump But Wants His Voters

Rich Lowry & Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review

It is important to understand Trump’s draw. If he is wholly unsuited to be the Republican nominee for a myriad of reasons, including that he isn’t a conservative, there are nonetheless lessons to be gleaned from his meteoric, madcap rise, ones that can make the other candidates better and the GOP more appealing.

Trump’s slide in the polls is beginning to look real

Philip Bump, The Washington Post

Donald Trump still leads the field — but his position has softened significantly. This is the biggest polling average drop he's seen since he first emerged as the Republican front-runner.

Trump Gets It Right On Claims About Obama Being A Muslim

The way we see it, speculation about Obama’s religious allegiance is impossible to confirm or deny. But whether or not Obama is a Muslim, his policies and agenda have certainly been sympathetic to the goals of political Islam, which is likely why almost 1/3 of Americans think Obama IS a Muslim.

Grassroots Conservatives Take Heart From Stop Iran Nuke Rally

Given Obama’s lawless propensities and the weakness of the Republican congressional leadership we don’t expect the rally and the change in plans in the House to stop Obama from lifting sanctions against Iran and setting the Islamist state on the fast track to a nuclear weapon. But maybe, just maybe, the crowd on the West Lawn of the Capitol was the front rank of the grassroots conservative army that will take Cruz and Trump up on their offer to make Americans winners again.